Looks like we made it..

So this blog began whilst sat on Uncle Nath & Auntie Vicky’s drive awaiting a cuppa tea being brought out for mummy during nap time and it was intended to be finished whilst sat overlooking elsecar reservoir (again during nap time)…and covered such a long period of time, 11th June – 10th July! It seems we have been way too busy having fun…

Kiddiwinx play cafe with Nannie Di….

Playing with Logan at Auntie Lynns house…

Lots of early morning strolls…

Austin has learnt to climb the stairs…

We have played in the park with Lexa and Emmie….

Mummy was caught stealing a cookie from the jar….

Austin was caught snooping in the cupboards….

We helped out at uncle Craig’s house once he got carpet….

We learned to get up early so that we can play downstairs with Mummy or daddy whilst one of them stays in bed….

We celebrated Fathers Day with Daddy & Grandad H. Mummy said that Grandad H taught her the meaning of family. He taught her that spending time together is much more important than ‘things’ and so that’s why we all went with beer & burgers to Nannie & Grandads Van to spend Fathers Day together.

However, in true Hardy style Grandad taught us all that there is always a job to do and it doesn’t matter what day it is, how hot it is, how mad Grandad gets when it’s all going Pete tong…..we pitch in together with grit and we get the job done! 

The job being the state of the art ‘erects in 18 minutes, dogs doodles of awnings, air-awning’…..6 solid hours, numerous dad paddies, several plan discussions, deep breaths….. we got it up!  

Luckily Mummy took pictures of the fun parts….the boat, the BBQ, the #minime matching swim shorts, the twin-cart and the paddling pools!

Little did we know that we would be going again the week after to finish it off aswell….

Following this we had a heat wave! It was far too hot but we had lots of fun including a Nannie pile on! 

Rory also mastered his crawling! Straight away the relationship changed! Partners in crime! 

Not that We weren’t the best of friends before but now that Rory was an equal and could move about too, mummy said we just seemed to come to life, mummy was in awe of us! 

Mummy snook out after putting us to bed and ran across the field to help her Mates of Milton buddies to put the new bunting up and plant the planters up! Mummy loves having an active part in our community and loves where we live although she is sad that she hasn’t been able to chair the meetings or be as involved since we were born but she has still managed to keep her role as secretary and do the ‘behind the scenes’ work when we are in bed! 

We had an appointment with a kidney specialist for Rory. The tests had shown that his one kidney was functioning ok but that we would have another appointment in a week or so to go into it in more detail and have more tests to keep monitoring his kidney function. Whilst this is going to be an ongoing thing, mummy was happy that on the whole his kidney was functioning well and so we headed to the toy shop for a treat. 

The excitement must have all been too much because Rory wouldn’t go to sleep And instead he was chucking his toys down the garden at 9pm! 

And then the next day Rory was breathing fast and his trachy secretions were really wet teamed with Austin being wheezy. Mummy rang the respiratory team at Sheffield who know us really well and arranged for a test of Rory’s secretions. It appeared that there were no bacterial infections found and so it was likely a lower respiratory viral infection or even hay fever. Because of chronic lung disease and Rory’s tracheostomy, hay fever would present like an infection. Great!

Either way it was wise to stay in and hide from other bugs for a while!

Auntie Mandy came to visit, she was telling Mummy all about Ambers Donkey, a book she is reading on mummy’s recommendation. It’s about a little girl with a trachy and a donkey. Mummy looks forward to reading it one day. 
We went to The Meadows with Auntie Kerry and Jonah…

Being active makes us more sleepy….

We did lots of playing. Mummy didn’t take us to any groups because here are lots of bugs around….

Rory playing hidi-boo….
We went out for dinner with the Newbs for Fathers Day, it was the first time in ages we had all been together and we were good as gold! 

Mummy never wanted to be that Pushy parent but always wanted the best for us and always said that she would track our development. Not to take part in the mum competitions (and to be quite frank she couldn’t purely because of our journey so far, we aren’t going to be in front and if anything we are at risk of development delay) but because she wanted to know that she was giving us the best start by working on the things we needed to get better at. So….mummy has been tracking us in ages and stages and surprisingly we are working within the expected range for our age, so mummy is aiming for 100% of boxes ticked by the end of the 6 weeks holiday and we have 10 targets each, displayed in the play room along with our assessment charts (does anyone think mummy misses work?)

One of our milestones was to ‘mark-make’ with crayon on paper. Mummy had never tried us with this before because she assumed we would just eat the crayon. She tried it….

Mummy was right. We tried to eat it!

Mummy has also been trying to help us walk. We are cruising around on furniture but because there are two of us mummy struggles to give us both the attention we need when we are standing. She invested in two lots of walking wings….

We spent lots of time at the park because the weather was nice and it wasn’t germy…..

Mummy ordered us a new toy aswell to help with our milestones….mummy fixed it all together for us while we kept stealing the pieces and playing with the packaging…

Mummy then decided to try and teach us to use a spoon and a bowl…

We had visits from Amie, Toots and baby Heidi. Mummy gave her some tin foil and flashy lights and she loved it!

We also went to see Evie & April (& mummy’s friends Victoria and Ashlea).

And got another new toy…

On Saturday Mummy & Daddy went to the races and to see Olly Murs. They booked it months ago and never expected it to be such a big deal to leave us with Nannie & Grandad H but we were relatively well and mummy knew we would be ok….we were good as gold and mummy and daddy had fun with Auntie Vicky & Uncle Nath….

Mummy and Daddy missed us and so on Sunday we had a family day at the farm and frankie and bennys….

Another week had gone by and before we knew it we were at Monday again, this Monday was a strange one for Austin.

