Day 1 of nursery/non-nursery!

We pulled up in the car outside nursery, with Nannie Di in tow. I got you, Austin out, with your bag packed with emergency clothes, nappies, wipes, wellies and your packed lunch, and off we toddled down the road to nursery. Closing the door to the car and walking away with Rory and Nannie still in the car, was difficult, and when you turned around and looked back to see where Rory was, made it even harder. Both me and Nannie had more than shiny eyes.

We walked around the playground and when you saw the lady you ran off, began crying and despite Mummy’s efforts to get you to play in the sandpit, or the staff team rallying round to help, you were having non of it, until I took you into a quiet corner, wiped your tears and your snot, and gave you a cheeky cheese ched, and you began to calm. I heard in the background that the other boys and girls were sitting down for lunch so the nursery lady found you a seat and we sat you down for your lunch. You were absolutely fine and I snook away, sobbing all the way back to the car, those tears I had held in whilst taking the lid off your yoghurt and helping you up to sit on your chair at the table.

As I explained to the ladies, it wasn’t so much about leaving you, it was the fact that Rory wasn’t sat beside you having his packed lunch with the other boys and girls.

When I got back to the car, Nannie Di knew you had been sad because Rory was sad too for no reason. Nannie said he started crying all of a sudden and then after a few minutes, stopped, wiped his tears and carried on. Nannie says it’s because twins are telepathic.

Rory, we drove Nannie home and thanked her for helping us with the nursery drop off, and we drove to Hoyland. We toddled across to Allotment Deli and ordered mummy a sandwich before toddling to the cash machine to get money to pay for it. You were intrigued by the big red bus that stopped outside Walkers as we walked by the library so we stopped and talked about the bus and waved as it drove off again. We collected Mummys sandwich and wandered off into Owd Martha’s Yard for our picnic. It was lovely in the sunshine, we could have been anywhere, you sat beautifully at the bench enjoying your packed lunch, admiring the multi coloured fence and the birds and bees fluttering about. When we had finished our lunch we walked along the red brick path, back to the car and we went to play with our nursery friends at lexa’s house. You did jigsaws, played football, went on the swing and slide and had fun with your friends before we had to go and collect Nannie and then Austin from nursery.

We pulled up outside nursery and I wandered round, I peeked through the window and there you were, stood at the back with all of the other children, on the carpet, waiting to be collected. You weren’t interested in me at all, but you saw the open door and made for it so we grabbed your bag, your first day picture and off we toddled.

Your nursery teacher told me that;

  • You couldn’t decide if you wanted to be inside or outside
  • You had got a wet bottom from playing outside and had a change of clothes
  • You ate your lunch on the move because you were too interested in playing and kept going back and forth to your lunch box.
  • You played with some apple at snack time but didn’t really eat it.
  • Despite having a poo every single morning,  you had clearly decided that today you were saving it for nursery because you shared it with the world at 1:30pm! 🙂
  • You took a liking to one specific nursery teacher (the boss) and kept going back to her to ‘check in’ and then wandering off to play with something else.
  • The ladies observed you a little today and said that you were a little unsteady on your feet at times, but I explained that it is lack of experience. You learned to walk in September and have spent lots of time inside between then and March, we are only in April. You will get better at this and Rory is just the same.
  • They also observed the speech and language delay that I mentioned, but in context, with a mute twin, twin language and limited social interaction, language rich environment, other than me and daddy – it makes no wonder – but you have said some words recently; peppa, bag, daddy, ta, yes, slipper…and so we know it won’t be long now until we can’t shut you up!
  • You were observing other children and copying / joining in with them, which is great.

You were absolutely shattered, practically falling asleep standing up and are both now tucked up fast asleep after your busy day!

Proud of you both!

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