One hour!

Mummy put me in the car in my own today. I was a little quiet on the journey because I wondered where Rory was.

Mummy took me to this place that looked really interesting. I toddled in, super intrigued with mummy closely behind.

Mummy took my coat and placed on a peg and I began playing in the sand with a lovely lady. I turned around and realised mummy wasn’t there and this made me sad but the ladies showed me peppa on the iPad and I calmed down.

I played with some other boys and girls, the lady told mummy I was kind. I did some hoovering and played in the sandpit and when mummy came to collect me I was in the mud kitchen splashing in muddy puddles. I had so much fun I didn’t want to go home!

When I got home and saw Rory and Rory saw me, we were so excited we ran to the baby gate to touch each other. We missed each other a lot!


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