Jessops Superheroes 2018!

We are almost certain that people think we make up the dramas, but our life really is dramatic. Half way round the trail at Graves Park for our Jessops Superheroes charity walk and I decided to pull my trachy tube out, resulting in mummy pulling her cape off, stamping down the long grass in the field to the side, sitting on her cape and performing an emergency tube change, right there, in front of the hundreds of people doing the charity walk. And you all thought an emergency trachy change in the supermarket was bad. I obviously wanted to be a little more adventurous this time!

What a week!

We continued climbing…

Austin built a tractor all by himself….

And Noddy had a bad car accident…

Nannie collected Austin from nursery so that Mummy and Daddy could take me for a kidney scan.

It was the first time Nannie had driven with one of us in the car and we were all really proud of her.

She fed him the usual gingerbread man!

My kidney scan went really well, my solo kidney has grown and so there are no concerns at the moment, it is doing its job.

I visited Daddy at work (he was working at Uncle Craig’s – I don’t make a habit of turning up at customers houses) whilst Austin was at nursery….

Then on Wednesday daddy finished work early so we went for a sneaky Pizza Hut. Nannie was in B&Q which is only across the car park and so she joined us!

Mummy braved Meadowhall with us out of pure desperation for holiday essentials and absolutely no time to go other than taking us with her. She managed about 30 minutes all in, although to be fair, we were quite good in the pram side by side, we didn’t fight. We got a bit vocal but Mummy managed to hold us together until the end where she bought us a gingerbread man to say well done. She felt quite proud of herself actually…

Daddy was doing some work for Great Auntie Joy and so we visited whilst he was there, our cousins William and Frankie were there and Lucy and Ada. We had so much fun watching them and playing with them.

Remember the pram that mummy bought that was tandem, rather than side by side, in the last hope of finding a way of getting out and about for her own sanity, well…Daddy took it out and decided it had to go! Mummy ached for an entire day after using it – we had been spoilt with the Bugaboo Donkey I think, ever since mummy got rid of it, nothing has been as good. Hence why we are on about our 8th set of wheels. Mummy gifted it to a mummy in need – goodbye Graco Twin!

We are getting better at imaginative play, Mummy and Daddy love watching us..

Nannie and Grandad caught Austin being sneaky whilst we were playing at theirs. Austin hid a biscuit in the petrol cap of our little tikes car. He didn’t think anyone had seen. He went back for it later and sat eating it around the corner. Nannie and grandad were in fits of giggles. How funny!

And so we finished our week off with the Jessops Superheroes walk in Graves park. Last year we did this with mummy and daddy and beau but mummy asked family and friends if they would like to join us this year and have a picnic afterwards. It was really lovely to share an annual ‘give back’ to the Jessops team although sadly this year we didn’t see any of the nurses or consultants that cared for us – aside from the one Doctor who rushed over to check everything was ok when I pulled my tube out. Mummy had everything under control, the tube back in and my colour returning by the time she had noticed what was happening and ran over.

We had a great picnic too, had lots of fun playing. We are very grateful to those who made the effort to join us…

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