Snot diaries!

****apologies in advance that the blog format is all over the place, lots of pictures have jumped to the top 🙄****

Our day at The Wildlufe Park.

Aprils Party.

Pool party with the awesome foursome.

Hartbeeps sensory seaside session.

Playdays at home.

Day at Chatsworth with Kerry & Jonah.

Jessops Superheroes walk 2017!

Our first swim.

So then, it’s been over 4 weeks since our last blog and there is so much to write about! Mummy has been penning notes down for ages but hasn’t managed to blog anything! We were hoping to do it last weekend and haven’t managed to grab a minute but we feel under pressure as lots of followers are asking when the next blog is and so… it is! Sorry for the suspense! Also sorry for the rushed diary-like entries, we just need to catch up….this past month really has been a rollercoaster, and some of Mummys toughest times, but there have also been lots of meaningful milestones which Mummy feels incredibly guilty that she hasn’t been able to give blog-time to in detail and hopes we aren’t sad when we are older and read this back that she was that completely shattered and worn out and just empty that she can’t remember exactly when we got our teeth, or Austin stood up, but that at some point it happened and that she is extremely proud of him. Mummy never believed in mum guilt but my gosh…..she certainly has it at present!

We did the BBC filming just before our last blog and the film 🎥 has since been released on BBC 5 Live! Amazing how almost 5 hours of filming can be edited into 3 minutes! It was great to see over 100,000 people viewing it and lots of comments thanking us for flying the flag for prem parents. Lots of discussions too! All raising awareness and we were all very pleased to be asked to take part, even though Mummy said that the video made her look twice the size of what she sees when she looks in the mirror and how messy the house looks in the background; she says we must point out that there were two extra children, all of their bumf, toys everywhere, filming equipment and the entire house furniture had to be moved around to accommodate lighting and cameras for the shoot. 

On Friday we had our first Hartbeeps session. Mummy has taken us to all of the groups on her own so far but because Hartbeeps is much more interactive she wanted us to get the most out of it and so Nannie Di came with us. We were cavebabies! It was so much fun! Like being at Butlins for an hour.  Every time mummy looked at Nannie, she had her mouth open in awe! 🙈 and Nannie used to run baby groups so it was right up her street! Mummy and Nannie wore fancy dress too and It was obvious they were enjoying themselves way too much because when they looked around everyone else had taken their wigs off and mummy and Nannie still had theirs on! 🙈

Mummy managed to grab an hour with her friends on the Saturday. It is very rare Mummy gets any time to herself but it was mummy’s friend Victoria’s 30th birthday and everyone was going to Leeds for the night. Mummy had lunch with them before the bus picked them up. It was nice for mummy to have time without us. We went to B&Q with daddy and then picked her back up and we went for a walk around Thrybergh Country Park.

Nannie Di’s friends Maggie & Kath came to visit us and gave us a wishing well for the garden. We can’t wait to paint it up and make a wish!  They love us very much and we like to show off when they are here because it makes them very proud of us.

Grandad H & Nannie Di visited when they got home from the caravan and We had some musical fun….

Great Grandma Jean came to visit…

And then we had an appointment at The Sheffield Children’s Hospital about Rory. Austin stayed with Nannie! We picked Daddy up from work on the way and hoped for good news! This was the first time we had both of Rory’s main consultants in the room, respiratory and ENT! We like both of the consultants, Mummy and Daddy have great trust in the respiratory team and Dr Ravi the ENT consultant is the very important person who will one day fix Rorys windpipe. Together they decided that they would like to take Rory to theatre because they think there might be something else going on, aswell as the collapsed windpipe and floppy airway because Rory presents worse than most of the patients they have.

Great. Very reassuring!

Dr Ravi later called and said that he didn’t need to go to theatre because upon looking into previous scans etc, they could see that he has an artery from his heart growing across his windpipe too! This along with his subglottic stenosis and laryngomalacia didn’t make easy listening!

