It’s such a perfect day…

Monday 19th February 2018

The weather seemed to be getting milder this week, which always makes everyone happier. Especially Mummy. It means that whilst we still shouldn’t venture out to the germy places, we can at least make the most of the outdoors. Bad news is that Nannie is poorly again and Daddy is away in Chesterfield all week and so Mummy is going it alone.

It is starting to get Mummy down of late that our speech is developing at snail pace. I mean, she knows that we have moved mountains (and more) against what was expected of two extreme premature twins, having battled the health problems that we have, been stuck inside 6 months of the year and thats without taking into consideration that one of us is mute due to my tracheostomy. I mean, realistically, who is modelling these conversational skills for us to pick up? 99% of the time it is literally Mummy and us, and whilst Mummy talks to us all day long, it is not the same as us watching her have conversations with other adults, or us picking it up off other kids, or even eachother, because Rory physically can’t. It doesn’t take a scientist to work out why we aren’t the most talkative of toddlers. I think Mummy is just frustrated because she literally gives us everything she has, and it still isn’t enough, it is outside of her control. She often thinks she should just give in and take the easy option, put her feet up in front of daytime TV and leave us to our own devices, except she doesn’t, she is always making the most of the learning opportunities because whilst she doesn’t care for us being top of the class, she doesn’t want that at all, she just wants us to start school on par with our peers, so that she knows our health hasn’t held us back. Because, when put in black and white, she feels responsible that she didn’t cook us long enough and blames herself for the hardships that followed putting us in this situation in the first place.

Her new plan, was for us to choose a book together (we love books) and to plan activities around this book all week, drowning us in a handful of simple key words that we would be able to link to experience and that even if we didn’t say any of those words by the end of the week, we would be able to recognise that word and understand its meaning, because these are equally as important when learning the art of communication.

We chose Little Red Hen and Socks. So mummy made little red hen our project book. We read it in the car before nap time…

We also had some crazy bubble fun…

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Mummy said that today was ‘the perfect day’ and that it was almost the kind of day she imagine she would have every day as a parent. It was the kind of day that dreams were made of.

The sun was shining, mummy made the decision to do nap time in our pram so that she could get some fresh air herself. So off we went. We had to re-hide our rocks that we found (in our last blog ‘Rock on’) and so Mummy took them with us, except because it is already an almost military-style workout pushing 4 stone of twin, another 2.1 stone of double buggy and a rucksack of medical machinery, up our extremely steep hill, she deposited them as she made her way up the hill so as we got lighter by the time we got to the top.

We went into Hoyland and bought some feathers for our project from the market, we saw Mick & Mo, Uncle Clarry and some of Mummys school friends in passing whilst we went to the co-op and then walked on Market Street to Tesco.

We eventually fell to sleep and Mummy enjoyed the 5 miles of walking that she did (whilst pushing 2/3 of her body weight around) and even ventured down into Milton, around the ponds, then Elsecar and eventually stopping at the park at the bottom of our road where she sat overlooking the field to the church where she and Daddy got married, listening to the birds in the trees and waiting for us to wake.

It really was idyllic. We woke up and had ten minutes on the swings before Mummy battled the big hill back home. again.

Once home, Mummy fed us and then prepared a little sensory play on our twin turf, so we could make the most of the weather and get outside. We read The Little Red Hen, again, but outside,repetition but with different experiences. We loved it. We had cornflake buns for snack, played with flour and cornflakes and dry pasta, our toy tractor and hen, bouncy eggs, and just enjoyed making the most of being outside in our suits exploring lots of things linked to our story and learning. It must not be underestimated how difficult a job Mummy had getting us both (and machinery) into the garden by her self. our garden is on multiple levels and she had to get us both across decking (no sides and a 3 ft drop – Mummy likes the view across the garden without sides on to spoil it) down 4 big steps, across a patio and into our little twin garden that Mummy, Daddy & Grandad H made for us when we were tucked up in our incubators. It was an effort. Daddy said he would have loved to see out little faces when we went out in the garden, when mummy opened the big doors into the garden, we had the biggest smiles, it was so exciting. We can’t wait to go in the garden again.

When we had finished and we went back inside, we made our own little red hen with feathers, we enjoyed that too.

Although we think Mummy needs to get better at giving us control. she literally put the glue on the hen and all we had to do was stick feathers on. It was literally a no mess craft activity.

Mummy wrote on our blackboard, the 5 words we were working on this week. It wasn’t so much for us as we obviously can’t read, but to remind her and especially Daddy to keep saying those words and talking about them, inventing play around those ideas to help build our vocabulary.

