Snow day in a tray…

So, Mummy left our tough tray outside on the decking to catch some snow because she didn’t want to take us out in the cold, but she didn’t want us to miss out on the snow day either.

Our day was going rather ‘average’ and then Uncle Craig called to say that he was going to walk across the fields and come and play. Yippeee.

No sooner had Mummy put the phone down, Rory pulled on his trachy, and dislodged it. Mummy knew that she couldn’t call Nannie or Grandad because they had a cold and it would take them a while to get here in the snow, she caught glimpse of Sue Sue clearing some snow on her drive and shouted out of the window ‘Sue, HELP, PLEASE HELP, Rory’s pulled his trachy out’ Mummy closed the window, knowing that help was on its way and cracked on with putting rorys airway back in tact. Luckily it was straight forward this time and Sue stayed for a chat which was nice.

Uncle Craig arrived sooner after and then Uncle Calum a little after that on his way home from work. Mummy brought the tough tray inside and we had a snowball fight in the living room and built two snowmen, it was fun.

Here are some pictures from our snow day in a tray…

And the tough tray is back on the decking to catch some more!


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