Later on in the week we had an appointment with Austin at Barnsley to see the paediatric consultant. Dr Gupta looked after us both when we were in Barnsley and has overlooked out care from the community team ever since. The Dr was pleased with Austin and asked if Mummy would like him to be seen every 6 months as a transition to discharge or for him to be discharged, of course she said to discharge him. Drs have far too many poorly babies on their case load to see Austin if he didn’t need to be seen. Mummy knows what to do if there are any problems! Mummy was very proud! The Dr did however ask for mummy’s feedback on the care and support we have received. Mummy opened up her heart and was honest.

It’s not something mummy has publicly spoken about much but since Rory had his tracheostomy and we moved from the care of the neonatal outreach team (who were like family) to the general children’s team, the support has been poor. Mummy and daddy have often said that they feel very alone and that were they lesser people themselves, they dread to think where they would be,  mummy completely understands how case studies discussed at safeguarding training courses come to be; for example; at the time of the appointment, our nurse hadn’t been in touch with mummy for 10 week, it has taken Nannie and Grandad 8 months to train and mummy is so in need of a rest that she has been on the edge, more than once!

Mummy could go on and on and so when asked to put her concerns in writing, Mummy did. She didn’t want to make a complaint but just to feedback about our experiences and feels better for having done it.

Rory gets all of his needs met at home with Mummy and Daddy and our Sheffield hospital family know and trust Mummy & Daddy and know that when they ask for help it is serious and so together ensure Rory is ok and that’s all that matters!

Mummy & Daddy have said for a long time that we just need to get Nannie & Grandad H trained so that they can have some respite and then we have the support we need from Sheffield and just need Barnsley for equipment; although that is equally as stressful with equipment either not being on time, the wrong thing sent, or just a nightmare altogether trying to get hold of someone. So…8 months into training, Nannie & Grandad didn’t seem to be getting anywhere, we left it with our nurse to organise basic life support for tracheostomy training, 10 weeks later, no response. So Mummy mentioned it to Dr Gupta and he organised it on the telephone there and then. As far as Mummy is concerned, and Dr Gupta agreed, once the training is complete and mummy is happy, Nannie & Grandad can support Mummy & Daddy with respite by caring for us both.

In more exciting news, mummy decided to get us a milkman. Now that we are weaned onto cows milk mummy was driving out to get milk every night and so this way we get fresh milk from the local farm delivered, mummy was very excited and kept checking out of the window to see if he had been, it was like Christmas! Mummy set out yellow plastic cups to put over the top to stop the birds pecking the lids too.

Joan next door helped mummy to organise it as they have their milk delivered too. The milkman is as quiet as a mouse delivering to us and next door and Beau Jangles is none the wiser!

Mummy took us to the Farm again, this time on her own. We went to see the cows and learn where milk comes from.  She even took us for dinner…..we were good as gold!

We had our second Hartbeeps class…

This week it was superheroes.

On the theme of Superheroes, Grandad H visits every Friday after work….

And this Friday it was Auntie Nats birthday and so we visited her at work and gave her a present. We also met Mummys friend Faye and she scared Austin and he cried.

On Saturday Mummy & Daddy took us to visit Auntie Vic & Uncle Nath. Mummy & Daddy had agreed to help them paint their staircase and hallway and so we were allowed to play with our toys in the living room in front of the massive telly whilst the grown ups painted. We only have one small TV at home (Mummys rules) and don’t watch it very often and so we found it very interesting. We were good as gold but obviously felt very comfortable because we had that many poo’s that for the first time EVER, mummy ran out of nappies. Luckily there is a shop just across the road.

On Sunday (7th May – just so you know where we are at) we were invited by Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloe to do the Neurocare walk in memory of Dean. Of course we are two of the newest and most special members of #teamdean and so jumped at the chance to do our first family fun run and complete the 5k challenge. It was actually really fun, Even though we were free entry because we are babies, Mummy & Daddy donated two extra adult entry fees so that we got our first medals and a run number for our memory box. 

As honourary Armo family members, we are very proud to be part of #teamdean and mummy hopes that we grow up to have as much strong and as much courage as Deano himself – alongside the million other qualities that the Armos continue to breed in his absence – such as Auntie Mandy & Auntie Chloe rushing about like idiots to come and be the ‘poolside suction machine monitors’ after the 10k walk, with about 2 minutes to spare.