Wednesday 21st February

We had a visitor today. Mummy’s friend. Kerry. Otherwise known to us as Jonahs Mummy. Except when she came, she came on her own. Usually she brings Jonah to play. Mummy felt sad but Jonah has been poorly over the winter and because of this, Mummy and Kerry haven’t seen eachother and so in order for Kerry and Mummy to catch up and talk grown up talk, Kerry left Jonah at home. Thankfully it won’t be long until the winter bugs have gone and we can all play together again.

Kerry did bring us some presents though, including some squidgy sand. Mummy thought that this was very thoughtful because we have to be careful around normal sand, especially with my tracheostomy, and so it was possibly a much safer way to play. We tried it out….

Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd February

Nothing much exciting happened. Beau Jangles had a hair cut, Mummy caught us role-playing our own tea party and playing hide and seek and chasing eachother around.

Mummy does all of the washing on Thursdays and then cleans the house on Fridays and so eventually, when she sits down, we like to have a cuddle.

Saturday 24th February

Saturday was exciting. Daddy did some jobs in the morning but was back before nap time and the start of our adventure to Leeds. As you know, our hair has grown pretty long of recent and is a little wild. Well…the last time we went to the hairdressers, Austin especially wasn’t very happy about it. So…Mummy sought out a childrens salon in Leeds called Shortcuts. She booked us in. When we arrived, Mummy & Daddy woke us up at the McDs drive-thru…we knew they were sweetening us up for something. I heard Mummy say to Daddy, well, they’ve had a good nap, been fed, we should be alright…’

When we arrived at the shopping centre, the salon was in a huge Mothercare, which also has a huge Early Learning Centre and a soft play. Unfortunately for us, the soft play was out of bounds and Mummy ANTI-BAC’D our hands as a barrier and let us play for the 5 minutes spare we had before our appointment. We LOVED it. Running free around the shop…

Then in we went. Mummy placed Austin in a white car and strapped him in, I went in the one next to it. Mummy showed the ladies a picture, we saw the scissors, Austin was already having a meltdown, the lady asked Mummy to bear hug him and hold his chin, this all sounded a bit brutal but it actually calmed him a little. I was happy munching mini cheddars with Daddy whilst the other lady gave me a trim. I didn’t want the cape on though which meant the grown ups had to be extra extra careful not to get hair around my neck. Poor Mummy drew the short straw but after ten minutes, both ladies had finished and we could finally see without Austin having to do his Michael McIntyre head shake to get his fringe out of his face.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage a picture, so we stole this one as a keepsake of what the salon was like….

Mummy & Daddy said that they would take us again because even though it is a long way and slightly more expensive, it is over and done with in ten minutes and we can make it a treat with the ELC and soft play afterwards, once we are allowed in.

On the way home Austin kept looking at me, checking out my new doo…

Sunday 25th February 

We woke up with crazy hair…

We played with Mummy’s kettlebell weights…

So….Because Daddy has been super busy for the past couple of weeks and working some weekends too, they had decided that aside from the saturday morning job, they would make sure this weekend was for us. So Sunday morning, we went on another adventure, to The Deep.

And then we had a Pizza Hut by the sea at St Andrews Quay. We even had an ice cream. Austin had a bit, although there was plenty in his hair and all over his face,  but I absolutely loved it.

We were home by 1, we watched rugby with Daddy and Mummy went to the gym. It was a lovely weekend.

Monday 26th February

  Just a usual day with us, Mummy and Beau, going it alone. A 90 minute nap time in the car where Mummy gets a break, and then Daddy home, tea, bath and bed and Daddy doing exams and work. Nothing exciting.

Tuesday 27th February

The Beast from the East was on its way, we knew that Daddy had to be in Chesterfield all week and so Daddy decided to take Mummys car because it is 4×4 and much better in the snow. Mummy agreed that this was for the best, but as Nannie is still poorly, this left Mummy home alone with us all day (usual scenario) but yet this time she had no car, for the hassle free (aside from the 6 trips back and forth to the car with two toddlers and medical supplies) nap time where she actually gets to sit with a cuppa and enjoy some peace. Instead she had to revert back to the absolute fight of a nap time where by the time she gets the second twin down, the first twin has woken and her arms are hanging off from rocking us both to sleep. Morale of the story…..we survived.

Mummy on the other hand is still furious because the Beast from the East didn’t even arrive and she could have had her car for nap time after all.

Wednesday 28th February

Mummy wishes she hadn’t mocked ‘The Beast from the East’ yesterday, because she is currently sat here blogging, with Austin only had half an hours nap time, currently running riot in the play room behind her and i’m still fast asleep upstairs. Austin has eaten his body weight in Malted Milk biscuits to enable her to finish the blog and keep him at bay so that we can have dinner together when I wake up and well, she hasn’t really had chance to get her breath back from fighting us to sleep because Daddy in in Chesterfield with the Mummy Truck and there is shed loads of snow outside. Clearly the Beast from the East heard her yesterday when she said he was about as beastly as baby spice!


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