🎈70 Years 🎈

Our journey itself is a miracle but without the NHS it would have been a non-starter!

If it wasn’t for the NHS Mummy wouldn’t have been able to have all of the tests to find out why she couldn’t have babies and keep them safe past 12 weeks. They also wouldn’t have been able to have IUI and IVF treatments and all of the scans and check ups that come along with that, often daily trips to the clinic.

If it wasn’t for the NHS when mummy had us in her tummy and was declared ‘high risk’ she wouldn’t have been able to have a scan every two weeks and a specialist consultant appointment to check on all of our health.

If it wasn’t for the NHS when mummy went into early labour – not only would she have lost her life but we would have lost ours too.

From the paramedics, ambulance team and community midwives that attended our house that day, the ambulance driver, the 20+ staff members in Mummy’s room at Sheffield where she gave birth.

The NICU team who cared for us before mummy even met us.

All of the midwives and nurses who cared for mummy and us and gave us the safest arrival possible when we were born at 26 weeks.

If it wasn’t for the NHS, we would have been declared ‘non-viable’ and that would have been the end of the road. Except some superhero who works for the NHS put a tube down our throats and kept us alive on a machine, they fed us vitamins and medicine and grew us in an incubator until we were big enough to breathe for ourselves. They even fixed all of the health challenges that came along the way!

Tests, specialists, medicines, treatments and actually, a whole lot of love and care and nurturing! For all of our family!

The NHS staff who co-ordinate, monitor and regulate the donor breast milk programme who ensured we were fed when mummy didn’t have enough milk for us and we weren’t big enough for formula.

The NHS staff nurse who sat with mummy and helped her express the little milk she did have!

If it wasn’t for the NHS then we wouldn’t have been able to have safe ambulance transfers for the 100+ miles of travelling that we did to access the specialist services at different hospitals.

We also wouldn’t have made it to the hospital in time when Rory’s windpipe collapsed when we were in the middle of lake dacre park.

The lady on the telephone who ignored Mummy’s belief that Rory was fine and instead made the call for an ambulance just by hearing Rory’s breathing on the phone! That lady, a 111 operator – saved Rory’s life in that one decision!

If it wasn’t for the NHS Rory would have lost his life then! Even if he had made it thus far without them! They helped this time too with a string of operations, a tracheostomy, consultant appointments and a safe warm bed for all of us whilst we got through this!

Stays on intensive care, when things were really bad we had our own 1:1 nurse at the bottom of our bed!

NHS community teams, equipment providers, medical supplies, from the admin to the warehouse supply team. The cleaners who cleaned our room daily in hospital, a friendly face every morning! All of you!

You are amazing! You are extended family! Always!

The continuing care team who are enabling Rory to attend nursery with the support of a 1:1 nurse. Without the NHS it wouldn’t be possible!

Of course sometimes mistakes are made, like last week when mummy ordered ten boxes of suction catheters, a repeat order she has made monthly for 18 months! And instead of ten boxes (90 Catheters in each box) we received 10 single catheters leaving us short over the weekend! Ridiculous. Infuriating. They are only human! Mistakes happen – yet the nurse found as many as she could from the wards and drove them out to us that afternoon! To see us through until another order could get out the following week! Going the extra mile!

Yes, mistakes are made but for every mistake there are millions of miracles performed!

Don’t forget the little things, they don’t just offer the basics, comfy chairs for breastfeeding, family rooms for those most in need whilst their family members are seriously ill! We take this for granted I’m sure!

Tvs, magazines in waiting rooms, a picture to take away from a baby scan! Nicely decorated rooms and clean, laundered, ironed bedding and towels to use.

Tvs and playrooms, play leaders to support our children at difficult times. Pastors, counsellors, BLISS nurses – emotional support too!

Nappies, milk, cotton wool and often clothes and blankets too because you can’t physically buy the specialist preemie stuff from the shops!

Books, Mother’s Day cards, that special touch – staff going the extra mile at such a difficult time!

Speech and language therapists, midwife development checks, paediatricians.

We have spent a total of around 6 months living in hospital so far! And we are back again next week for another Rory operation! We have seen so many things that make you appreciate life and everything that the NHS does! We will never forget a little girl who shared a room with us in intensive care, she was at the end of her life, she had clowns and princesses and balloons and paintings and all sorts of decorations around her bed. The Drs and nursing staff all took time from their busy day, forgot about the pressure and the politics of their work load for a moment, and have that little girl their time! Because she wasn’t just a number – she was a patient, a person! We will never forget that.

We visit at birthdays and Christmas to take gifts for the staff, they still remember us, they welcome us with open arms. They are part of our family.

If we totalled up our NHS bill – can you imagine?

We are beyond grateful for our NHS and will continue to fundraise whatever we can for the hospital charities that made and saved us!!

Just take a minute to think – what have the NHS done for you?

🎈Happy 70th Birthday NHS! 🎈

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