So….Mummy will always remember the one question in the tracheostomy training pack she had to complete before bringing Rory home from hospital;

Q: what can’t Rory do now that he has a tracheostomy?
A: swimming

Obviously water poses a great danger to Rory as he has an opening in his neck/windpipe that gives access to his lungs and so should water find its way down his tracheostomy tube, he will be in trouble!

Mummy will always remember sobbing at center parcs as she watched all of the babies having fun in the water and the pain she feels when her friends post pictures of their little ones swimming adventures….

Mummy has been riddled with #mumguilt because she didn’t want to take Austin without Rory but yet depriving Austin of the chance because Rory couldn’t go was equally has bad!

So in the end mummy decided she would break the rules and take a risk. Mummy booked us into a private pool where the owner agreed that Rory could swim. it was so much fun! There are lots of pictures at the top of the blog, on our Facebook page and a video of mummy dunking Austin!

So Monday soon came back around and this time Mummy had jobs to do, including ordering and collecting more medication for Beau jangles from the vets. Now…at Beechhouse Vetinary Clinic, Sheffield, the staff always ask about us and so Mummy considered taking us along to say Hi, but unfortunately by the time we got there we were both asleep in the car, however the ladies did peek at us through the window. It had been a manic Monday, Rory wee’d on Mummy, and threw up on her all before 8am. There had been a number of other mishaps and so when Mummys friend Lou and little Katie walked through the door, followed shortly by Auntie Vic, Mummy was more than relieved.

You might be wondering why this blog is titled ‘Snot Diaries’ or what exactly was the low of the ‘rollercoaster month’ we have described…Mummy and both of us got poorly. Mummy has somehow managed to keep well despite the really tough ride we have had this past year but this time she was knocked off her feet, and rather than resting to shake it off, she was caring for us both 24 hours a day whilst we were extremely high maintenance because we were poorly too, and we were teething. At some point during this nightmare snotty 3 weeks, we cut our first teeth, on the same day, Rory 2, Austin 1, bottom front teeth. Mummy found this chunk of time really hard, in fact she said it was some of the lonliest times of her life because she couldnt take us out and about whilst we were poorly but everyone who could help was either at work, or had their own little baby who didn’t want to be sharing our germs. Mummy felt really lonely and struggled on through the days. Once we were well enough Mummy took us out visiting. We visited Great Auntie Lynn & Uncle Clarry and Great Uncle Pete and Sue Sue. We had lots of fun, especially when Uncle Peter made us two bumper cars out of shoeboxes. Its great that we have such great family on our doorstep who love us very much.

It was that time of the month again where Rory needs his trachy tube changing and so Mummy set about doing it. No matter how many times she does it, it still makes her nervous and over run with relief afterwards when the new tube is in place and Rory is breathing well. When Mummy went to replace the tube in Rorys emergency kit that we carry everywhere with us, she realised that she had used the last one and so she sterilised the used one and put that in the emergency kit just in case, and ordered new ones from the community team. This was almost 3 weeks ago and we still haven’t got a ‘legal – in date’ tracheostomy tube in case a change is required because the team sent the wrong size and the new size they re-ordered still hasn’t arrived. Mummy joked that she could probs source one on the black market at twice the speed.

Friday soon come around – although at some point before that is when we got our teeth. Since we were 4 months old, Drs, nurses, seasoned parents and randomers in the street have pointed out the rosy cheeks, hard gums, dribbling, chewing of anything and stated that we are ‘teething’…Mummy jokes that every little whinge, bad day, dribble is blamed on teething, but the 24 hours that we both decided to cut our teeth (whilst Mummy & us were poorly) was so bloody hard that Mummy says that the rest of it was categorically in no way anything remotely like REAL teething, because jeeeeez…..real teething nearly pushed mummy over the edge. 

How the eck Mummy was meant to cuddle and console two teething babies at the height of cutting the sharp little chuffers, whilst only just being able to survive the day herself, is beyond human understanding. But hey…..we all lived to tell the tale!

