🦈 Baby Shark baby shark 🦈

Another adventure minus daddy yesterday! Mummy is getting used to this single parent life…

Daddy is ridiculously busy at the moment, he is working all weekend too. Mummy is fed up of trying to book days out in his diary and then customers stealing him from us. It’s great news that his business has taken off at such a pace but at the same time the whole point in retraining was for a better work life balance and more help for mummy but she is actually worse off. He is fully booked until End of September now. Mummy has decided that she is going to make the most of it so that we don’t miss out and has planned lots in with friends instead.

Yesterday we went to the deep with Skylah and Lea-Anne. We all squished into the mummy truck and set on our way.

Mummy decided that just to make it a little bit easier she would buggy us into the deep and then abandon the pram in a buggy park and let us toddle round inside. Except a lady told mummy she couldn’t leave the pram 🙄

Once we pushed past her mummy left it anyway and off we went, except part way round we became a little bit difficult to manage and Rory wanted to be carried and mummy couldn’t do that, the rucksack and watch Austin too, even though Lea was ridiculously amazingly helpful! So mummy left Lea-Anne looking after me and Skylah and mummy ran back to get the pram and our Rory in it.

Meanwhile, Skylah decided she wanted a wee wee and as she is practically potty trained, lea-Anne had to manage a toilet trip with us Both. Amazing!!

We had lots of fun, managed a McDonald’s afterwards and a peaceful trip home!

We can’t wait to do it all again!

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