Is it half term yet?

So far our second RSV season (September – March) has been blissfully mundane! 

We had RSV in August if you remember and managed to keep out of hospital although it was extremely tough and so as we are doing so well Mummy has stuck to her guns and continued with the plan. 

Our lack of bumps in the road compared to last year is bliss, but staying in all day every day now we have enjoyed the big world all Summer is pretty mundane! 

We are avoiding places where there are lots of children or bugs, baby groups, soft play, shopping centres! 

Mummy tries to make plans for the outdoors in mild days or for friends to come around but 80% of plans are getting cancelled because everyone is poorly and so most days we are inside playing. It’s a blessing that we have each other and although it drives mummy crazy, we are happiest at home playing with our toys!

Last week we managed a lovely morning at rugby, we kept mummy and daddy on their toes as we wanted to get on the pitch and Austin stole the match ball at half time! 

We managed a visit from Liz and Lucy and Auntie Mandy & Harry too. Harry was the first kid we had seen besides each other for two whole weeks! Unless you count Lucy’s baby, but he’s in her tummy until next week!

Nannie Thursday was exciting this week….

Mummy enjoyed some 1:1 with Austin…

On Friday we went on a teatime walk with Daddy after work to blow the cobwebs off and then because we are all so tired, We chilled in Saturday and watched the match but we did a morning walk first to feed the ducks…

And then went for a toddle around Elsecar park in the afternoon, we were so grown up parading around the play area refusing to hold mummy and daddy’s hands!

We got a pet ladybird earlier in the week, he lives in our hallway, mummy had opened the door for him to fly out but he likes living with us too much! He even came for a trip to the park, he’s called Gaston…

Mummy and a daddy bought us a gingerbread man to share before going home. It was yummy!!

On Sunday we had a party for Uncle Craig & Calum, we did party food and mummy set them a challenge to make a banana dog…

Then mummy broke the rules and took a big risk. We went to our friend Princess Katie’s soft play party. It was princess and pirate themed and so much fun, we ran around for a whole two hours with mummy and daddy chasing us. Mummy and daddy were both on edge, wiping our hands all the time and keeping us off the soft play as much as possible. Daddy heard some mummy’s saying their dudes had been unwell. Fingers crossed we are ok and didn’t pick any bugs up! Stupid season!! 

Still, we played pass the parcel, I gate crashed musical statues and we got a cool treasure box to take home! 

Mummy and Daddy love Katie as much as us! They want us to have lots of friends like Katie, kind, thoughtful, caring, super clever and well mannered! Not to mention absolutely beautiful! 😍

Mummy and daddy are running on empty, winter months suck, literally! Trachy life is pants!! Prematurity does not end when you leave the hospital! Chronic lung disease and lack of immune system make life this time of year a bit rubbish! 

But wouldn’t it be good to get to April and say we did it…..our second year of life with no hospital admissions, as opposed to last year when we spent 157 days in hospital! 

And so with that in mind we are all (mummy, daddy and Beau included) tucked up in bed for 7:30pm with a much needed early night in the hope that we can power through the next fortnight to half term!

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