We had our 3rd Hartbeeps session and to be honest this week wasn’t great, mainly because we were all completely out of energy!

On the Saturday, we had lunch with two very special people. Mummys friends Sarah & Rich were down in Sheffield from Wales. They had been to see a show at the arena and so we met with them for lunch before they made the journey home. 

It was lovely. Sara was telling us how all of the people in Wales where they live are obsessed with us and how lovely it would be for us to visit Wales in the Summer. We sat nicely in our highchairs and ate lots of croutons because the salad selection at Harvester isn’t quite as extensive as Pizza Hut….but we enjoyed it all the same. Sara tried teaching Mummy the welsh word for twin but it was a bit complicated. They bought us a pop up ball pool and balls and we have been playing in it ever since…..

Because Nannie & Grandad had almost finished their training, Mummy said that they should look after Rory on his own a few times to build up confidence and give them chance to learn more about Rorys needs whilst Austin wasn’t there and so on Sunday Rory went with Nannie and Austin went to visit Auntie Vic & Uncle Nath. From dropping off, to picking back up, Mummy and Daddy had one hour and 15 minutes…..and what did they choose to do? Lower our cots and fit a baby gate at the top of the stairs. Mummy & Daddy knew both of us were in safe hands and didn’t panic at all. Mummy peeked at Austin through the window when they left Auntie Vics and He was quite content playing nicely whilst Billy played Uncle Naths guitar to him.So here is mummy and daddy on their first hour and 15 minutes alone, random selfie in the kitchen….

Mummy and Daddy picked us both up 1 hour and 15 minutes later and we made our way to the pool for our second swimming experience. It was great, Nannie & Grandad came this time.

Monday came back round again. Mummy hates Mondays because it is Daddys late night at work and it is the ONLY night that Mummy has to ask for help. Due to Rorys trachy cares at bath time Mummy needs another person present and because Daddy isn’t home on time she has to rely on somebody else and she hates it. She also hates that it is one long ass back breaking day with no adult conversation, and us two curious little cuties, especially  when we are poorly and stuck inside. However, on this particular Monday we woke up to some visitors in the garden….

Tuesday came and as if our snot-infested, breath-taking, teeth-cutting, back-breaking fortnight wasn’t enough, it was only time for our 12 month immunisations. 4 injections each. Two in each leg. Now they never EVER bothered us before and we have had hundreds of needles so far, but you just know they were going to bother us this time don’t you….oh yes…Mummy was so close to the edge, there was almost no pulling her back…..and she had to cancel her plans to go to baby group which was the only planned adult conversation and definite cup of tea that she had.  So…..the rest of the week was a blur. We had lots of playtimes and we met Kerry and Jonah at Dobbies which was nice.

On Friday, Nannie & Grandad H had their basic life support training and so Nannie couldn’t make Hartbeeps and so because Auntie Chloe was intrigued about Hartbeeps, she took a day off work to come and help Mummy and see what it was all about. This week it was the Madhatters tea Party. We had lots of fun….

Afterwards we went out for dinner with Auntie Mandy, Scarlet and Harry.

And Mummy can’t remember when, but somehow we squeezed in a visit from Great Grandma as well.

Mummy was glad that the weekend arrived because Daddy would be around at home and so on the Saturday morning Daddy said that he would take us out so that Mummy could give the house a proper clean and enjoy a shower in peace, so off he went. At the speed of lightning Mummy cleaned the house, did the washing and got herself a shower, she had just got out when she heard the front door, Mummy stood naked peering down the stairs shouted to Daddy….’not ready yet, bugger off for another half an hour’  🙂 Mummy gets frustrated because the only time she gets for herself isn’t actually for herself it is to clean the house or get jobs done. She says that people don’t realise that she isn’t just a Mummy but she is a carer too and caring for a child with a medical condition and intervention as labour intensive as Rory –  takes it out of you, if it isn’t the round the clock care it is the anxiety and the huge amount of responsibility.

