Nostalgic November

There has been lots going on this past week. We visited Chatsworth Farm with Mummy’s friends.

We took Great Grandma Jean to Yorkshire Wildlife Park because she had seen it on the TV and really wanted to go.

We attempted Halloween fun at home. Halloween is always a reminder of the time when Rory gained his tracheostomy and was eventually allowed home for 4 hours, and it was Halloween and we had a party. So this year we wore t-shirts in tribute to the tube that saved Rory. Mummy attempted halloween fun, truth is Mummy carved the pumpkins because we were too busy playing with the oven door, trying to open the snack cupboard, reading our book at the dining table or trying to hoover up. We enjoyed taing the pumpkin lid on and off when she had finished though.

Mummy busted us for putting a cheerio in the DVD player. She found it in there, and even though she didn’t exactly know it was us, she went back through her images and found some evidence and absolutely busted us!

We were supposed to be having a weekend away in Southport with Lucy, Ben and Frankie. Mummy booked it for Frankie as a gift for her 1st Birthday and Christening gift. She wanted to help make memories with her mummy and daddy as just like us, they have lots to consider when going anywhere or doing anything. In the end, for lots of reasons, but mostly because the place we were meant to be going was a health risk, we were rescued by Auntie Mandy and we went to her caramansion instead.

We had fun in the clubhouse. Mummy and Daddy were very proud because we managed to stay awake a little later and we weren’t scared of the busy and noisy and dark environment. Something new, and taken in our stride, even if Mummy and Daddy and Lucy were all running round after us 90% of the time.

We went to Filey and played on the beach. We won’t go into the AA callout for Daddy’s truck because Mummy broke the window.

Mummy had an ice cream.

We went to a Fish restaurant for dinner and we all walked together, another win for Team A&R. Mummy and Daddy said we did really good walking and were very grown up. We also ate lots of food which also made mummy and daddy proud because we were doing good eating.

We went out on our trikes with Frankie and went to all of the different adventure parks and theme parks at Primrose Valley. The grown ups considered taking us on the caterpillar rollercoaster but Mummy explained that it would be too much, not only because we aren’t into anything like that, but also, it would have been dangerous keeping us sat still safely whilst having to suction Rory if needed. We enjoyed the outdoor adventure play areas though. Austin even managed to climb the ropes for the first time.

We are very lucky that Auntie Mandy’s caramansion was right by the bonfire and firework display and so we got our first EVER outside firework experience. We have to be careful with the air quality, so couldn’t go to a proper bonfire as we would struggle but it was perfect watching from the decking. We loved them too.

We tucked up tight after a busy day and Mummy suctioned Rory at 2:30pm and found Austin like this. Butter wouldn’t melt!

Today,  Rory woke up and wasn’t like himself. Turned out he was starting to get poorly, so we had to cut our holiday short and come home. Hopefully it won’t be too dramatic over the next few days.

We are feeling grateful that we are able to get out and about and face the germs but it is difficult to say the least when the germs make us poorly the majority of the time.

To leave you with a smile. Use number 967 for a kitchen cupboard….hide & seek!

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