Just push me – I dare ya!

Amongst the many considerations, hurdles and mixed emotions surrounding our split start at nursery is the fact that it is borderline impossible for mummy to do the nursery run on her own!

She has got by this far collecting Nannie at 1130, driving to nursery, taking Austin in whilst me and Nannie sit in the car, dropping Nannie off home, squeezing something awesome into the 2 hours that we have before having to pick Nannie back up and drive to nursery to collect Austin whilst again, I wait in the car with Nannie.

It’s far from ideal but it did the job!

Or at least it did until Nannie wasn’t able to help because she was at the caravan, Daddy was working too far away to break off and well – Mummy just had to do it somehow! It kept her awake the night before worrying about it and she text the nursery manager to ask for staff to be on hand if needed once we arrived at the door.

Why is it such a big deal you might ask? Well!! Austin is a really good walker and will hold a grown ups hand quite nicely I don’t like to be restricted and I get frustrated. I like to go in my direction only! This causes problems when one grown up has to manage two of us at the same time, on a busy main road and through a playground of really scoring obstacles to get to the door!

Also, if One of us gets sad, the other then gets sad, so one grown up helping two sad toddlers in front of an audience, no doubt interrupting the learning of the other children and well – causing chaos!

Also, Austin wouldn’t like it when mummy leaves taking me only and I won’t like it when mummy goes into nursery to settle Austin and leaves me by the door.

It would be much easier if she put us both in the pram and pushed us round, but we don’t like being in the pram together, and equally mummy doesn’t like to put us in the pram if we can walk, she thinks we should walk into nursery like a grown up.

There really was so many what ifs, variables, possibilities and it wasn’t really in Mummy’s control and well – it turned out that she just had to crack on and cope!

Mummy’s plan was to arrive early, put Me in the single pram and walk Austin at the side, she hated the fact that I was in the pram, but needs must!! Then once she dropped Austin off, she pushed an empty pram and I walked by the side. Then on collecting Austin, she pushed an empty pram there and I walked, then I went in the pram and she pushed me back to the car and walked Austin.

Yes it was a lot of messing around but it was the fairest most manageable way to do it! Ironically the staff were busy when we got there so mummy didn’t have any helping hands by the door, however just knowing they were there was enough for mummy to push out of her comfort zone and give it a go. And besides, Austin got his snack box out of the bag and went and sat in his dinner space – like a well oiled robot!


Mummy went back to the car feeling accomplished!

Me and Mummy had a lovely afternoon together whilst Austin was at nursery. We went to the Post Office then had a picnic on the park….

Then we went to wigfield farm…

And then conquered the pick up!

Mummy told daddy she’s had a wonderful day and felt really positive. Daddy had tears in his eyes! Maybe this is the start of something.

Tuesday came – we battered the nursery run again – Mummy flying solo!!

Daddy was planning on picking Austin up from nursery in his Van so that Me and Mummy could have a look get afternoon adventure – Mummy Gained a whole new rucksack of confidence yesterday and so decided to take me to eureka. But the motorway was at standstill so we decided to go to crafty kids instead!

We bumped into Mummy’s friend and her little girl! We had fun!

Austin loved it in daddy’s van! In fact these days he is obsessed with it. Pointing at it, asking to go for a ride all of the time!

Most kids like tractors, or diggers….nope….my crazy brother likes Daddy’s Van!


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