She did it!!!

She left us! Mummy managed to get everything in place, Rory’s assessment, the funding, the care package, finding a suitable nurse, training the nursery staff and then having the balls to walk away and trust that we would be safe, claire and the nursery staff would keep Rory alive and we would have lots of fun!

Mummy snook out the back door of the office after her training session because she looked and we were both settled and happy.

So what happened in those magical 3 hours?

Mum’s world: mummy called to see Great Grandma, the head of our family. They had a little cry about missing Grandad and how special we are. Mummy watched an interview on This Morning with a lady who had done IVF and mummy found it a little emotional. Then she called home and prepared tea, took the car to be cleaned, grabbed some lunch on the go, collected a prescription and then grabbed a last minute appointment at Iris Beauty for a hot stone back massage. Bliss!

Except half way through the appointment daddy rang, he had broken down on the motorway. There is just no time for mummy!!

In our world: we had a fight over our yoghurts because Rory had eaten his and wanted Austin’s and Austin didn’t want his but didn’t want Rory to have it either. It ended up in Rory’s hair!

We had so much fun playing, made so much mess and got completely dirty!

Rory got a gold star sticker because he was so clever when the nursery ladies were doing his assessments.

Apparently Austin sat good as gold for story!

Mummy was smiling when claire was telling her all about our adventures.

We went home after rescuing daddy from the garage, and had a beef dinner that mummy had prepared earlier. We played in the garden and chills in the playroom with a visit from Nannie!

All of this was powered by the nap we had in the car this morning before nursery…

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