Anyway….that afternoon Mummy and Daddy took us out for a spot of shopping and a Pizza Hut, now, by chance Mummy & Daddy decided to nip into the DW gym / sports store….they could smell chlorine and so guessed there must be a pool and so went to enquire. In short they realised that we could have a family gym membership including pool use (because DW management agreed to let Rory use the pool if we managed the risks) for less than half of the price of hiring the private pool each week and so this way Mummy can make sure she has some ‘me time’ using the spa and pool and Daddy can get back in shape at the gym but we can also go swimming as many times as we like. It made so much sense that they just went for it.

Sunday was a big day, it was the superheroes walk for Jessops NICU. Around this time last year Mummy & Daddy were enjoying the buzz around Jessops Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (mostly because it was something different to the day in day out  routine of standing by an incubator) as staff prepared for the annual fundraiser yet they were also feeling disheartened that we weren’t doing it because we (A&R) were completely oblivious and fighting for just one more day, never mind a 4K park run!

Inside though Mummy and Daddy were feeling fired up! They knew that as soon as we were able, we would be out there, in the big world, flying the flag for a very magical world that we were so lucky to experience. Honestly, you do not know the miracles that happen every day at Jessops! It’s extra-ordinary!
And so we aimed to raise £1000! We have in fact raised over £2000 in total with the help of family and friends. This meant the world – thank you!

So we got dressed in our superhero themed outfits, Mummy even made Beau a SuperBeau bandana and off we went. The atmosphere was great, there were superheroes everywhere but most importantly, Mummy spotted some of the real superheroes (I don’t mean batman and Superman) including the ONE AND ONLY Simon Clark, the man who in Mummys eyes saved us, all of us, including Mummy in her darkest hour. Simon came over to say hello and Mummy quite awkwardly (for him) told him how amazing he was, that he was her rock and that some of the things he said to Mummy when we were really fighting, still stick with her today and help her to get through the dark times. He was flattered and very modest and as director / clinical lead, very quick to say how it is a ‘team effort’ and whilst mummy agrees, it was Simon’s specific ways of working that was the icing on the cake to our experience. We also saw Sandra the Bliss nurse, it is important not to forget the Bliss work, supporting mothers of babies born sick or too soon and Sandra was also a great support to Mummy, especially with breast feeding / expressing in the early days and always going out of her way to say hello and having an eye for a mummy having a bad day. We also saw Mikila and Sarah. Mikila especially looked after us a lot, she was the nurse who broke the rules to get us in a twin cot so that we could be back together, working purely on the belief that twins health improves when they are together….I can’t help but believe that it worked. Thanks Mikila! Two ladies doing the walk with their children tapped Daddy on the shoulder as they recognised him from the blog, they were twins too and they said hello to Mummy. After the walk we sat and had a picnic on the grass and waited to see what the Jessops bear was called. Daddy chose the names Percy and Rupert because they were what Mummy wanted to call us and they were on the list ironically. Neither won but it did spark a conversation as to whether we have the right names, Mummy thinks Austin would have made a great Percy and the Rory looks like a Rupert. Daddy doesn’t agree. What do you think?
The fundraising lady asked Mummy if her and Daddy would do an interview for Calendar, whilst Mummy was all up for raising awareness and has done lots of work with the BBC, The Star, The Chronicle, Yorkshire Post and Take-A-Break, she just wanted a day without cameras, microphones, schedules…..she just wanted to enjoy this day as a family and celebrate life and that really magical place! Jessops!

(Photos at the top of the blog) 

When we got home Great Uncle Paul visited and Nannie Di called round to say Hello when she got home from the caravan. It was a really lovely day but Monday soon came back around….however….it was the last Monday for Mummy flying solo for another 3 week because Daddy has two weeks off for half term.

For once, Monday was lovely. We spent it at Chatsworth with Kerry & Jonah…(pictures above)

And then something awful happened, an explosion at Manchester Arena killing and injuring lots of people. It was later discovered to be a suicide bomber, Mummy said it made her feel sick to think of what world we were growing up in.

