If ever you were to ask Mummy what she finds most difficult in a day, or what has been the stressful part of parenting, even given all of the extra stressful additions we bring, Trachy life, low immunity, general twinlife….she would say feeding us!

We were always great milk drinkers, eventually once we got off the feeding tube, despite the extreme reflux that we both had, even with the strongest reflux medicine, we vomited at least half of every bottle we drank!

We were great at weaning, loved eating all of the random mixes mummy made for us. Quality and quantity was great at this point, we would eat anything!

When mummy moved on to finger food / baby led weaning – we all struggled!

Mummy couldn’t cope with the mess, the lack of control! We developed an issue with texture, mostly Austin, but it affected me too!

Mummy tried alsorts to deal with this including sensory and messy play, but if she is totally honest, with everything else she had to deal with in a day, it was much easier to feed us the things that we liked and know that us been ‘hangry’ wasn’t going to be an issue on top of every thing else whilst she parented us on her own whilst daddy was at work!

McDonald’s was the only ‘real’ food we would eat, even if mummy cooked similar at home, we wouldn’t eat it, the same meal at a restaurant, we wouldn’t eat it, McDonald’s – we could eat an adult sized meal!

It was far from ideal! We would live on snacks and McDonald’s almost daily!

We wouldn’t touch fruit or vegetables, only dry crunchy foods! Austin was worse, I would occasionally eat lasagne and chicken at home, but otherwise we ate cheds, rice cakes, biscuits, wafers, dry raisins, yoghurt, breakfast bars, yoghurt and raisin bars…..that was pretty much it!

Mummy had read up on it a billion times, spoke to other mummies, tried lots of different tactics including taking us right back to the start, constantly offering a choice even though it always got wasted, inviting friends round for tea so we could see their children eating properly and hopefully copy and being tough, offering nothing we liked and attempting to out-stubborn us on the theory that if we are hungry we will eat. After 3 days of just milk and water, a slightly pale nappy filler and a worried mummy – she caved! Mummy worked so hard in an already difficult daily routine, to give us variety and help us to eat better. It didn’t work!

When we were 1, mummy got rid of our high chairs and we got an Ikea Latt, our own mini table and chairs and we loved to sit and eat our meals together, like grown ups.

We sat nicely, but we still ate what we wanted to eat and mummy still stressed that we weren’t eating properly.

We tried eating in the kitchen at the same time as grown ups with their meal, the same on our plate, nice family time, to eating in the playroom in front of the tv. Neither made a difference!

When Austin started nursery, mummy worried about what to put in his lunch box. She has tried sandwiches, he won’t touch them. We like toast but not bread. She couldn’t really send toast!

We would sit and practice with our snack box (mummy got me one the same as Austin’s) but we still ended up eating the same.

In the end Mummy made a bold decision, she went to Ikea and bought two high chairs. She took a BIG step backwards!

We still have our table in the playroom and we will often eat our cereal on it in a morning but until we learn to eat better Mummy is going to put us in the high chairs instead because she can manage us better, the mess is contained, we can’t get up and run off when we please. We have more chance of cracking it and to be honest, it is starting to work.

I will eat most things she puts in front of us, Austin will pick it up and lick it but only eats the dry crunchy things still.

Her aim (and She said this last Christmas when this was a problem even back then) is that we will eat a Christmas dinner at the table on Christmas Day!

Wish us luck!

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