Awesome august 3 of 4!

Mummy felt brave. She took us to the pharmacy to collect a prescription. On foot. By herself.

In fairness to us, we had just woken up and as happy as we were wandering across the crossing, we weren’t very happy about having to stand still and wait for the lady to find our prescription, I mean, if ever you have queue’d in the pharmacy, you will know what we mean.

Two year olds don’t do waiting very well. With me being more than a little vocal about my impatience and Rory throwing himself on the floor, mummy tried to divert our attention walking up and down the shop, shouting 1, 2, 3 go go go and running around like an idiot. Even an old lady in the queue could see Mummy had her hands full and tried to help. Eventually our package arrived, I held it, which kept me entertained and mummy carried Rory back to the car. Only, the package was too big and I dropped it right in the middle of the zebra crossing, at which point mummy needed to grow a third arm to pick up me and the bag and keep rory so that we all made it across the road alive.

There were many things this week that required mummy to have patience and face the impossible, including when I decided that I wanted to wear odd socks, except as I cannot physically tell her this, she had to work it out. My 20 minute melt-down resulted in one sock on, point blank refusal of wearing the other matching sock and then mummy trying a different pair, and having the same problem, until she put on one of each and the whinging stopped. Process of elimination.

We had a day at the seaside, Cleethorpes. Fish & Chips (well, mum and dad, we had KFC that they had to buy and smuggle in because we only like fries, not chips) and a great time in the slots, collecting tickets.

We also had lots of fun on the beach.

When we got home, we were really tired and perhaps Rory even got a little bit poorly, so we both had mummy cuddles.

We had our last session at nursery. Mummy planned to leave Claire for a short spell to see how Mummy felt and Claire felt and to ease Mummy out of the equation. Mummys friend Jonny was back from Australia and lives near our nursery so they arranged a quick catch up at the park next to nursery. It was great timing, took mummys mind off the fact that she had left us.

We were absolutely fine!

Although it actually turned out that I’d had a bit of a rubbish session, sometimes two year olds together can struggle to get on, learning their emotions and social boundaries, and on this particular day, I copped for it with the sharing struggles and unkind hands and it made me really sad. I also got told off because I wouldn’t sit down with the water cup, but I just wanted to take it to Rory to see if he wanted a drink, but I couldn’t explain that so I got really upset again. I went outside and Mummy was there and I cried. Mummy knew I was really upset (as opposed to fake upset – I don’t know how she knows the difference) and she left Rory with Claire. Mummy couldn’t get me in the car seat, I was so sad, I just had a huge meltdown. She walked me up and down, then carried me. I was just a complete wreck. She couldn’t calm me down. She tried to take me back to nursery but I freaked out and wouldn’t go. Usually Mummy is really rational and calm with things like this, being a Teacher prepared her as a parent for this sort of thing, but she knew this wasn’t like me and it made her sad. Eventually after a blast down the motorway with Mummy singing twinkle twinkle little star on repeat for 50 minutes, I settled down and went to sleep, although i even kept having a little cry in my sleep.

After nap time, Katie came to play…

We slept through (BOTH OF US) in our big boy bed, for the first time!!!!

…and Frankie came to visit!

Bring on the bank holiday weekend!!

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