They say a smile is…

….worth a thousand words, but his is worth every bit of a million.

Rory George! Smiling has been his first and only language. He might be strong as an ox these days and able to force out noise through his air leak, but now that Mummy & Daddy have found his therapy, the smile he shares is absolutely epic.

This week was a bit of a soggy one, and we spent most of it inside.

We got a bit fed up of eachother in parts, and Mummy had to deal with some head-butt style fighting…

Rory George did some more climbing…

I found myself in the teddy basket…

We played lots with Big Sister Beau, She grew a liking to our tipi and even fell asleep in the ball pool…

We played with Mummys bunny rabbit slippers, Grandad and Daddy won’t allow us to have a rabbit, even though Rory George gets a great amount of joy from it, and so Mummys slippers will have to do…

We even found out the retro pound puppies that Uncle Craig bought for us, that were the same ones that he and Mummy had as kids…

And we managed to make a dash to feed the ducks with Mummy when the weather was ok, but we got wrapped up really warm in the cardigans that Auntie Joy bought us last Christmas….


We had a lovely day with Nannie, Mummy enjoyed it so much that she wrote a poem, the first one she has penned in a while…

Autumn days when we’re stuck inside, and the day doesn’t go to plan.

We’re lucky to live in such a fun place, and so close to our super Nan. 

So we went up wentworth, parked on the church lane, listened to the bells ringing again and again.

We toddled inside the old church remains, mummy wrote in the visitor book, both of our names.

We walked past the school and watched the children play, mummy said that will be us one day.

We chucked their ball back over the big wall, at the side of those kids we were really quite small.

We walked on the path to the garden centre tea shop, had a little snack and a short pit stop.

Then off we went to collect leaves and conkers, people must think our Nannie is bonkers.

Pockets full of autumn pleasure, Nannie foraged around in the treasure.

Full of smiles we went home to paint, so much mess we thought mum might faint.

We completely loved it, although we tried to eat…

So mummy put our treasure in a box nice and neat! 

We like to shake shake it, admire the colours and stack, we had so much fun that Daddy’s already back. 

The day went extremely fast and the memories of our Autumn day will definitely last. 


Nannie Thursday was adventurous. I walked to the park for the first time…also walked around the garden with Daddy…




Meanwhile Rory George had fun at Nannies playing with the Yellow trolley that Mummy & Uncle Craig had on their first trike (25+ years ago) and eating from Uncle Craigs favourite Noddy plate (also 20+ years old)…
On Saturday Mummy did a baby event called Table Tots. It was basically a baby sale, Mummy had given lots of our things away but Mummys friend told her about Table Tots and so she thought she would give it a go. She organised all of our old things and went off on her way. Just after Mummy had set up, the lady running the sale gave her a certificate and a bottle of wine for ‘the best table’……Mummy thought this was hilarious. Everyone who knows Mummy knows that she is organised and it only took her 10 minutes to set up as everything was already labelled and packed up in order. She even had a pretty tablecloth.  Mummy was really impressed, she found a new home for lots of our old things at we have grown out of and made some money to buy us new things at the same time. The sale was very well organised, convenient and the stalls were full of like-minded people with high quality baby goods. Lets face it, we aren’t babies for very long and Mummy’s always buy far too much and so most things are good as new, if not new anyway. Mummy would definitely recommend it to other Mummys. They do them all over Yorkshire. The organisers are really friendly too.

We visited Mummy with Daddy and helped sell some things because we are super cute, people came over to say hello and two different ladies said that the were reading about us and bought some of our cute knitwear.
We ended our week on a high, especially Rory. Since we had our donkey ride on Daddy’s birthday Mummy and Daddy have been desperate to get Rory on another one. The connection between Rory and the donkey, and Rory’s overwhelming joy from it is just well, mindblowing to be honest.

So…with thanks to Mummys friends Tina, Tracey, Emily & Claire, we spent the day at Chatsworth Farm. With the Newboroughs. It was lovely, we took part in the handling workshop with a chick, a rabbit and two guinea pigs which was lovely, although Daddy wasn’t too impressed when I went to brush the guinea pig and couldn’t quite control my strength and almost splatted it with the brush. Ooops! We spent ages toddling around the barn with the donkeys and horses. Rory especially. This really is his therapy. Its strange because there is a book called Ambers Donkey about a donkey (obviously) and a little girl called Amber (yep, Obvious again) who has a tracheostomy like Rory and the donkey was her therapy. Mummy hasn’t read it yet, but she told Auntie Mandy about it and Auntie Mandy has read it. Rory spent ages stroking the donkeys and even kissed Seamus who put his head down to Rory. It was adorable. Rory was so calm, happy, content.

When we went home, Mummy text Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloe to tell them that Rory has again found a connection with the donkeys and ponys, and so we all went to their yard to meet the four hoofed Armo family. Boris and Rory are now best friends, and Barney and Teddy aren’t far behind. Rory enjoyed Boris’s company whilst he nibbled at his stinky garlic food and fed him two carrots. He wasn’t phased at all and wore the biggest smile.

Mummy took this photo of Rory and Auntie Mandy…

We’ve had so much fun, when we got home, Rory found the horse in his makaton book, and toddled around the living room shouting. He usually shouts the most when He is excited. Mummy tried showing us the sign for horse but it is a little complicated. She showed us donkey and I think We will grasp that one quickly because it is a little bit like rabbit.

Mummy and Nannie are now on a mission to read Ambers Donkey to try and understand how this animal therapy lark works, but there is one thing for sure, Rory gets something special from his time with his hoof-friends!



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