On reflection…

So, Mummy is not usually the kind of Mum who pigeon holes herself into a ‘this kind of mum’ box. She wasn’t the breast feed and sling ‘Earth Mother’ Mum, the my child is better than your child competitive mum, the uptight, paranoid mum, or even the laid back mum. She didn’t really fit into anything, maybe a little bit of them all, she hardly had a generic start to mother hood, however if you were to ask her what personality trait resonated with her parenting style more than anything, she would say she was reflective.

Anyone that knows mummy well enough, knows that mummy is a thinker (& a do-er as it goes) but that she reflects on everything. She was the same as a teacher. Always thinking, how did it go, how can i make it better, how shall we do that etc etc….’ and she is exactly the same as a parent. It is probably from this that she finds the strength to face the challenges and carry on.

On Tuesday in the last week of the holidays, Daddy went in to work. Mummy thought she would be productive and so she took us to the bank. Except we were asleep so she just nipped to the machine whilst we slept in the car. Then she took us to the shoe shop to get our feet measured and buy some new shoes. We were parked up outside for a good half an hour because we were both fast asleep. 

Eventually Mummy woke us up. She put us in our buggy and wheeled us into the shop. As soon as our wheels got through the automatic doors, we began our meltdown! Luckily Mummy spied a  familiar face behind the counter who soon came over and said hello. (Hi Sharon) Mummy grabbed Austin out of the buggy and sat him on her knee. His meltdown continued and so She and mummy did their best to measure his feet and then it was my turn. Except mummy decided that as the nice calm quiet shop resembled a war zone, she would take us for a walk to calm down and bring us back. No sooner had we left the shop…..calm! Mummy pushed us around the block, reflecting on that very moment. It was one of those laid back days with a ponytail and a hoody. Mummy looked like a 15 year old and felt like the world was judging her! She gave us some coconut rolls and went back inside. The meltdown began again. Mummy just went with it but as she got me out of the pram, coconut roll went all over the pristine blue carpet. Mummy frantically picked it up and she and Sharon measured my feet.

As we continued to verbalise our dislike of the shoe shop, mummy looked at the two pair of shoes available in our size. She didn’t like either pair! And so….after all of that, out we went with nothing! Mummy put us back in the car and mummy beat herself up all the way home. Maybe she can’t quite manage on her own any more! We are the double trouble everyone reckoned we would be! 

So Monday morning came, Daddy left for work and we all cried! Even Beau Jangles waited by the gate for his return! 

We stayed in and played all morning in our play room! Mummy even put us in our new egg chairs so that we could break up the day and go in the grown up room. We managed about 5 minutes. We don’t like sitting still. We aren’t used to it. We much prefer having the run of the play room to cause a riot!

We had burnt off so much energy that we fell asleep eating our dinner.

Mummy carried us upstairs and put us in our cots and then came downstairs for some mummy time. She had prepared tea, cleaned the kitchen and washed the breakfast pots. She made a cuppa and sat down to blog when Nannie walked in! 

So mummy and Nannie sat down for a cuppa and about ten minutes later we woke up. 

Mummy and Nannie decided to do a spot of shopping at stairfoot and then check out the new shops at cortonwood. So that’s what we did! When we got home we went to the park with Beau Jangles and soon Daddy was home. 

Dog walked, tea cooked, house clean…..mummy might be back on form! 

On Tuesday we had an appointment with the speech and language therapist. The problem was, she was due right in the middle of nap time. So mummy tried to keep us up as long as possible. Austin went to sleep just as she pulled up in the car and so mummy took him up and put him down in his cot before ushering her through the sooor quietly. It was me she was here to see anyway and I had plenty of energy. Although mummy had to put me in the high chair and feed me a snack to control the situation because no longer than ten minutes into his nap, Austin woke up. 

The lady brought me a couple of books to help me with my communication. They are my special books made just for me! 

So, the lady went and mummy bundled us in the car. It was going to be a mare to get us both to sleep and so she drove round until we dropped off. I went to sleep instantly but mummy was on her 12th circuit of elsecar when Austin finally closed his eyes. Mummy couldn’t go far because we were waiting on UPS to collect My suction machine. So mummy kept driving around in circles so that she didn’t miss it. 

We eventually woke up and went back inside to play. We were getting a little fed up towards the afternoon and mummy had to up her game. So we had a tin foil disco and mummy took us to the park with Beau…

Nannie & Grandad came to play so mummy could go to the gym and meet daddy there after work. Except mummy got to the gym and realised that she couldn’t get in the right mind so ten minutes later got back in the car, left daddy there and came home. She said that because we were awake she couldn’t rest. She prefers to go at night when we are asleep rather than putting on Nannie and grandad for an hour or so when we are awake. Even though they enjoy it. Mummy couldn’t relax for feeling guilty that Nannie and grandad might have to feed us or bath us or deal with our ‘almost bedtime’ grumps! 

