Is it unreasonable to have two birthdays?

So this week is the week that we SHOULD have been born, had Austin not decided to poke his head out way way too early, and we entered the world a whole 14 weeks early. 

So we are finally REALLY one and not ‘one but only really 8.5 months’ like mummy explains when people ask her how old we are. Its been a strange old week with a lovely start and a not so great ending, resulting in Mummy on the brink of a meltdown.

Monday we got Mummy and Daddy up at 3:30am (oops, did we say we had a lovely start to the week, maybe we overlooked that part) and then after playtime, breakfast and all the other usual morning routine, we went back to sleep for 8:20am (some of us didn’t even make it to bed) and for the first time ever mummy was able to join us and have a nap. 

We slept for ages, leaving mummy 20 minutes to get us all dressed, packed and gone to meet Auntie Kerry and Jonah, including drawing up, mixing and giving all of our morning medicenes. Mummy loves a challenge!

We went to Big Tops with Auntie Kerry & Jonah. We have never really done soft play because we haven’t been able to but this will be our third time. We have never been to Big Tops before though, it just happened to be relatively in the middle of Ripley and Barnsley and so it looked like a good idea and we did have lots of fun, Auntie Kerry & Mummy were super tired chasing the three of us round whilst we were completely bossing the toddler zone.

We rushed off because in the afternoon we had a heart scan for Rory. It was to look at the valves in his heart which were open when we were tiny that should have been closed and that caused us lots of problems in NICU. Austins were checked 6 months ago at the same time as mine and his were ok and so he was discharged, Rorys on the other hand were still a small concern and to be reviewed. And that is the reason for the appointment. The Doctor was very complimentary of Mummy and how organised and calm she was. She asked how old Mummy was because she looked really young. Mummy giggled as she explained that she wasn’t really as young as she looked. The Doctor said that we were clearly thriving because we have such a great Mummy and it made Mummy feel really great because the Doctor didn’t have to say those things and it was lovely to hear.

Mummy would love to say that Rory was good as gold but in fact he was being really cheeky, the Doctor said she can see the mischief in his eyes. He was kicking her in the tummy whilst she scanned him. Mummy was singing and giving her best CBeebies show to keep him entertained. Was quite amusing from the outside.

Unfortunately our Tuesday plans were cancelled and so we spent a day in the house and so mummy declared it a ‘learning day’….

we also had a surprise visit from Grandad. Mummy fed him and we (including Beau) wanted some…

On Wednesday we went to the Baby Buddies group but we went to feed the ducks first. There was a really clever duck that at first was struggling to get bread because the other, bigger ducks got their first. But then, this duck jumped out of the water and walked around the path to the back of us so that we could feed it and the other ducks had no chance of stealing the food first. What a clever duck. Reminded Mummy alot of Rory because even though he might not win when doing things in a conventional manner, he is a trier and he doesn’t give in and he always finds a way to come out on top in the end.

Wednesday was also a milestone day, it was 1 year since we came off our oxygen. Ok, there have been times when we have colds and such like that we need oxygen and sometimes even the ventilator but it was 1 whole year since we ditched the oxygen dependency. Mummy and Daddy often wondered if they would ever see the day once upon a time. They often wondered if they could live without apnoea and oxygen saturation monitors. The beeping that they still hear every time they close their eyes. 1 whole year!!

Here are some pictures of us at baby buddies….

On Thursday we had a super long nap in the morning too, Mummy wondered if we were starting to request 1 longer nap as opposed to two short ones and so Mummy & Daddy discussed a change of routine (it later turns out its because we were getting poorly)…

We went to the park with Liz and Noah & Ethan and had lots of fun. Liz was trying to potty train Noah & Ethan and Mummy said that she cannot imagine she will have anything left to give by the time its our turn because Mummy is already running on empty. Liz said that she went back to work for 8 months to recharge. They laughed because its true, it is much easier to be at work and Mummy used to scoff at the ‘stay at home mums’….she now knows that even in a very stressful, highly pressured job such as hers that required 70+ hours a week… is easier than being at home with Austin & Rory. Whilst we were having our lunch by the band stand, an older man and a woman with two children came over, they were asking about us because we were twins (all 4 of us) and she explained that they have twin sons, now in their 30’s. Liz asked her if it got any easier (as mummy and liz were discussing twin parent realities when they approached) and she said that she felt sorry for them because she knows what we have coming. Great!!