Tuesday was a play at home day…(pictures above) 

Wednesday we finally made it back to playgroup. Mummy bursts with pride, she says we are so well behaved and pleasant and that we are super cute and learning all of the time. Rory was playing peek-a-boo with Laura and lifting the mirror up to hide behind it at just the right time, he was looking at himself in the mirror and smiling, on the other hand, Austin was looking at himself in the mirror and kissing himself. Different personalities right there. Mummy is going to buy us a mirror to play with, we don’t have a mirror at home, only a small one in the bathroom and one in mummys bedroom. We went to playgroup with baby Heidi, she is only two weeks old but im sure we are going to be friends when she is bigger. 

Wednesday afternoon we went to the hospital for an appointment with Rory with the respiratory team, they were very happy with him and said that we will keep him on the same medicine as he seems to be doing really well at the moment, another Dr who actually was our saving Grace at one point, came and said hello, he couldnt believe how well we were doing. Makes mummy and Daddy very proud. Rory was also weighed, he was 18lb and 4oz. Can’t begin to imagine how much Austin weighs :0

On Thursday Mummy had to take us back to the hospital to collect all of the medicine for Rory. We were waiting in the pharmacy ages and got talking to a man who was a twin and said that he and his wife really wanted twins….he admittedly hadn’t thought about the physical logistics of twins when we were called into a small side room which we couldn’t actually access with the double pram and then because of the layout of the room and the door position it took literally everyone in the pharmacy waiting room to help me get back out of the door.
On the way home there was a minutes silence held in memory of those who lost their lives on Monday in the terrorist attack in Manchester. We were driving down Penistone Road, crawling in the busy city traffic when the road fell silent, it was such a powerful moment, one minute you could hear the mix of music through open car windows in the almost mid day heat and the next minute everything almost stopped, it felt as if you couldn’t even hear the car engines, but of course you could, maybe it was just that moment of solidarity amongst those in that stretch of Penistone Road at that exact point, and the moment of reflection that followed. Mummy is always one to stand up for what she believes in, she won’t ever go down without a fight, she always sees the best in people and gives a part of herself to get the best out of everyone else, she has really strong beliefs and her dreams for us are not of fame and fortune and perhaps not at the forefront health and happiness, but the ability to be strong minded, so strong minded that raising us wipes the floor with her, she wants us to be resilient, our own people, able to make a difference, and that was it, Mummy figured out the worlds problems and how we were going to fix them. Her little A&R army (god bless any of our future friends who get roped into this) are going to grow up to create a world much nicer than this one! And then the first song to be played on Hallam FM after the minutes silence….Oasis, Don’t look back in anger…..and somehow the lyrics just fit mummys thoughts…..

‘Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don’t you know you might find
A better place to play?’

‘But all the things that you’ve seen
They slowly fade away

So I’ll start a revolution from my bed’

‘Step outside, summertime’s in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
You ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out’

‘But don’t look back in anger
I heard you say’


 There is no point looking back with anger, we need to keep our hearts burning and start a revolution…..and that is by bringing up our kids with such strong British Values that our world is a better place. Mummy got her notebook out the side of the car door (she always takes it with her) and wrote down these thoughts in her blogging notes. So poignant of that moment.

Only later when Mummy was scanning the internet, she saw that another local blogger, who she follows had written similar thoughts about his little boy….perhaps Mummy wouldn’t have used as many naughty words, but all the same she felt exactly the same!

‘My son and his friends are on their way and it’s a match you can do nothing about’ 

‘The future isn’t something we send our children into – it’s something that in large part, they build – they are its fabric’

‘I’ve come to realise that an unstoppable army of us are raising g our kids to be smart and funny and fair and tolerant and good and not to be dicks to one another – we are raising them to be the best of us and god help the twisted, dumb and ignorant (swear word) who get in their way…..they will fight with goodness’

‘I pity the merciless (swearwords) who will meet my sons generationson the battlefield of civilisation. They don’t stand a chance’ 

Friday was a great way to end the week, our last Hartbeeps was really fun with Nannie Di, we did the Hokie Cokie and played at the sensory seaside…

(Pictures above)

and then went to our first pool party with the awesome foursome. It was such great fun, mummy and Liz liked it when we all fell to sleep and her and mummy could have 5 minutes. Mummy loves having another twin mummy, especially one she has known a long time and is quite like-minded. Mummy says all the time that she can’t wait until we are bigger and can play with Noah and Ethan. Noah and Ethan are really kind and gentle though and helped look after Rory in the pool. Our little twin family!

