Yesterday when we did our good sitting for the choc choc out of our advent calendars, we got a big surprise! It wasn’t a tiny chocolate behind the door but an actual Santa. Austin spotted him straight away and shouted ‘Ant-A’ and to our disbelief, Mummy pulled down the foil and let us have the whole choc choc. It was amazing – our first chocolate Santa!

These photos were taken just before I was sick! I’m sure I’ve heard people say you should eat so much chocolate that you are sick at Christmas 🤔

We had so much energy we were chasing eachother up and down the playroom.

We went on an adventure with Mummy and Daddy and then when we got home, we had visitors. At first it was a little overwhelming for me, but Austin was a little bit brave and edged carefully towards the elf at arms reach, really stretching for the surprise gift bag they were holding. He snatched it really quick and shuffled off to check it out. Then he watched for a while before pulling the elfs head off. We couldn’t believe it – inside it was Nannie and everyone laughed so much! Then he pulled Santa’s beard and it was Grandad underneath and everyone laughed some more. We had lots of fun, but the grown ups really shouldn’t underestimate us. I knew all along something fishy was going on and that’s why i stood back and watched! We did some crafts with Nannie Elf before they went and we settled down for some milk in out special Elf bottles. BIG WIN: Rory sucked up his milk through a straw. Not bad for a trachy child who has never done it before!

Mummy and Daddy gave us some secret boxes and inside there were treats. I got a light up Peppa toothbrush and Austin got a light up Thomas one. We got a sticker book, a cracker and some reindeer food too.

After Austin had cleaned his trains, we put our shoes on and went outside to sprinkle it on the front lawn.

It was a really special moment, the magic was just growing step by step, Mummy and Daddy were really surprised at how much we were taking in. I didn’t really want to go in, so Mummy & Daddy put our coats on and we went for a secret walk in the dark, looking at all of the christmas lights with Beau jangles too. it was lovely.

We even put our plate by the chimney for Santa…

And then, in our new matching ‘Elf Squad’ PJS, we were all fast asleep. We were super tired because we hadn’t napped today. ANOTHER WIN! because it just happened, naturally and we managed. With a deep breath, Mummy and Daddy went downstairs!

Whilst we were sleeping, Mummy and Daddy were working really hard preparing for Christmas Day.

We woke up and all climbed downstairs together, full of excitement. Our playroom was full of presents and we had so much fun opening them and playing together….

Beau Jangles even got a selfie stick!

Then, Nannie, Grandad, Uncle Craig & Uncle Calum arrived and we had lots more presents to open. And then Great Grandma Jean came and she brought lots of gifts too. We had a snowball fight….

And then we had our Christmas Dinner. Mummy cried because for the past two christmases Mummy’s challenge was for us to eat a Christmas dinner. 2016 we were new to finger food and we didn’t really know what to do with it. 2017 we were totally not into finger food or food at all because of our love of dry, crunchy texture. And then this year, this happened…..and Mummy cried as she took this picture. We didn’t eat much of it, but we got stuck in whereas before we would have just pushed it away. What a result. BIG WIN!

mummy was mostly sad that she went to lots of effort making gingerbread men shaped stuffing and standing them in puddings of gravy like a hot tub and thee wasn’t 1 picture! I’ve zoomed in though to the one pic….

Our ride-on train was also a BIG WIN for Austin because he was scared of it when it moved but by the end of the day he was sat on it moving backwards and forwards.

By the time desert came, we were so tired (we hadn’t napped) that we had a meltdown, or rather Austin did. So we had Mummy & Daddy cuddles and eventually I dropped off and had a 20 min nap in my bed, whilst Austin found a second wind. He had chill time with Uncle Calum and Uncle Craig…

Great Grandma Jean went home and the grown ups played nannies new game ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ and they had to eat chilli’s, crickets, meal worms, buffalo worms and rice and beans. Daddy won king of the Jungle. Everyone ate everything they had to except Mummy, she ate the Chilli and it nearly killed her off and she couldn’t eat the crickets because she said you could see their eyes, and she said she would rather lose the game than eat one – and she did! She came last. Uncle Craig was really brave because he was the first to eat a cricket!

Mummy had been suffering with migraine all day, since 11am, but still cooked the Christmas Dinner for all 9 of us, she still played host and she still made it a great day for us all, but once Nannie & Grandad left and it was just us and Uncle Craig and Calum, she lay down with a pillow on the playroom floor and went to sleep for a quick 20 minute nap. She deserved it.

When it was time for bed, we went up, had a bath, put our new PJS on that Auntie Chloe bought us and REFUSED to go to sleep because we wanted to play downstairs with all of our new toys, and so Mummy & Daddy had a battle on their hands. With literally no energy from her 5am wake up call and 8hour long migraine, Mummy bungled us in the car and drove around until we dropped, eventually carrying us in and sitting down with a cuppa to write this blog!

We have had a magical day, thank you to everyone for all of your christmas wishes, cards, gifts and precious time making memories for our family. Not a moment of this day have we not thought about those less fortunate, those who are working, including Drs and Nurses who work so hard, but also the Jessops NICU team who saved us, who we haven’t been able to visit yet this Christmas because of winter bugs, we haven’t forgotten you guys – we will be coming when we are 100%!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!!

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