That’s right peeps, we might be a little late, or perhaps not even arriving at the station when it comes to speech and language, but Austin can say Santa (well, kind of) and I know who the big guy is, I just can’t be arsed to participate in your ‘where’s Santa’ games and my tube excuses me from repeating the same word over and over because it makes you feel proud – i’ll leave that for my brother – he will do anything for a high five or a sticker!

So, obviously, because we have shown a bit of interest in the big guy, Mummy has FINALLY gotten into the Christmas spirit. Having Mummy in nursery was the pits, I missed my mate Claire (the nurse) and finally on Thursday she was back in work, so Mummy was full of the joys of spring all morning, knowing that we were going to nursery and everything was running smoothly – so far!

She continued with her Christmas advent routine every morning, i got that sick of hearing her say ‘good sitting for your choc choc’ and Austin getting all the praise for being a goody two shoes and doing everything she said, that I thought i’d better make an effort at least, and eventually joined in. It’s only took me half of december and a boat load of chocolate to realise I best at least try! Although to be honest I got that sick of watching her look for number 12 when we all knew it was the 13th that in the end I had a lay down, still in front of her though, just in case I missed out on the choc choc – when she finally found it.

Then of course, we had 4 chocolates worth of energy to burn off before nap time. I’m looking forward to winding mum up in January, when we will of course be expecting chocolate every morning, I mean, shes a creature of routine, she cant do the same morning routine of choc choc for a whole month and expect to just drop it, just like that – surely!

Talking about routine, she’s got this one nailed. We still give her the run around for a good half an hour when its time to get dressed in the morning, but we will sit nice on the bottom step to get our shoes on before we leg it out of the door. Mum tells us every day that we need to be quick before the car locks itself again, don’t know why she doesn’t take the keys out of the door and take them with us just in case, cos she gets all flustered when we don’t quite manage it in time. Poor lass!

We had a lovely afternoon at nursery and when we got home, Mummy had a surprise for us. She had put the Christmas tree up, Rudolph’s head was hanging on the wall – not sure how we feel about this, and we had a little christmas tree, with a face, that did lots of singing and dancing, that we weren’t sure about either. Austin kept pushing it over so he kept getting told off. There was also lots of Christmas books, santa and elf hats and a train on a track, I wasn’t bothered about any of these things but Austin loved the train. He couldn’t quite understand why the train moved on its own and still tried to push it along, the train didn’t sound very happy about this, and Mummy wasn’t very happy too, especially as I kept walking on the track and breaking it up, it was really comical though, watching her crawling around the floor trying to put the track back together before the train got there and derailed. In the end, she got so stressed out that she rang Dad who was on his way home from work. She thinks she hides it well ‘no thank you, leave the track alone’ ‘you don’t need to push the train darling, it’s got an engine’ when you know full well what words really wanted to come out of her mouth. She told Daddy what was going on and Daddys actual words were ‘I can’t believe you have even got it out – they are not ready for it’ and that was all it took for Mummy to sneak it away back into the box. She thought we hadn’t noticed, we knew exactly what she was doing, but we weren’t bothered anyway. There’s no fun in it if we can’t touch  it.

On Friday it was our last day at nursery. The Christmas Party. Mummy was anxious about it because she wasn’t sure how we would react with Santa, how we would manage the huge change in routine, how we would cope with the party food and even if we would be interested in pass the parcel and whatever else was happening. It was out of her comfort zone, sending us to something like this without her there for a comfort blanket but she knew that Claire would look after us and off we went – with a bag packed with water, raisens, an apple bar and an actual apple – I mean – can someone please teach Mum how to party?

Mummy AND Daddy came to pick us up from the party. We were the last to leave -real party animals – or maybe our parents were clinging on to their last child free minutes for 3 weeks until nursery starts again! Turns out they had managed a 20 minute lunch date with a bag of chips at Owd Martha’s Yard!

So, how did the party go? As we walked into nursery, the whole room was different, there were children, wild with excitement, all dressed in Christmas clothes, batting balloons around….there were no tables set up ready for snack. We stood there for a second and scanned the room, we knew that Mummy, Claire and some of the nursery ladies were watching for our reaction. This kind of stuff is new to us after all. Austin very quickly joined in with the other children, Mr Popular he is, especially with the girls who at one point were tugging him like an object, fighting over who he was playing with – he hasn’t a clue what is happening, he just stand there and grins! I on the other hand, found myself a chair which was at the snack station, and sat down, waiting patiently for my food, because, well, thats routine, we normally have food first, so I just thought that if I waited patiently, someone would feed me sooner or later right?

