Things come in 3’s…

So, Mummy had her flat tyre last weekend on our bank holiday trip to the coast for Nannie and Grandads helicopter flight. And then last week Daddys van blew up on the motorway…and as the saying goes, we were awaiting the 3rd strike!

On Thursday Daddy came with Mummy to do the nursery run…

On Friday Daddy painted the decking and then came to the nursery run again..

It was great having him around. We like it when he has jobs that finish early or get done in less time and are local.

Whilst we were at nursery on Friday, mummy and daddy were with nannie, preparing for Grandads surprise retirement party. they left it all set up ready…

After nursery they took us to McDonalds for a treat because we had been superstars on our first week at nursery. That was when they finally got us in the car, we were so excited that mummy couldn’t get us out of the playground…

On Saturday we went to Noah’s party and caught up with some of our original playgroup friends. Mummy and Daddy said that is was their favourite party of all time because we were much more independent than ever, it was very relaxed and we were surrounded by genuinely lovely people. We played really nice with our friends and mummy and daddy even managed a cup of tea.

On more than one ocassion mummy and daddy got shiny eyes because Rory was playing with other children, a massive step for him, he was making eye contact and even trying to talk to Noah’s dad. What a difference one week at nursery has made.

After Noah’s party we were truck shopping for daddy. We were truck shopping on Sunday too and eventually managed to get one. we have played in it twice, Austin likes to beep the horn and slide up and down the leather seats that have just been polished.

On Saturday evening mummy thought that we were starting with something, maybe a cold. On Sunday Mummy was almost certain and then today (Monday) mummy was unsure about whether to send us to nursery. We were only the start of being poorly but playing outside in the damp and especially Rory playing with water, is not helpful for his chest if he does have a cold. At one point last night, mummy thought that Rory needed suctioning from the sound of breathing on the monitor but actually it was Austins chest.

Mummy kept us in our Pj’s for nap time as she was still undecided on whether or not we were going to nursery and then the nursery manager text mummy to inform her that there was a bug in nursery and that was mummys mind made up.

That was our 3rd! A poorly A&R!

One week at nursery and we are poorly already!

We had a day at home with Auntie Mandy and then Nannie!

Mummy and Daddy are sat doing admin listening to Austin cough cough cough on the monitor, just as mummy has finished writing an article about the ‘More than a cold campaign’ for her Barnsley Today magazine column.

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t apply to us!

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