(Pictures above) 
Daddy was relieved to see the end of Friday because he now has two weeks off (did Mummy say that already???) and so Friday night Mummy re-wrote her to-do list and made a Saturday and Sunday list.  Saturday was spent getting jobs done. Sunday morning, Daddy took us to the park with Beau Jangles whilst Mummy went to the gym. Mummy enjoyed doing some swimming and having 5 minutes in the steam room and spa. She left home at quarter to 9 and was back for 10. Perfect. 

Mummy says that her body and mind has been elsewhere for so long, IVF, pregnancy, hospital life, that she just wants to be able to zone out and have some time to herself. Mummy sees her friends going out and enjoying time with Husbands, friends, holidays without the kids and because of our journey and Rorys trachy, that isn’t something Mummy and Daddy have been able to do, and they are super stretched and tired and so it will do Mummy & Daddy good to just go and relax or go for a run and get a little piece of themselves back.

In the afternoon we went to Aprils party. We have never been to soft play centres before because we have never been allowed to mix with other kids and the Drs always said that soft play centres were germ pits. However, Play Valley is new and we said that we could go to the party if we were well…..and we were. And it was so much fun, it really meant a lot to Mummy & Daddy to see us doing normal things with other kids. Daddy said his favourite thing of the weekend is seeing Austin crawling about and exploring the soft play. They even took us on the big slides! Aprils Mummy was worried that we might not eat anything because it was big kid food…..however, the rest of the kids had finished and gone back to play whilst we sat eating anything in reach. Mummy and Daddy said it was funny watching us.

(Pictures above) 
After Aprils party we went to Auntie Vic  & Uncle Naths BBQ, we were asleep in the car for a while and first and then Mummy and Daddy woke us up and put us on the grass, it was very entertaining. We ate all of the food Mummy gave us and then Auntie Vic gave us a grab bag of quavers and Rory tipped it out all over and we sat in quaver heaven. Rory just kept going. For about 30 – 45 minutes Rory just ate quaver after quaver after quaver. Mummy & Daddy really enjoyed socialising with other grown ups but took us home and got us bathed and in bed for 630pm, no way would Mummy stray from routine….yet here she is 3 hours past her bed time, blogging away.

Here’s to two week half term with Daddio! Family time is awesome! Lets make some memories!

4 days after writing this and the blog isn’t published! Our internet connection went down ‘unstable line’ and it’s been a bit of a ropey start to the week. Here’s the catch up to bring us up to date….

 Bank holiday mo day started with a bit of drama. Rory pulled his tracheotomy tube completely out. He was rolling around the bed trying to craw and he forced it out, mummy ran downstairs, lay him over her knee as she grabbed the emergency kit and she managed to get the spare (out of date) trachy in safely. She started the sterilisation process with the one she removed which has 1 week left in date. No sooner had we sterilised it than it needed to go back in again when he pulled it out a second time. It’s safe to say that mummy and daddy were emotionally drained. Mummy just kept thinking that if this is Rory’s new trick, how could she keep him safe when she’s home alone with us? That night mummy and daddy both cried as they were feeding us our bottle in our room before bed! Daddy’s usual line when things get tough ‘I just want it out now, it’s not fair’….

Tuesday we went to the wildlife park again. (Pictures above) 

Wednesday Beau had a hair cut but whilst she was there had a ‘funny do’…..the groomer described to mummy what mummy says is usual fitting behaviour. Poor Beau!

Last night, mummy and daddy had put us to bed and a while later could hear Austin chatting and giggling away to himself, Daddy went up and he was fast asleep dreaming. Next minute he’s sat up, clapping in his sleep and then when mummy went to bed he was stood up in his cot giggling away peeking over at Rory. Monkey! 

A&R xx






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