No sunshine in my pocket but his airway in her hand….😩

What a rubbish weekend, yet dusted with humour and a nice round cherry of positive memories on top!

In short! 

Because of the bugs and the weather and it’s effects in our chest and Rory’s Trachy secretions, we have spent way too much time inside! Mummy is climbing the walls!

So, when we spent most of the weekend indoors too, mummy and daddy were both climbing the walls and everyone was pretty fed up! 

We couldn’t really go outside but we can’t go to the indoor places like soft play either! BUT….mummy had cracked and lost the plot and Daddy was ready for locking her in a cupboard and so we got wrapped up and braved a quick visit to the farm. ‘With their reins’ Daddy said! 

Mummy has only ever used reins with Austin and so this was a first. Mummy knew that it required great patience with one, never mind two, but thought she would go along with it anyway, give him a taste.

We pulled up in the car park, we were everywhere! Fingering the car tyres, poking our hands in the fence, face down in the car park, Daddy was huffung and puffing!  We were toddling round in circles. Mummy was bent double at the other side of the car, laughing! We were tying him in knots! Eventually he gave up and shouted for help. Mummy went round to the other side and found us, daddy might as well have got us by the scruff of our necks. He’d got us so tight with our back packs and he was harassed. Our little feet were practicall running in mid-air! Mummy took Austin   And toddled back around the car to get My suction bag and even though we were parked right next to the door Daddy said ‘bloodyhell, im picking him up or we won’t get further than car park at this rate’ Mummy is literally still giggling. Daddy carried me in and mummy and Austin followed behind! 

We toddled around the farm, Leading mummy and daddy a merry dance! We had so much fun. Mummy and daddy spent most of their time at opposite ends of the farm because I liked walking up and down the ramp near the donkeys, but not even interested in the animals, and Austin liked going in and out of the rabbit house, again, paying no attention to the animals. Daddy even carried me back at one point ‘he’s got no sense of direction, he’s just going up and down the ramp, it’s ridiculous’ (mummy still laughing)….

After a quick lunch at the cafe, we headed home. Mummy and Daddy decided to let us have a toddle in the grown up room because they needed a change of scenery! So they moved the sofas and all of the  candles and coasters etc. They tied the handles together on the cabinet and put some toys down there…


But it didn’t stop us wrecking the place. 

We had all of the throws on the floor, bashed the life out of the tv remotes, finger-printed the windows mummy literally cleaned yesterday, managed to reach the ornaments and toddler off with them in our bare hands….

And just when they thought they had cracked it and we sat down nice…

We rolled and escaped in sync within seconds!

And as if the day hadn’t been eventful enough, initially starting off with a planned tracheostomy tube change because the 28 days was up…..I decided that one tube change in a day wasn’t enough and pulled my new Trachy out at bath time! So….mummy with my airway in her hand, Austin toddling around half dressed, Daddy legging it downstairs to get my emergency kit and mummy, poor mummy, tasked with an emergency tube change Less than 12 hours after the last, still not having had chance to gather herself from the first one!!!

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