Stocking fillers…

A week of time-filling with festive fun!

We finished our weekend off with a hilarious game that we designed, where I was trying to put a hat on Rory, except he kept running off, it had the grown ups in stitches, I didn’t really know why it was funny but giggled along with them anyway.

Monday we went on a local walk, on our trikes, up into town to collect a prescription from the pharmacy and to get some bits from the shop. We had a walk down to the ponds and Grandad met us there with some bread. He brought us a good half of a loaf that Nannie had just bought about an hour earlier when they got home from holiday, we knew she wouldn’t care, she would give us anything and she will have missed us whilst she was on holiday anyway. Rory did his favourite trick and ate the entire slice Mummy gave him. Why he won’t eat bread, only when feeding the ducks is just beyond Mum. She tries everything to get him to eat it, but he won’t entertain it, unless he is stood at the ponds with the ducks quacking away at his feet, its like he does it out of spite, or because he is on the ‘don’t feed bread to the ducks’ team! Who knows!

I started my Tuesday by cleaning my trains, and giving my brother a cuddle, I adore him, I do everything for him, Mummy and Daddy joke that he is like Caesar, everything is brought to him. We went to Clever Tots in Grimethorpe too, Mummy likes it there because it is really manageable and she can see us both the whole time, there is nowhere to hide. Mummy was a little nervous though because she thinks i’m going through a ‘phase’….I keep getting told off for pushing Rory and taking toys from him but the truth is, I just want to play with him, I don’t mean to push him, i’m just excited and I don’t mean to take the toy, I just try and join in but Rory wants it to himself so he either gets sad or walks off. It’s hard been two and trying to justify my behaviour when I can’t talk yet.

Wednesday began with a struggle. Rory refused point blank to put his trousers on. I don’t know what his problem was, they were new, everyone loves the feel of new clothes don’t they? They had fur on the inside and were so soft. Mum fought with him, using every trick in the book for a good 40 minutes.  Rory even sat in a toy box to hide his legs so that she couldn’t get him and I laughed. I could see Mummy was losing her sh*t but she is so good at just putting a face on and being so calm and child friendly, I suppose its the years of teaching that has trained her for it.

Eventually she managed to get him dressed, bundle us and all of the ‘stuff’ into the car and off we went on a special adventure – a play date with our nursery friend Norah and her little sister. We went to Jolly Tots at Penistone and we had so much fun….

On Thursday, Mummy did something awesome. In the morning, I was playing with my trains on the windowsill just like I always do and Daddy made an observation ‘that’s like his track isn’t it’ and then Mummy said ‘chuck me some black electrical tape’ and then that was it, she set about making me a track. I love it and have spent hours and hours playing with it.

We did lots of present delivering around friends and family, I kept trying to grow our bromance too and at night, Mummy put us to bed and then (we didn’t know) but they snook out to Meadowhall, Daddy wanted to treat Mummy and said that she could have anything she wanted, but Mummy hates shopping and really wasn’t bothered, but they went anyway. It was like I sensed that it wasn’t mummy and daddy downstairs watching my monitor, and Rory needed suction twice so eventually I woke up, and refused to go back to sleep until Mummy came. Of course as soon as they knew I was awake, they left Meadowhall straight away and drove home, except they were queuing to get out of the car park and then the motorway was at standstill and it took them ages to get home. Daddy was deflated, he was trying to do something nice but Mummy can’t relax when it isn’t her looking after us and ironically Daddy got more treats for him than Mum got because she just can’t be bothered to shop for herself, she would rather treat everyone else. Mummy was wondering if Rory was coming down with something because it is unusual for Rory to need suction in the first part of the night.

On Friday, it was just us boys, Rory was needing more suction that usual but he was ok in himself. we dropped Mummy off at Luxe in town for her hair appointment. We had a nap time at Locke Park and then went for a cheeky McDs..

Then we went home and played with Daddy before picking Mummy back up, but from Morrisons. She had walked there once her hair was done and did the big Christmas food shop. We were so excited about all of the goodies.

