This time of year is always difficult, not just physically, because of the winter bugs but emotionally because of the memories and the scars that our journey has left behind.

Two years ago today was the day when Rory’s windpipe collapsed for the final time, when he ended up in Resuscitation in A&E and found himself in intensive care, ventilated and asleep for the best part of 6 weeks where he finally gained his tracheostomy, his safe airway and once we were all trained, we were allowed to bring him home, first for an hour, an afternoon, a night and then for good.

Two whole years!

As if Mummy doesn’t remember this day almost daily, the flashbacks can be unbearable at times, she has a photographic memory of dates too, but just in case she might forget, Facebook timehop is super reliable and will always bring you right back to that moment, whether you wish to remember it or not!

Here was mummys timehop today…

And here is the blog of that day and the period of time following, where Rory gained his tracheostomy.

Get your tissues ready!

Today, Mummy and Daddy read through the blog again, cried buckets, sent messages to all of the people who helped that day, especially Julie and Zoe, who were the nurses who gave up their evenings to stay with me after shift, and Auntie Mandy, because without her quick response to our emergency, who knows what would have happened. Rory did stop breathing and he did end up in resus, but we were almost at the hospital, if Auntie Mandy hadn’t have been so quick, we could have still been home, and we might not have had the time we needed for a good outcome that day!

Mummy is now going to sneak into Rory’s bed for extra mummy snuggles. Counting every blessing!


Here is how she found us ‘twinning’ when she went up…

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