Way before we were in mummy’s tummy, she imagined sharing a pregnancy with her friends, bringing up children together, doing all of the fun things you see in the movies and well, to be quite frank it didn’t quite work out that way.

Mummy’s IVF journey meant that many of her friends were ahead of her in the family making stage and so she missed the opportunity to share, but also lots of her friends were behind her in the marriage, settling down stage and ironically, the only friend mummy could share with lived miles away.

And then, to add insult to injury, we spent such a long time in hospital and then hiding from germs that many of the local mums with babies the same age had ‘clicked’ and formed their groups whilst we cocooned ourselves at home covered in anti-bac awaiting the next nurse visit or hospital appointment and surviving each day at a time.

That was however, until Mummy took us to our first baby group at The Cloughfields Centre, on a Wednesday. Baby Buddies.

Upon walking in the room, other mummies cheered and welcomed us in. Some were familiar faces, some were new. Instantly mummy felt supported and we felt accepted, soon making friends with Skylah, Lexa, Emmie, Oscar, Oliver and then Freddie when he came along, and big Brother Frankie too when he isn’t at school.

We made other friends too, Like Noah, but lots of other mums went back to work at the same time we started to attend the group and so we didn’t see that much of them.

It has been rare that we have all been together, but these guys have been our friends, covering in anti-bac and visiting in winter months, helping hands when braving days out, melt downs in the park – and that was just mummy. They have helped get us through, mainly through daily group chat, and we know that we will be friends for life.

Ironically, Mummy has been friends with Faye since she was 4, but lost touch as they went separate ways after school, Mummy knew Lynsey and Lea-anne through being friends with their sisters, but Sasha and Jess were completely new faces. Together with their little people, we have become a great group of friends, and we look forward to growing up together, possibly through school aswell.

Today we came together for the first time in a long time, and I think this is the first EVER photograph we managed together.

Austin looks up to Frankie and copies him, he enjoyed learning to jump on Frankie’s trampoline today. He also likes holding hands with Lexa and Skylah.

Thanks playgroup friends – we appreciate having you in our lives!

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