And then, Rory, just like the flick of a switch became unwell. Coughing, constant suctioning and working hard breathing, so much so that Mummy & Daddy planned for a bad night. They tried putting him in his own bed like normal but soon they realised that running up and down the stairs every 3-5 minutes to suction him wasn’t practical and was going to wake me up eventually and so they made him a comfy den on the sofa and divided the night into two. Mummy went to bed 9:30 – midnight, planning to go downstairs and swap with Daddy who was watching films trying to stay awake whilst Rory slept on the sofa next to him.

Mummy struggled to drop off, its so hard to just switch yourself off and go to sleep instantly, when you aren’t ready for bed, but just given an allocated sleep time with ten minutes notice and then feel all under pressure to sleep, but she did manage about 3 hours before going back downstairs at midnight to Daddy. Rory was settled and Daddy insisted that Mummy went back upstairs until 2am, because he was ok for now and 3 hours wasn’t really enough. Mummy had done the washing before she went up and left Daddy instructions to put washing in the tumble dryer load by load and as she went back off to bed for another 2 hours, she noticed that all of the washing was done and folded up on the kitchen table. Its amazing what you can do when  you pull an all-nighter. Mummy came down at 2am and Daddy went to bed and Mummy got all sorts done for Christmas, her jobs list practically disappeared.

Saturday was planned to be a busy day. Last year Mummy & Auntie Vicky started a tradition where instead of gifts, we have a crimbo get together, alternating each year between who hosts, and last year we went to Auntie Vic & uncle Naths, so this year was to be at ours. We had also had a sleepover booked in at Nannie 7 Grandads for months and months, Mummy was well annoyed that Rory fell poorly the day before, but she hid it well. Fortunately Rory was actually much better in himself and got better as the day went on. Auntie Vic & Uncle Nath came and they brought Isabella aswell, we haven’t had a play date with Isabella since she was really small. It was great fun, Mummy made turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches and we had party food snacks.

Then Mummy decided to go for it with our sleepover, Mummy & Daddys plans had changed slightly and they decided just to go out for a meal at The Milton in Elsecar, to check out the new menu with Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum. So Mummy & Daddy got us ready for bed and took us in the car in our pjs to Nannies. They tried to get us to bed a few times before they went out, as even on the odd occasion we have stopped at Nannies, Mummy & Daddy have always put us to bed before leaving, less stress for Nannie & Grandad and peace of mind for Mummy with Rorys tube. Only this time we refused, we were so excited at the novelty of been at Nannies that we wouldn’t sleep, so given that Mummy & Daddy were only at Elsecar, they left us awake with Nannie & Grandad with the plan been to let us drop when we dropped and Mummy & Daddy would be on the phone, 2 minutes away, ready to help if needed and they would call in after their meal on the way home to check Rorys tube or get us to bed if we were still awake. Eventually, I gave up when I couldn’t fight any more and fell asleep on Nannies rug in the living room and Rory, who fought a little longer, walking grandad around and trying to climb the loft ladders silent giggling away to himself at 9PM, finally dropped with his head on Grandads knee. Mummy & Daddy snook in to check on us and Rory’s tube and then went home, managing more than 9 hours sleep, waking only a few times to check the phone in case of emergency. They felt all shiny and new, picking us up for another adventure.

Daddy did our advent calendar…

And….We had lots of visitors today on Christmas Eve Eve. Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloe, Auntie Nat Nat and Big T and Uncle Key. Our visitors didn’t stay as long as we thought they were so we made a last minute decision at 2:30pm to go to IKEA and it was great. It was creepily quiet and we managed to buy all of the furniture and storage for Mummy & Daddys new office AKA Hardy Electrical Solutions & Blog Head Office! They can’t wait to get it sorted.

All was positive and Mummy & Daddy almost sorted for ‘Ant-A’ coming, when Rory threw up all over the playroom and went to bed with a temperature!

Winter is so much fun!

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