Our first ever pair of Clarks shoes arrived today too…..

When Mummy put them on Austin, he cried a little and then just carried on as normal, Rory didn’t cry, but instead stood like a flamingo giving one foot at a time a rest. haha!

At night time when we were tucked in bed, Mummy chaired the Mates of Milton meeting. Its the first one that she has chaired for a while because she had ‘maternity leave’ but she was glad to be back. Mummy is really proud of herself that she has still managed to do all of the behind the scenes paper work and all of the bookings and planning logistics of the gala whilst looking after us both. We are really hoping that it will be a great day. Lots of other galas get funding to help organise their gala, or pay out for entertainment or childrens rides which then means that they need to charge entry fees, or high stall rents to be able to cover costs and then raise funds. The Mates of Milton like to organise the gala on the smallest budget possible so that they can provide a family fun day for the community that doesn’t cost the earth, but that helps raise funds for the local area too. We look forward to being part of this as we grow bigger.

On Friday Auntie Charlotte came to play and we had a relatively calm day, apart from Rory refusing to wear his shoes and having a MAHOOSIVE meltdown at the sight of them….however, Mummy managed to get all of the house jobs done. She completed the washing, cleaned the house and got the shopping done. This meant that we were all ready to go to the caravan for the weekend. Or so we thought!! 

Grandad came after work as usual and Daddy came home shortly after, we had some fun and then Daddy went to walk Beau Jangles and Grandad said his goodbyes as he had some jobs to do before he went Glamping with Uncle Peter & Sue Sue (& Nannie of course)….They had been gone merely a few minutes when Rory fell over in the kitchen. Mummy ran over and picked him up and there was blood on the kitchen floor (a lot of blood on the kitchen floor) and blood all over his face. Out of all of the emergencies mummy has handled, and the majority very well and in a calm manner, this one was another level. She didn’t know what to do because there was that much blood that she couldn’t see where it was coming from and her worse fear was that it was coming from his tracheostomy site. Because Rory was so upset, Austin came over and Mummy was juggling the both of us whilst trying to clean up the blood and get help and panic set in! She ran Daddy – no answer. She rang Grandad – no answer. She rang Nannie – no answer. Did it really have to be super reliable Auntie Mandy again?!? Mummy rang Uncle Craig, who 9 times out of 10 doesn’t answer his phone first time, and this time, the ‘twin thing’ he and mummy joke about having, must have kicked in because he answered and upon Mummys ‘Rorys bleeding, get me some help’ punchline……he rang round and every one came running, including Daddy up the hill with Beau jangles. Once the blood was cleared up, it seemed the blood was coming from his mouth where he had feel on his teeth. Panic Over!

an hour later…..whilst getting ready for the bath, their first one together since Rory’s trachy, mummy realised that Rory sounded funny, she could hear a little noise, like a borrower talking, his trachy was out!! We were stood chatting over the cot divide, Mummy still hasn’t worked our whether Rory pulled it out himself or Austin helped himself! So, like a scene from ER, Mummy shouted a list of firm, clear instructions…..’Ash, trachy out, emergency trachy change, black bag, downstairs, two trachy boxes, lube, scissors……’ Austin was upset two because he could see his brother in distress, who was at this point blue around the lips, Mummy didn’t think she could get it back in….but she did! Panic over! Although Mummy sat on the bedroom floor and sobbed. The relief!!! She said to Daddy that usually, in any other situation, after a distressing event, people sit you down and offer you tea….Mummy has to just get on with it and await the next emergency.

Here is us in the bath, the first one together since Rory had his trachy….

Mummy & daddy discussed whether they should give the van a miss but Mummy really wanted to go, a weekend away was just what she needed, even with rubbish weather, two poorly babies and a dog in tow. She knew it was risky, but she was desperate for a break!

Then, just like going back to the bad old days, Rory projectile vomitted his entire 1/2 a pint milk feed all over the bedroom carpet! Oh My Life!! Mums face was a picture! Daddy feared for all of our lives. Mummy peeled off her trousers and cleaned up the carpet! Motherhood eh….it defo isn’t as glamorous as Beyonce makes it look!

