So, Grandad being off work with his arm following his operation meant that Nannie wasn’t on her own and so it was much easier to arrange for us to spend time with nannie and grandad and give mummy and daddy a rest.

We’ve probably mentioned a million times before but Nannie can’t have us both on her own, it wouldn’t be fair as its such a big responsibility with Rory’s trachy. Ideally he needs 1:1 unless its mummy or daddy. So in order for us both to go, Grandad has to be present.

Nannie offered a sleepover and so we followed the usual routine:

4pm drop us off at Nannies for a play. 6PM mummy and daddy return to do Rory’s trachy cares and put us to bed. Mummy and Daddy leave once we are tucked up and sleeping and then they return at 9am the following day to collect us for nap time. Its the only way to make it manageable really. Nannie and Grandad can’t put us to sleep because Grandads arm isn’t strong enough and Nannie is a pushover – it would mess routine up completely and well, to be honest, mummy wouldn’t rest unless she knew how Rory had gone to sleep with his trachy. It is so important for her to know his breathing and clear airway before bed.

This time, Nannie and Grandad offered to take us somewhere in the day and do naptime in mummys car, so instead of collecting us at 9am the next morning, she would drop off her car at 9am, check rorys trachy for peace of mind and then leave us with nannie and grandad a while longer.

Except this is how it actually went…..

4PM – drop off at Nannies. 6PM – return to do bed time. 7PM – still not asleep. 8PM – still not asleep. Mummy holding everyone together, Nannie, Grandad and Daddy getting agitated as the football started at 7:30! 8PM – they took us in the car, drove around until we dropped off and then Mummy (we are such light sleepers nobody else could be trusted) carefully tip-toed us in and put us to bed. Mummy and Daddy finally got to go home, they had a takeaway tea and an early night. They never do anything exciting, just recharge their sleep to go again a while longer with our day to day life.

We woke Nannie and Grandad up between 4 & 5, mummy took her car round, checked on us. Nannie and grandad did nap time (they only managed 30 minutes because they aren’t as super quiet and experienced like mummy) and they took us to Clever Tots for play time and lunch before bringing us back home.

Having any break at all is stressful. Trachy life means that Mummy will never relax whilst someone else is in charge of Rory’s airway.

Its just the way it is!


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