Wednesday came and mummy really overachieved! Mummy did 7 loads of washing, dried, folded and put away, prepared the tea, walked Beau, took us to the park and entertained Jodie & Louie. It was fun having Louie over to play! We all napped at the same time too and so mummy and Jodie managed an adult conversation…

Does anyone else think it’s strange that our if 50 Thomas books we both, on seperate occasions, picked out the twin engine book?

Side note: mummy and daddy had to hide the Thomas books, along with the wooden hammer and the block trolley because Austin isn’t emotionally ready to play with them. He gets so excited and emotional that he cannot handle it. Bless him! 

Nannie & grandad visited for an hour just as daddy got home from work. 

That night, daddy went to football and I was still wide awake. I eventually went to sleep but when daddy and uncle Nath pulled up after football, mummy cued our doll by the window and pretended I was still awake, daddy knew straight away but all three of them were in fits of giggles. Mummy has lost it!!

On Thursday we had lots of fun in the play room (it’s September isn’t it so we need to get used to this stopping in lark)…

Mummy struck a deal with Nannie that she would have one of us each Thursday, taking it in turns so that mummy can have some 1:1 time with each of us, so after our nap Nannie came to collect Austin and off he went with Nannie, up Hoyland, a mini picnic then visiting Nannie Jean before calling at the park and playing at Nannie and Grandad’s house..

Meanwhile me and mummy went to the library, the post box and the farm, with no buggy or trike. I got so much from this farm trip with mummy. Because there was only me and I was toddling around, I could get closer to the animals and we were practicing all of the makaton signs for the animals. I really liked the rabbits and the pigs made me jump! 

When we got home mummy cleaned the house from top to bottom, I am really good at playing Independently so apart from listening out and suctioning me I could let mummy crack on. 

Daddy text mummy asking how one-child parenting was going! She said it was ridiculous how easy it was and that she had crammed so much in to the day. 

Mummy even got the gym, swim, sauna and food shop once I was in bed. She insists on facing the weekend with no washing, a clean house and a full fridge so that our weekend of family time doesn’t share chores!! 

Nannie and Grandad couldn’t believe how unsettled Austin was in his sleep, thrashing about. Mummy and Daddy have wondered if he is having night terrors for a while now. He ended up in bed with Nannie and poor grandad on the sofa! 

The next day, mummy had planned to take us to the butterfly house with Auntie mandy, scarlet and Harry but the weather was rubbish and it would have been foolish for mummy to take us out in it at this time of year. 

We played again at home…

Mummy did playdough with us for the first time…and then we had chocolate animal biscuits…

The weather picked up and so mummy pushed us up Hoyland to the library….she forgot how hard it was to push us up the hill…

She found herself sat in tankerskey park (map chair) reading a book about surviving twins, whilst we are a rice cake she bought from the co-op! 🤣

It was about surviving the first year and so no help to mummy but an interesting read!

Mummy pushed us back home, we collected Beau and went to the park again…

Daddy came home for the weekend to his tea, a clean house, no washing and two happy boys! 

Mummy booked in for her hair last minute and off she went an hour later to Kylie! Kylie opens up just for mummy, even late at night because she understands the need to be pampered every now and again but also that mummy doesn’t get any time, only when we were in bed. She got in at 11pm! 

Saturday arrived with a drama! Austin pulled my trachy out! Daddy was out walking Beau and mummy had no choice but to do her first solo emergency trachy change! 

So, we were playing nicely by the ball pool and mummy was sat right next to us. Austin pulled my nose off so mummy took it from him and turned around to grab me a new one, in that split second she heard me cry. She knew instantly the tube was out. She scooped me up and ran around in circles for what felt like ages before instinct kicked in, she grabbed my kit, sweoptnup the toys with her leg and made space on the floor. She chopped off the string and tossed the tube aside. My stomach sore was opening and closing as I took every breath and I was hysterical. Mummy began singing ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands’ to calm us. She squirted the lubricant into the pot and dipped the new trachy tube in it. Meanwhile Austin has stolen the lid and the scissors and is trying to run off with the ambubag that mummy uses to resuscitate me. Mummy didn’t have any ha da spare to stop him either. Usually when mummy and daddy do a planned tube change – another adult takes care of Austin. In hindsight mummy could have sat him in the high chair. It all happened so fast. 

So, mummy managed to get the tube in and held it in place until daddy eventually walked through the door. Mummy yelled ’emergency tube change, help’ and daddy kept over the baby gate and helped mummy secure it in place! 

Mummy will never find a tube change easy, but to have that on your shoulders, on your own, is a big deal. 

We stayed home and played all day. Uncle Pete and sue sue visited and Nannie and grandad Newborough came with a t-shirt from their holiday!

Daddy baked banana cake for mummy and Mummy caught this snap of Austin climbing and ending up in a pickle…

Sunday arrived and after a grand total of 3 hours sleep, mummy was downstairs by 5am? Entertaining us both whilst she let daddy sleep. She had that Sunday feeling that she used to get as a teacher but now for different reasons completely. She was grumpy with daddy just because it was Sunday! Anyway, we played, went to collect our artwork from the painted teapot in dronfield and headed off to Jonah bears party…

To infinity and beyond!

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