Big wheels keep on turning…

2nd May 2018!

1 week to go until Rory’s 1st big appointment which will hopefully mark the beginning of the end of his Trachy life! 🤞🏼

It is also two years since we started blogging.

So, a quick update on what we have been up to since our last blog and some interesting information on the last two years of blogging!

I continued to go to nursery on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Rory did lots of different things, including visiting Grandma Jean where he fell over the rug into the TV cabinet. 😩

We played on our #twinturf with or new cable drum that Auntie Nat Nat and Big T created for us!

We went to Cleethorpes for Mummy’s 30th birthday for a lovely day on the beach in the sun.

Then we had a BBQ tea…

We had our first proper family holiday at Tattershall Lakes, as per Mummy’s wish for her 30th birthday. She said, and we quote ‘it could have been a month in paradise’ she enjoyed the weekend that much, we had great weather too.

We had so much fun it was great.

I even did those lines mummy has been trying to get me to do for months – shame they were on the high chair 😬😬

Rory and Mummy went for lunch with Mummy’s old friend and her little girl whilst I was at nursery…

We watched Nannie and The Tidy Team prepare Milton for the Tour De Yorkshire…

Mummy and Daddy finally let us break out of the playroom. They had bought cupboard catches though. They laughed at us because we couldn’t get in the cupboards. We had the last laugh though when daddy went out and mummy couldn’t get in the fridge 😆😆

I did my first painting at nursery…

I’m still a little unsettled when mummy leaves but the nursery ladies have shown mummy videos to show her that I’m ok. I like to play outside in the rain. The nursery lady said that I she has never seen a child love rain as much, but it was the first time I’ve been out in the rain. I got so wet! But I had so much fun, the lady told mummy I was belly laughing I loved it that much. I like the sand too.

Rory received a letter from the respiratory doctors that look after him, even though mummy knew the outcome of the appointment, it was so emotional for her reading it in black and white when she is so used to reading grim things about us.

Rory went to Nannies whilst I was at nursery this week so that Mummy could have a big sort out at home ready for the builders.

We went to the park with Lou and Princess Katie. We had so much fun running wild. I chased Rory and we were both giggling. We had a rainy pj day at home…

And went to the park in Tankersley with Nannie and Mummy. It was really funny when mummy went down the slide. She is silly sometimes. We laughed.

We played at home whilst Daddy and Grandad finished the last decorations for the Tour De Yorkshire.

We did our nap time on the TDY route (as we do most days) and admired the decoration, so much so we took Nannie and Great Grandma for a tour.

Will leave some pictures right here for keepsake…

We got dressed and went to watch the women’s race in the morning. We watched outside the co-op, I didn’t like the sound of the bikes and the horns and cried. So mummy had to take me away so that I didn’t spoil the videos. 🙈

Mummy and daddy had a bacon sandwich, visited Galaxy’s and made a donation to Tiny Hearts and went home for nap time.

It was lovely. We got flags and stickers and mummy said it was emotional. She loves community and local. ❤️

We went to Elsecar for the men’s race in the afternoon. We watched the live bands at the Milton and watched the race from the car park. Great grandma jean and Nannie were there aswell as craig, Calum and Cookson. We also saw our friends Lexa, Emmie and her big brother Frankie.

We were super tired and ready for bed from all the climbing and running around.


Two years of blogging; mummy looked into our blog statistics over the past two years and it is ridiculous to think people are reading about us in 76 different countries around the world 😲

The top 10 countries for number of followers are;

UK, USA, Australia, France, Spain, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Isle of Man, Ireland and Italy.

But the blog is read in all different places including; Kenya, Philippines, Malaysia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Russia, South Korea, Kuwait, Venezuela, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia and Peru. 76 different countries in total. Unbelievable!

It really has been a crutch for Mummy although she doesn’t have as much time to blog as she would like!

We hope you have enjoyed reading it! Mummy has put wheels in motion this week for turning the blogs into a book. Hopefully with a trach free chapter!

Keep your eyes peeled for the 9th May for Rory’s big appointment! Fingers crossed for good news 🤞🏼

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