Donkey Disaster

This year for Auntie Nat’s birthday we sent her a card with a birthday trip for the future, a day at the seaside with me and Rory and Mummy.

We booked it in and counted down the days and off we went. We slept in the car all the way there and Mummy and Nat managed to have a full adult conversation for the first time in, well, since we were born. Adult conversations are usually half-complete sentences between meeting toddler demands and chasing one of us in the opposite direction to the other and it is kind of disjointed and adults don’t really listen to eachother, so it was really nice for them to chat.

We finally got there and parked up on the seafront before having a stroll. We grabbed a KFC for us and ate it inside a fish and chip restaurant whilst mummy and Nat had fish and chips.

We went in the arcades and Mummy and Nat put us on a pirate boat ride, it went really fast, even Mummy was shocked. I screamed so Nat lifted me off but Rory clung on with his head down, tolerating it with a scared look on his face. Mummy was fearful that this would be the same with every ride. We used to like them, but last time we came we hated them. Mummy hoped it was just a phase and we were over it.

We tried some more, and eventually enjoyed the Peppa one. In fact we enjoyed the Peppa one that much we had two goes and cried when we had to get off.

We had our first go on the slot machines. Rory likes to post things, anything, anywhere….and so posting 2p’s down the slots was the best thing ever.

We realised that tickets came out of the machine, and we worked out that we needed minimum 25 for a prize, so we kept going, except we ended up with more than 25 but not enough for two prizes, so kept going again. Mummy and Auntie Nat were enjoying it more than us, im certain! They joked about getting stick on tattoos.

Mummy got us a stretchy yellow man, except when she saw the size of it, it was no bigger than a jelly baby and mummy was scared we would try and eat it an choke, so as soon as she could, she confiscated it.

We played in the truck…

We had a lovely walk, browsing the shop windows and Mummy and Nat chatted some more. We were happy taking in the seaside atmosphere.

We stretched our legs and had a wander around a little park by the library…

And then we had a man ice cream and a walk on the beach and went for a donkey ride.

If the sand burning mummys feet, or the shingled stretch stabbing her until the soles of her feet bled wasn’t bad enough, we had major meltdown as soon as we sat on the donkey and after about 2 metres of plodding, abandoned the ride, with the donkey lady offering our money back! disaster!

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