So, Mummy and Daddy finally got us settled and to sleep and they packed up ready to go and then carefully stole us from our dreams and put us in the car ready to go on our roadtrip to nannie & Grandads caravan. Just like Mummy & Uncle Craig when they were children on their adventures to Cornwall in Rosie the caravan.

So, as if our Friday wasn’t tough enough, we arrived at the caravan, we woke up and were really upset and confused about where we were. Our routine is almost military and this was only the 3rd time our routine had been changed…EVER! Mummy and Daddy bundled us and all the bags, and beau into the pitch black awning, on the pitch black campsite and we were screaming the place down at gone 11pm….anyone who camps, knows the rule about no noise on the campsite after 11am! Anyway……amongst the chaos, Beau Jangles curious nature got the better of her and she had only gone and bloody legged it! This is a dog who DOESNT DO RECALL!! on a pitch black campsite! So….Daddy is creeping round the campsite with a torch app on his phone, and Mummy is trying to calm us down with the only thing she could fumble about and find in Nannies caravan in the dark that was edible….mini cheddars (seemed a much better option that wild bird seed)……eventually we found her!

a few hours later we were sleeping and Mummy and Daddy were on their night duty because Austins breathing was concerning and Rory was needing multiple suctions through the night. So much for a break hey!!

Saturday forecast rain and so we decided to stay on the campsite and explore….we had visits from Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloe…..


Today was the day we SHOULD have entered the world. Ironically it was also the date that Great Grandad Reginald left the world and gained his Angel wings. Mummy still believes there is something special in that we shared this date! She just wishes we could have met him, and Great grandad Ian too, both absolutely great guys who would have enriched our lives somewhat! Mummy considered having another birthday party on this day, but instead decided to spend it at the caravan as a family and luckily the  weather picked up and we managed a picnic and a BBQ and we had a much more settled night.

Sunday came, going home time, and guess what….glorious sunshine, and so mummy decided we were going in to Filey for the morning, we went to the park and had some breakfast by the sea. Daddy said he would take us for a walk on the front to give mummy ten minutes peace to drink her tea, listening to the waves…..what a wonderful idea she thought, until she looked down to find a massive fly in her tea cup! Story of her life!

Monday came back around….way too quick….we were still a little unwell, Rory requiring more suction and Austin wheezing and pulling in at his neck when he breathes! Mummy was extremely anxious, as would anyone else having experienced the very traumatic things Mummy has been privy to; when we have both stopped breathing, required oxygen or even the ventilator…..Who would blame mummy for being on edge when we are struggling with our breathing. And then….Daddy went to work, or at least tried to, but his car wouldn’t start!!!!! Mummy took a big breath, packed us all in the Mummy Truck and drove daddy to work at 730am! It was a really long day, made even worse by the fact that Mummy had to somehow get Daddys car fixed (if it hadn’t officially gone to car heaven already) as well as all of the other jobs she had to do like ordering medical supplies, medicenes and so on! Oh, and our routine would be completely out of the window because Mummy would be taking us to pic Daddy up at 6pm, where we are guaranteed to sleep because its our normal bed time, and then this would break the ‘no sleep after 2pm’ rule and mess bedtime up completely. Rory finally went to sleep at 10pm! Mummy and Daddy’s bedtime is 930pm!  It was a very long day for Mummy!

Today we had a lovely day at Rother Valley with Auntie Kerry & Jonah (pictures above) and although the morning was a little chaotic, sorting prescriptions and Daddys car, it was lovely to spend time with Jonah Bear and get up to mischief! Rory even wore his shoes!! Auntie Kerry goes back to work next week and Mummy feels sad. Because we are one (lets just stick to ‘one’ to make it simple’ all of the mums and babies we met at baby groups, or mummys friends who had babies at a similar time to mummy, are all going back to work and teamed with the fact that we are no longer ‘house bound to avoid bugs’ like we were in the beginning and we are out enjoying life now, we don’t get many visitors either and mummy is finding the world a lonely old place! Obviously she isn’t lonely because she has us keeping her on her toes, but she really misses the adult conversation, and work. She is finding it hard watching everyone return to work, however really, Mummy knows that regardless of our situation being the reason why, she is very lucky to be able to stay at home with us and so she will embrace it whilst continuing to plan her secret scheme to take over the world when we are bigger and go to school without her and Mummy can be Kelly again between 845 and 330!! A but like Superman and Clarke Kent! Now there’s a thought!




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