A handful of memories…

So today I should be in theatre with my Hero Dr Ravi for part two of my Trachy op. Except it was rescheduled for next week. Next week was my settling in day at nursery. Of course I can’t make it as hospital comes first, but it’s always the same for me, missing out, compromising. It’s a good job I’m a gentle soul who just appreciates life.

So as we are still trying to catch up to date with the blog and publish a blog a day, thought we would write about a handful over memories over the course of a week to get us closer to the present and all caught up!!

I’m currently fast asleep in my cot with Nannie on the monitor whilst mummy and Austin are parked on the drive whilst he naps because we’ve had a nightmare week so far (& it’s only Tuesday)…

We woke at 430am this morning (usual time but after an unsettled night) and so I had fallen asleep by 7 in the playroom.

And I’m still asleep now at 9:39. Unusually long nap! (Aren’t I talented blogging in my sleep)

Austin went for usual nap time in the car, he needs to nap before nursery so mummy had to take him in the car at 9.

Split nap times are so much fun!

So here are a handful of memories:

We have been using some real concentration…

Louie came to play with us…

The car park where we usually have nap time was full so mummy parked on uncle Craig’s drive instead. He lives down a lane in the middle of fields and it is really quiet and peaceful and we can steal his WiFi. The bonus was that he also fed mummy toast through the gap in her window whilst we were sleeping…

Daddy captured this, McDonalds biggest fan..

Daddy got us an England Kit.

We reflected on our England sports kits and how big we had grown…

And how difficult it is these days to get a picture with us both…

He touched my leg – how dare he!

Daddy had a big job that meant he was working a longer day than usual and mummy knew it was going to be a tough one on her own with us all day so she got in touch with Lucy in the hope that she and Frankie were free. Frankie’s Daddy was going to Rotherham hospital for some treatment to make him better and so Lucy and Frankie were heading to Clifton Park and so we joined them for a picnic. We found a shady spot under a tree on a hill away from everyone else a d sat down for our picnic, it was fun!

We love Frankie! She’s so cute and funny! 😍

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