Have you ever?

Have you ever felt like walking away from life, in a straight line, with no plan but to keep walking. This was me on Friday when I got out of the car in Ardsley and did just that. What was the straw that broke the camels back you might ask? The amount of crap in our house following Christmas. It’s no secret amongst those who know me, I am a clean freak, I do keep a clean and tidy house, despite having twin boys on my hands because it is a priority – tidy house, tidy mind. Its a genuine thing. If the house is a mess by my standards then I can’t handle it, and at the end of a stressful month, busting a gut to keep the cart on the wheels, everyone healthy, sorting out Christmas medicine orders, medical equipment deliveries and Christmas itself amongst so many other things, coming downstairs every morning to piles of toys with no home in my neatly organised and labelled playroom, was just IT – and I just lost it. No, really I did. Poured my heart out, sobbed my soul dry, all in the car whilst the boys were napping on the way to the park for some fresh air.

And. Breathe!

So, what have  we been up to since our last blog?

On Boxing Day something major happened. The safety gate / partition that keeps Austin & Rory in their playroom and out of my nice toddler free kitchen / diner / living room – broke! Like beyond repair! Now, for a while we have talked about letting them have the run of the house, but everytime we try, about ten minutes in, I turn into a sheepdog and round them back up, ushering them back in for my sanity! NOT ANY MORE! The gate breaking on Boxing Day left us with no choice. FFS!

Austin & Rory loved their new found freedom, exploring the downstairs loo (is the kindest way to write it), using our dining table and chairs as a climbing frame, playing football with my tree decorations, cleaning the floor and scratching the wall with the mop handle…..need I say any more?

We bought the boys Kindle Fire’s for Christmas, nervously, as they are so good at playing, the old school way, we didn’t really want to spoil it. So we limit their use of them, hiding them and then letting them having them in a morning before 9am and after 5PM so their most awake hours are spent playing and interacting with us. Anyhow….look at the little set ups these kids have made, propping them up at their table. CUTE!

Its so funny watching them tapping and swiping. When they find themselves somewhere they don’t want to be or they get stuck, they abandon it and steal their brothers. Comedy Gold!

We decided to leave the house for a lovely family walk around Newmillerdam given that the weather was so mild so we packed the car up, dog, wellies and all, and off we went. The boys dropped off to sleep on our way there. We arrived at a queue to get into the car park – always a great start – and after grabbing a spot, we began the task of getting everyones coats and wellies on and then off we went. Rory walked about ten strides and refused to walk. So Daddy picked him up, covering himself in mud from Rory’s boots. The white dog, was no longer white. We managed about 10 minutes before the boys were pulling us back to the car. They didn’t want to walk today and who were we to force them. They are usually really good walkers, we wondered if it was because they had their wellies on and not the boots they wear every single day. That’s the thing with non-verbal kids, its always a guessing game!

So we went back to the car and began the military ‘de-mudding’ operation before getting everyone back in the car and setting off home. An hours driving, about half an hours faffing around in the car park for ten minutes walking! And a mountain of muddy washing to do when we get home. Somehow, I was still smiling. As we drove around the car park and back to the road, I looked around and everyone looked stressed. Seems a great idea doesn’t it, and the pre-parent us would have loved a stroll around in the lovely winter air with the dog, but when there are two little people involved, you can totally understand why folks stay home in their PJs all winter!

On the 27th, we had a little Christmas party with our friends Ash & Bec and little Louie. We had a lovely time, aside from the episode that Rory had, coughing fit in the kitchen, phlegm bomb sick all over the kitchen floor. Just another insight into our world. Our reality. Then…Austin wouldn’t go to bed at bedtime and so came back downstairs with us and eventually fell asleep facing the back of the sofa in the playroom, face-on, neck at a complete right angle. How he fell asleep like that is beyond me!

On the 28th, when we finally made it to Ardsley Park, we had lots of fun, and then we went home and I went to bed with a migraine.

On the 29th, we had another Christmas get together, with the playgroup Mums, we haven’t got together for such a long time, I organised for us to meet at Clever Tots in Grimethorpe. Austin & Rory fell asleep in the car on the way there and I woke them up when it was time to go in. I had braved it and decided to take them on my own because all of the playgroup mums would be there and they are helpful and Clever Tots is so manageable with A&R that it seemed like it would be just fine. Except from Rory was so upset, crying and wouldn’t settle, and then because he was upset, he had another coughing fit, which ended in him throwing himself around on the floor, and he wouldn’t respond to me, which scared my a bit if i’m honest. I took him away with Austin too who very sensibly did everything I asked to help his little brother and Me in the situation, and we went and sat on the floor in the hallway where it was cold. I rang Ash and asked him to come and like the absolute star that he is, he jumped in the car and drove straight over. When he got here, I had put Rory in the sensory room and managed to calm him slightly, we hadn’t had any sick and his tube was clear. Ash stayed with us for the rest of the party and we managed to stay it out, it was lovely to catch up with all the mummies and see how much everyone had grown, and then, we set off home, with daddy a few cars behind. or so we thought. I got home and looked at my phone and Ash was calling. He had got a flat tyre at one of the first roundabouts near Clever Tots and so we had to go back our, collect Grandad and his tools and go and fix Daddy’s tyre because he didn’t have everything he needed in the flat tyre kit. All part of the adventure, I sat in the car with A&R and demolished a pack of custard creams, whilst chatting to Lucy on the phone. We eventually made it home and Nannie came to sit with the boys whilst I helped Ash finish putting the Office furniture together – seen as he had abandoned it to come and rescue us at Clever Tots.

Today we had our Newborough Family Christmas. I attempted to retire last year as I had hosted every year since Ash moved up here 10 years ago, and with A&R in tow it was just too much and so we went out for a meal instead but this year it just felt like the easier option to play host again and so I managed to cobble together some food for us all and we had a great afternoon with Uncle Key, Auntie Claire, Nannie Newbs, Grandad Malc and Great Nannie T.

Followed by Austin & Rory having a sleepover and Nannie Di & Grandads giving Mummy & Daddy a good nights sleep, but also chance to finish off the office, where I am happily blogging from! Exciting times! I had got in bed for my good nights sleep, but I was too excited about writing my next blog from here, that I had to stay up to write it!

Hardy Electrical Solutions has grown much bigger than we imagined and I have always missed the Study since it was turned into a spare room when A&R were born and so with the business needing a much more official home and me having lots in the pipeline in 2019 with more Mum’s The Word articles to write, Blogs to publish and social media projects to manage, it just seemed like the perfect time to recreate our work space.

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