Mummy snook off and watched through the window, feeling all emotional and proud of us.

The party was great, we had an awesome time. We ate some party food, Austin found a bowl of crisps, the ones mum took in for the party, cheese flavoured mix-ups, they were all his faves in a bowl. SO the cheeky monkey took the full bowl and put it in front of him and ate 90% of them. Every time someone wanted some, even the grown ups, he would say ‘no’ and keep munching. He wouldn’t let go of the bowl. His fingers were orange, the grown ups had to scrub them. We ate haribo and more chocolate in one day than we have possible eaten in our life so far. When it was our turn for Santa, Austin was still munching his bowl of crisps, he wouldn’t let them go, but I was intrigued to I went with Claire to get my present. Austin was forced to go and get his in the end, but he wasn’t sad, he just wasn’t actually interested.

We did lots of singing, which whilst we will sit for a short while, i get bored, because I can’t actually sing as I have no voice. Claire asked for a musical instrument and that kept me involved for a little bit more but in the end I wandered off to play with Peppa toys. I sat for pass the parcel too for a little while but Austin wouldn’t entertain it.

We did lots of playing outside in the cold afterwards, which we loved, burning off the sugar before the parents picked us up! We really did have a great time, we were beaming when Mummy & Daddy came to pick us up, I was very  verbal too making lots of sounds, I do this more when i’m REALLY happy or REALLY sad or REALLY angry. This time I was REALLY happy, I was chatting all the way home in the car, mummy and daddy were really pleased, it made them shiny eyed. Here is ya with Claire at the party…

We went home with more chocolate, playdough and playdough tools from Santa and then a christmas tree decoration we had made and some art work that we had done, with lots of glitter on. We all know how much Mum loves glitter.

Usually after nursery we go home and chill out, have our tea and play before bath and bed time routine, but tonight something crazy happened, Mum and Dad took us out in the dark. We went to the little Christmas market near us, we had a lovely walk around the market, listening to the carols, we bought some local crafts for our Welsh friends Sara & Rich and saw Santa and his Elf who gave us another gift. Santa must be really impressed with us because everywhere we go, he is there and we keep getting lots of presents.

Mummy & Daddy put us back in the car and we thought that was it, our best guess was that we would now head back home and chill, except we didn’t, we soon arrived at that all familiar golden arch – McDonalds! We grabbed a happy meal and went on another adventure. We pulled up where there was a big crowd of people, mummy put the windows down which was absurd because it was freezing, but I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lots of lights and music. So much sensory, my face lit up! It made Daddy cry. He says he won’t ever forget it. We sat for a good half an hour watching the lights and listening to the music, enjoying our tea in the bubble of our car, where we are all cosy, safe and together! Making memories!

Eventually we made it home to the bath and bed and the next day we had a lazy morning. We heard Mummy say to Daddy that from today there was ‘no nap’….my first thoughts were, thank god for that, i’ve been on nap strike weeks, but she drives round and round and sometimes I can’t help but fall to sleep, even though really I can manage, but my second thoughts were – holy moly – Austin is going to be a right laugh to be around without a nap – he certainly needs one!

So off we went on our christmas shopping trip, here and there, Austin dropped off almost instantly, thank god for that. And then, even after I managed the car journey, they put us in the pram because the shop we were going to was very busy, and I dropped. Ooops! So, day one and we were now on different schedules completely – Mum is going to find this hard!

We bought big sis a new coat and a new collar. She has a lot to put up with so she deserves a treat…

We chilled out at home, playing, not with the billions of toys we have, but with the boxes.

Eventually, I got in the bath and Austin sat and read a book to himself. Isn’t he a goody two shoes…

This morning we had another Christmas adventure. We went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park Christmas Market. We went last year too, so we thought we would compare photos…

We did some really good walking, holding hands, but then I got tired and had my first shoulder ride, except it was muddy, and so everyones coats had to be washed when we got home! Austin of course wanted a shoulder ride too and so we had a little fight about who was going to have a shoulder ride from Daddy and in the end, nobody got one. Don’t you just hate it when that happens!

We had some great fun. The best bit has to be when Mummy and Daddy bought a huge German Bratwurst sausage and put curry red sauce on it instead of ketchup. Now that was comical, especially watching mum clean her sausage with baby wipes! #perfectchristmas

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