In line with most mornings, we had a 5am start! Unusually Austin woke up grumpy instead of with a beaming smile to match Rory’s! Shortly after breakfast Austin fell back to sleep! Mummy enjoyed the NEVER to be known 2&half hours of having ONE child whilst Austin napped in his cot! Then….Rory fell asleep too – in line with the usual nap time. Mummy began to wonder what to do with her spare time whilst we were both napping, whilst getting enough balls to move Rory so that she was free….and then…Austins twin-sensor went off as he realised neither of them were awake to keep mummy on her toes and he sprung out of his cot WITH TWO NEW TEETH! 😲
Mummy continues to enjoy single child parenting whilst Rory sleeps! At least we know they are good at turn-taking! 
What. A. Morning!

Luckily the day ended much better with a lovely picnic at the park with the hospital mums & our prem buddies! Mummy & Josie used to dream about pushing our pram around the park like all of our normal mummy friends did. Instead most of our first summer was spent in hospital. But we finally made it….

Tuesday we went to the hospital so see Dr Moss about Rory’s kidney, all the tests showed that it was functioning better than last time and so she asked to see him in a year (unless a clinical concern sooner) it organised a full scan for Austin to check that he has two because it’s good to know! 

On Wednesday we went to tropical butterfly world with Auntie Kerry & Jonah! There was an escapee lemah, and we had a stand off with a wallaby!

We had an afternoon in the garden….

On Thursday we stayed home & local, mummy says we are very lucky where we live to have so many lovely things on our doorstep! Within 1/4 of a mile we have so much to do…

Friday….Grandad H always visits on a Friday after work and for the first time ever he couldn’t make it after work and so he surprised us by getting up extra early and coming for an hour before work. Pure Grandad devotion!

Our day didn’t quite continue as well….mummy took us shopping, mummy has done this solo many many times before without a problem. NOT TODAY! 

Aldi don’t do twin trollies and so Mummy has to demote one of us to the baby seat whilst the other sits up. Rory wasn’t happy about this and kicked Austin in the head!

Second aisle of aldi and Rory does a poo, never happened before! Those of you that have had the pleasure of an aldi customer experience will know that there isn’t a corridor of toilets like most major supermarkets and as mummy was flying completely solo there was no choice but to take our entire shopping trolley full of shopping and both of us into the ONE aldi toilet for a nappy change! Oh the fun! 

Mummy took us home because Grandma Jean & Nannie Di were visiting! We helped ourself to the shopping….. Those of you that know our family will know that mummy ALWAYS pushes boundaries and usually for a great outcome and today it was this….

#parkinsons #shakes  #andwhat? 

We finished our shopping off at Morrisons where they have twin trollies. There has never ever been a problem with this but on this occassion we kept slapping and pulling hair, squealing, making each other cry and Austin pulling Rory’s trachy tube and some Mum called time. Twin attract people and everyone wants to say hi, mummy continued to shop with one of us in one arm and one in the trolley. She was fair struggling but continued with a smile and the patience of a saint even though her arms were hanging off and she wanted to leave us on the shelf of the milk aisle and go for a strong cuppa! 

It didn’t stop there, mummy bought us another swing for the garden (she appreciates that the timing wasn’t the best as we are no doubt smart enough to make the link and think that trying mummy’s patience gets a trip to the toy shop – it was just a convienient time to go) and sat us with a bowl of cheerios in the kitchen whilst she erected said swing and kept our attention, or at least tried to, no matter how many times mummy counted the screws or read the instructions, throwing cheerios at mummy and Beau and banging out cups on the table was much more exciting. 

And then mummy found this, Rory had pulled of his Swedish nose and put two cheerios in it. Mummy was torn between addressing dangerous behaviour and praising great fine motor skills (where’s that assessment tracker 🙄)! 

Mummy managed to get the swing up and we tested it out in the garden! 

Sue Sue and Hannah saw us over the fence and came round to say hello! We think it saved mummy’s sanity until daddy was due home! When daddy came home we went to the park with Beau Jangles before our bath and bed! Can you spot daddy and Beau in the distance? 

Mummy went to the gym to have some twin-free time! She was done in!

She also took Uncle Craig a moving in present because he has officially moved out and into his own home, amid fears that he might rent this one out aswell and live with Nannie and Grandad forever! 

On Saturday Mummy took the car to the Garage and  daddy had us all morning. We watched the rugby! 

Then we all went to see the mayors parade. Nannie Di used  to take mummy and uncle craig every time! Mummy couldn’t help getting emotional, she loves to see anything community minded or family focused, people coming together for a collective aim! Passion. Pride. We enjoyed it too. Especially the brass band and the smell of the vintage minis burning their clutches as they crawled up the hill. We even saw Auntie Chloe…..

After the parade we went to get our feet measured and our first shoes from clarks. Austin was a 3.5F and Rory 3F. Problem was they didn’t have any shoes in both sizes and so we didn’t get any. It was too close to the change in seasons. 

On Sunday we went for a long walk to elsecar park and around the trans pennine traiL. We were super early before the park cafe was open and so mummy and daddy tested out the gym equipment, mummy failed miserably….

Mummy then made an afternoon tea for Great Nannies birthday. 

We had such a lovely time that there aren’t any pictures 🙃…

Auntie Chloe and Auntie Mandy visited and we had an afternoon in the garden….

And so….even though mummy has the patience of a saint, appreciates the good and the bad, is completely besotted with us 24 hours a day……she is seriously wondering if she really has the minerals to raise boys 🤣

Mummy was so sick of us battering each other with our toys that she swapped them for a sponge!

#memories #highonlife #miracles 

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