On duty!

Since I had my new tube, mummy daren’t sleep. She has swapped shifts with daddy so that one of them is off duty but she still daren’t sleep when it’s her turn, because everything is different and 90% of the times she has tried to suction me, she hasn’t been able to get the tube down because it has been almost blocked with dried blood and thick sticky secretions. Ideally I should have a tube change but Ravi said to leave it 10 days to give my airway chance to heal but even then, mummy feels sick at the thought of changing the tube – it’s much bigger.

It’s been a difficult two nights with very little sleep. Last night both of us were unsettled and I (Rory) finally went to sleep at 3:10, and we were both up at 5.

Mummy and daddy are getting grumpy with each other and Mummy has long days with us on her own which is not only scary because of my airway being her sole responsibility and her not being 100% comfortable with it at the moment, but finding the energy to give to us, when she is running on empty.

On the other hand, I think sleep is for the weak. This was me this morning…

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