Seaside, slot machines and self-belief!

Happy New Year!!

We spent our New Years Day on a road trip to the seaside, I think we did the same last year as well. It is nice to blow the cobwebs off with a walk on the beach in winter, great to clear the mind, a long car journey is always good for those soul searching conversations and everybody loves a good binge on the slots right?

If we are being honest, we had car issues on the way there, but made it there ok (& back luckily) but then when we got there we couldn’t find anywhere to park because it was so busy, and then Rory wouldn’t walk, so Daddy carried him the entire time, Mummy took me on the beach and I found the rides, which were closed and I wasn’t very happy about that, and then we couldn’t find anywhere to eat that wasn’t super busy and Daddy needed a wee and it was all a bit ‘fascinating’ until Mummy pinned us both to a bench so Daddy could wee and then we got Rory his pram, at which point he decided he could walk after all. We managed to squeeze into a fish and chip cafe on the front, then a binge on the slots, won lots of tickets which bought us a bubble wand which we enjoyed all the way back down the sea front to the car, with the wind blowing big bubbles all the way down the street, making everyone smile behind us! As chaotic as it was we really enjoyed just another family day, our struggle is real but so are the smiles on our faces!

Mummy & Daddy did their usual New Years Eve ‘plans for the year ahead’ exercise and made lots of goals for 2019. Amongst their bigger picture, they discussed lots of things that they wanted to do for us to help us grow this year. They want to;

  • keep us going with our attendance at nursery 5 afternoons a week and so they need to work with the nurse cover to make sure the shifts are covered.
  • continue to research into different theories behind development disorders, brain injury at birth, prematurity, the effects of long term medicines and restoring neurological function.
  • continue to work with the Early Years Development Coach Mummy found and look further into one of the speech and language packages.
  • continue to work with local SALT teams and look at further support in nursery.
  • increase our social interaction even more than they have already, signing us up to Mini Kicks Football, Tumble Tots Gymnastics and Swimming Lessons.
  • give Rory every chance to get his tracheostomy reversed this year.
  • increase our outdoor play time now that we are stronger and able to cope with the mixed weather better than ever.

And so once we were in bed, on New Years Day, the very first day of 2019, they got to work on the plan.

Mummy continued with her research, she contacted the Early Years Development Coach about her packages again, she messaged Coach Nathan at Mini Kicks and Monique at Tumble Tots.

Daddy booked us on to Mini Kicks and ordered our football kit and unfortunately there are no places at a Tumble Tots near us at the weekend.  Mummy & Daddy are leaving swimming until after March because of our health risks. We are looking forward to becoming Mini Kickers though – Exciting times ahead!

Today we took some rubbish to the tip and went for a Frankie & Benny’s before another sleepover at Nannie & Grandads. We are getting good at these now, this will be our 3rd sleepover in the past month. It has really been worth doing quite a few over the christmas period as it has helped build a routine at their house and make it less of a big deal, as this year, there may be a lot of sleepovers with possible hospital stays for Mummy & Daddy ahead. Rory has been in tip top health too so it has been easier than ever to care for him. Now we are bigger, Mummy & Daddy have left us with Nannie & Grandad and let us fall to sleep with them, whereas in the past Mummy and Daddy have always put us to bed there before leaving us. Now Mummy just calls back later on once Nannie says we are asleep, so she can check Rory’s airway and has peace of mind that he is safe before she goes to bed at home. Even though she trusts Nannie, she would never forgive herself if she didn’t check and something bad happened.

So we are tucked up in bed at Nannie & Grandad’s house, whilst Mummy & Daddy enjoy a good nights sleep before their big day tomorrow when we test drive us as a family of 6!

We can’t wait to blog about that one!

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