July catch up

We are almost there on catching up to date with the blog posts, not much exciting happened at the beginning of July and so we will try and catch up speedily!

We spent lots of time in the playroom because the weather was too hot! We just can’t win, damp wet or windy weather is no good for My Trachy, I get hay fever which has the same effect and then the weather has been so hot and dry that it has dried out my lungs and I sound like a squeaky dog toy when I breathe. Mummy has to keep putting saline down my tube.

So we spent time hiding in the playroom…

We played at nannies in her garden, we loved posting stones in the watering can and carrying it around.

We grew bored with all of our toys and started to annoy each other..So mummy bought us some new jigsaws…And when it was cool enough we played in the garden.All the grass and toys we have and we decide that using all of our metal pots and pans and spoons is fun when you have pebbles in the garden! Cheers Nannie. In fact actually, it started with Grandad Malc! We don’t see Grandad Malc and Nannie Newborough very often and mummy and daddy decided that it would be an idea for them to help out – obviously they can’t look after us properly because of My Trachy but they could spend time getting to know us during the nice weather by playing with us down the garden with mummy and daddy getting house jobs done in earshot! So that’s what we did! Mummy and daddy kept alternating so someone was out there every couple of minutes as I needed lots of suction. uncle Key and auntie Claire also visited. Anyway, Grandad Malc showed us how to use our diggers with the pebbles and it really started from there! Nannie Newborough said to mummy that she knew it would be hard but she didn’t realise quite how hard it was. Nobody does – only mummy! Austin has started to walk Beau every day with Daddy, he even does it all by himself. I can be a bit lazy with my walking but I have to work harder breathing so it can be forgiven. Daddy says when I am ready he will take me too. Mummy and daddy have been taking us to Tumble Tots to try and channel out climbing and gymnastic tendencies. Austin came once – the class clashes with his nursery times, but I have been again with daddy. I love it. Balancing beams, A frames, climbing. It is so much fun! But now I keep pushing myself off the sofa to do backward and forward rolls!

we went to play at Jonahs new house. Daddy did some electrical work for Kerry & Tim whilst we ran Mummy and Kerry ragged!

We had so much fun though and we can’t wait to go again!

As the hot weather continues mummy felt bad that we didn’t have a paddling pool like all of the other kids but it is far too much of a risk with my Trachy – bath time is always riddled with pressure and anxiety, never mind playing around water!

But then one of Mummy’s friends was selling an inflatable pool with slide and so mummy had a bright idea.

we could have a quick spray on the slide from the hose pipe and it will be a bit wet and slippy and fun, but we don’t have to have the pool filled do we? Our garden is not flat either so the water would gather in once place making a little puddle which was manageable too! It’s all about managing those risks. We had lots of fun…/

Cool dudes aren’t we!

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