Hello September!!

So, we started off our life with our first two winters hiding between september and march and have missed out on a whole lot!

This year is our first year of winter normality. This brings relief, excitement but also anxiety because we are wide open to all of the bugs, especially going to nursery, which have the potential to make us really poorly again, because we are still vulnerable.

So, the first week was absolutely brilliant, at nursery!

By saturday, we were showing signs of a cold, so mummy was undecided about sending us until we picked ourselves back up again, and then the nursery lady told mummy there was a D&V bug in nursery and that was the decider, we would stay home and get well. So we spent the second week at home in our pjs and it sent us all crazy. Mummy has no idea how she has spent 7 months at a time stuck inside with us, limited visitors. She does not want to be in that place again!

So saturday came and we were over the worst of it, so we went hell for leather and did the things we haven’t been allowed to do in September before;

We went to a play centre for breakfast.

We visited family members (Uncle Pete) without a ‘health check and antibac shower’ first.

We put on our wellies and wet suits and went out after it had rained to feed the ducks and played at the park.

We had a visitor at home (Uncle Paul).

September could be fun! Lets see what Sunday brings!

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