Slow timer…

So the 1st of March finally arrived. Last year this was our big day for entering the big wide world after being tucked up inside for winter…

But this year, it wasn’t really that significant because it was important to keep Rory well for his appointment on the 6th, and then we would be guided by any hospital plans, but it is still an achievement for us to get to March with no hospital admissions as it does mark the end of our hibernation….and hopefully that was our last and we can start living normally now.

It is so difficult. Lonely. Sometimes it feels like we are pushing our friends and family away but we have to be strict and our health will always come first. Mummy’s strength and determination (& insanity from staying in) is single handedly THE biggest reason we are so well!!

Obviously manoeuvring our way through a whole 6 months mostly indoors was a sloooooow process, worth it, but this week, counting down until Rory’s first appointment was slower!

Here’s what we got up to…

Losing Beau in the snow 🐶

chatting with Frankie on facetime 😍keeping Beau warm in the cold (ironically she had a hair cut last week 😬❄️)

The usual bath and bed routine…

Austin discovered his pockets and we managed to stay still long enough for a joint snap chat filter. 👆🏼

We finally left the house for the first time in 7 days…car nap (mummy has soooo missed these), Frankie & Benny’s lunch and a play date at Auntie Mandy’s house!

We had to miss our friend Louie’s party because of germs and it being so close to Rory’s appointment but his mummy sent round pondlife jelly, cake, bubbles, stickers and crayons. So we had a ball anyway…

Rory decided to use our busy board as a climbing wall…

And Austin learned to climb on the sofa so he could wave goodbye to daddy as he pulled off the drive. 👋

So….2 hours and 15 minutes until our appointment. 🤞🏼


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  1. Good luck Rory hope all goes well for you, you have done so well to get this far that nothing is going to stand in your way, sending love & hugs xxxx

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