Off Trach 2!

Ironically, today is world smile day.

Today also marks two years since that life-saving tube was placed into Rory’s windpipe.

Looking back on our trachy life, Mummy read the first blog published after his big operation on 5th October 2016, ‘Surfs up’….you can read it here!

Mummy then read the blog that she wrote on the first year anniversary, exactly one year ago today and actually, she thought it was beautifully written and detailed everything that she wanted to say today! So you can also read it, ‘off trach’ here!

Sadly, Mummy and Daddy and Rory’s consultant believed that he had a real chance of getting the tube out and surviving without it this year, but after two failed attempts, Mummy and Daddy learned to view life differently. In our early days when life was super precious, we lived every day as if it was our last, but then in the midst of trachy life we were always waiting for ‘when the tube is out we will….’ and actually, he may never get it out, so we needed to embrace life and enjoy every day regardless of the tube. And that is what we have done. Mummy looked back over the past year and listed everything that we have done, that the trachy should have stopped us;

  • visiting Daddy’s rugby club and playing contact sport
  • moving into big boy beds
  • having snow and sand in our playroom
  • holidaying at Tattershall Lakes, paddling in the lake and playing on the beach
  • lots and lots of beach days up and down the coast
  • Our own sandpit in the garden
  • playing in the water fountains in Sheffield
  • Holidaying at Center Parcs, swimming and water slides
  • Paddling pool and water slide in the garden
  • Day trip on a barge boat
  • Splash park at Millhouse Park
  • Starting nursery, regardless of all of the risks.

We are grateful that Rory is here, without that tube, he might not have survived thus far and so we celebrated it today by taking buns and gingerbread men for all of our friends at nursery.

Claire bought mummy flowers because she knew today would be a tough day with lots of tough memories.

Together, Mummy and Daddy didn’t really talk about it much (for once) but today, Rory was a real live wire after nursery, playing and making lots of noise, running up and down silent giggling and just being happy, living his best life, for now!

Who knows what the future hold, who even cares… least he has a future now!

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