Transition complete!

So today was the real deal! The final hurdle!

Mummy drove us to nursery, Claire pulled up in her car just behind. We each got out of the car, put our rucksacks on and walked into nursery, putting our bag on the peg and taking out our lunch boxes, taking a seat at the table.

The nursery lady told Austin that she had saved him a seat on the table where he used to sit, next to his nursery friends because he was happy there before the holidays. She then told Claire that she had saved a spot on another table for Rory where there was more room for her because yesterday she was a bit squished trying to suction Rory whilst everyone was eating their lunch. She then turned to mum and asked if that was ok, if we don’t sit together. Mummy said that was fine.

Mummy sat Rory down and took the lid off his yoghurt, gave him a kiss and said ‘mummys going now, be a good boy’ and then she went over to Austin, did the same, except Austin suddenly realised that Rory wasn’t there and looked around. A moment happened right there, Claire stood behind Rory, me behind Austin. Austin looked straight at Rory and shouted something in twin speak. Mummy & Claire took an educated guess at ‘Rory, you ok bro? im just here’ Totally emotional.

Mummy was back in the car by 12:07 and that was the beginning of our new routine, right there.

Mummy went to visit her friend Liz, mummy to our twin friends Noah and Ethan. Liz was a complete rock for Mummy in some of the toughest times and she always said that as soon as she had a child free minute, she would treat her, except it was Noah and Ethans first day back at nursery and Liz was mid deep-clean, so mummy took a staniforths sandwich (with a quick meet in staniforths with daddy as he took was there ordering his lunch) and a bun and they spent the entire afternoon chatting about twin life with another like minded human who ‘gets it’.

Mummy arrived with 5 minutes to spare to pick us up, the nursery lady let us in so that we could help. Austin noticed her and squealed with delight and both of us went running towards her with the biggest smiles. We love nursery and have so much fun! Mummy says we are ten foot taller already, 3 days in!

We were so tired we struggled to walk to the car and Mummy and Claire struggled as they carried us and the bags and medical equipment back to the car.

Claire hadn’t had any sleep before nursery because she did a night shift, so she was super tired, but still beamed as she told mummy all about our adventures. We like her very much, and we know that mummy does too.

She said that we had lots of fun and that the nursery staff had mentioned how Rory doesn’t follow instruction, yet Austin is really good at it. Mummy explained that for a long time she worried if there was something else going on because Rory wouldn’t look at you and she even considered if he was deaf, except he passed his 3rd hearing screen with flying colours and comes running when Mummy shouts ‘biscuit’…

And tonight when Mummy asked Rory to lie on the towel after bath time, he did just that. Daddy says its a choice. In fact tonight Daddy said…

‘i’ve read about children who don’t follow instruction. Following instructions are too easy for a brilliant mind and following instruction stifles creativity and prevents a creative genius’

Mummy smiled but was really intrigued!

Mummy researched it herself because she was itching to know more. It made her smile. The joy of having two teachers as parents!

So apparantly we need more whole-brain thinkers in the world. The world defines us as left or right brain thinkers, which in a nutshell is analytical thinkers good at math or science, or creative thinkers who focus on the big picture. School is more focused on the left-brained thinkers traditionally, growing adults who are great employees, good at following instructions and doing a good job in a logical manner. Unfortunately not enough who are creative and good at creating new ideas. It is suggested that we need more whole-brain thinkers, people that problem solve and work in pictures and mind-map to create new ideas. Mummy says on reflection this kind of makes sense. Rory is awesome with jigsaws, has an absolutely crazy photographic memory for a 2 year old. He has no form of written or verbal communication (words) but can master a picture with ease.

Isn’t psychology and education fascinating. Mummy loves a good theory!

Mummy thinks that his low-confidence from not being able to communicate himself, is a reason he doesn’t respond to verbal communication, not just instructions, but saying his name, talking to him. He is in ‘Rory’s world’ although he is getting much better, especially with familiar people.

Hopefully nursery will help with this, it’s just about the world adapting to Rory and his unique needs.

So, after nursery we went to visit Great Grandma to show her how cute we are in uniform, just like we did before nursery when we called in to see Auntie Lynn and Uncle Clarry. We went home to play and chill out, ready for bed time and another day living our best life at nursery!

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  1. Congratulations! What an amazing journey! Hopefully you might be able to have a little ‘me time’ to recharge… use it wisely and spoil yourself!! You sooo deserve it! Hugs Cathy

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