My Missing piece – my girl!

I’ve heard people say that with Motherhood and growing broods, there is only a difference between having one child and having more than one child, and that actually whether you have two or three, it is just the same. The only change is from one to more than one. And I have to say that after today, I agree. If I am allowed to agree, given that I have no experience of only one – I suppose what I am trying to say is that in my one day of Frankie in our care, it wasn’t any harder than having my two crazy boys, but I can imagine that if you just had a Frankie, and then all of a sudden had more than one, then yes – it would be shock to the system!

She joined the story(ignore the piles of toys still awaiting a home since Christmas)….

She perched on the edge for lunch…

Ash did some laps with her, helping her develop her new found steps…

we had a walk…

We fed the ducks…

We played at the park…

The older siblings pitched in to help (also something I get told a lot, that having an older sibling is often a great help)…

It was so easy, she fit right in, she was good as gold (aside from chucking her water and food and pinching us occasionally) and we would have her back ANYTIME!

Even Beau loves Frankie!

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