Throw back Thursdays!

So we promised to blog every day in July. It probably was a little ambitious. Especially seen as July is gala time and Mummy is super busy organising the Mates of Milton Gala.

So, we will throw back to this time last week when we were preparing for the gala, and used nannies car as a climbing frame whilst mummy completed the site plan and marked out the field with the other MOM volunteers.

Throw back to the gala this year, we spent some of it asleep in the car with Daddy whilst Mummy welcomed stall holders onto the field and directed them about to their pitch, dealt with the many problems that arose due to the change in site plan to accommodate the archeological digs. We also spent some of it playing in Daddys van, the MOM used it for fetching all of the equipment to the field and parked it under a tree, it was cool in the back as it has no windows, so Mummy put blankets down and we used it as a base, had our snack their and played role playing driving in the front. We also had a go on the hook a duck, and a nosey around the fire engine….

Throw back to last years gala, look how much we have grown. The first gala, we had only been home a few days and mummy bought mosquito nets to keep wandering hands out of our pram for the germs. She couldn’t move on the field because we were surrounded by lots and lots of people all wanting to meet us, they had all been reading the blog from the beginning. It was mayhem. Mummy didn’t even get a picture. Last year we managed to play for the last hour when it had calmed down. This year was different again. Here are some pictures…

On Mummys time-hop this week, she was reminded of our trip to the weston park gala across from the hospital a few days after we had been discharged. Ironically, mummy remembers that moment, tears in her eyes, feeling like she had finally made it. It comes at the same time that BLISS have published research on the after effects of premature birth on a parents mental health. Our blog has highlighted, often, the effect our journey has had on both mummy and daddy (and us medically) and the research comes as no surprise….find it here….but also it just pointed out that actually, premature birth and the challenges it brings, does not end when you leave the hospital. Those scars of prematurity are long living.

In other news, this is the face of a little boy who is planning to empty the entire contents of his ball pool into the kitchen, faster than mummy can return them to the playroom…

We also have demands for ‘role play’ breakfast tea with our cheerios.

We had decorators and carpet fitters into our home this week, so we had to live upside down for a while and Mummy had no choice but to let us live in the grown ups living room. We made the most of it….

I have become exceptional at climbing, finding my way into my high chair from the ground, and then climbing over into Austins at the blink of an eye…

Austin has started to ‘dress up’…


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