Double Yolker!

So then, on monday I lost my sidekick, he went back to work. We had to wait in for a parcel and so I faced a 12 hour day with both boys – alone!

By lunchtime I was losing the will to live! Staying in is so much harder than getting out and about, I don’t know how we managed to hibernate for so long. I put the boys in their buggy and delivered birthday cake to all the neighbours. It got us out and everyone was genuinely pleased to see us. Austin & Rory have firm favourites though as the only neighbours not to make them cry was Eric & Joan next door.

So the house was a mess but we survived until 5pm when Vicky came to help with bathtime. Mondays are a nightmare because Ash works late and because of Rory’s tracheostomy cares at bathtime I need a second pair of hands for safety. I always have to ask for helpers on Mondays.

By the time Monday was over I had no energy left to shower as planned and off to bed I went. Ironically my lack of showering is what causes the most arguing in our marriage! Not through choice by the way! It literally is an impossible task for me to fit in a shower. I can’t shower in a morning because there is no time, I already get up at 6am every morning so that ash can help with breakfast and medicine and we get up and sorted and ready for the day. I can’t get up at 530 every day just so I get a shower. I can’t go at night either once they are in bed for risk of waking them up and causing a different humidity from the steam that Might affect Rory.

So, as I needed to shower desperately I went for it Tuesday morning and put the boys in their cot. Obviously I can’t leave Rory to his own devices in case he needs suction or blocks up, pulls his tube out etc and so it is a difficult task. I set the iPad up, put the monitor on and took it into the shower with me and showered at the speed of lightning.

They were good as gold. In fact Rory fell to sleep.

So….it took us forever to get out, but I braved it and took both boys for their first ever big shop.

I had to plan it. Which shops had twin trollies, I had to pack all of Rory’s equipment into a rucksack as I didn’t have the bottom of the pram as usual and didn’t want to bury it all under my shopping. I think I had perhaps built it up in my head… reality it was a piece of cake!

I talked to the boys all the way round, reeling off the shopping list and singing to them. They were good as gold and loved it. I needed to suction Rory once and for the first time in a long time I felt uncomfortable doing it. I didn’t want the staff to think I was shoplifting fumbling about in my rucksack so I chose an aisle next to a member of staff. As with everyone else, his comment was along the lines of having my work cut out! Actually i really enjoyed it! In fact I really enjoy spending my days with the little superstars!

There was one comment I quite liked….an old man parked next to us glanced over and upon realising they were twins shouts ‘double yolker?’ How bloody marvellous!

We left the house at 920am, did the big shop, unpacked it at home and then travelled to Liz’s house for 11am! We had a sneaky cuppa with her whilst Noah and Ethan were at nursery.

We went home for lunch and then went out cake delivering. Lots of people were out so we left on their doorstep, and then we had a storm! Lots of soggy cake! Oops!

So if you read the blog regularly you will know that in order to care for Rory we have been doing sleep shifts, one of us sleeping 10-2 and the other 2-6 to ensure one of us is on duty, well recently Rory has been doing really well through the night and so we decided we could go to sleep as normal with all the monitors on and have the sofa bed ready should we need to intervene or go on duty in the night. So, we are fast asleep and Ash wakes me up ‘is that Rory’ we both ran into the nursery tripping over each other, it was s really faint, tiny cry….he doesn’t usually make noise so that can only mean one thing, either his breathing tube is blocked, forcing air in and out through his vocal chords, or he has pulled the tube out completely. On this occasion it was the latter! He was lay there taking in each breath, crying, with his breathing tube completely out of his neck!


No words!

Holy Moly! And that’s polite!

We grabbed him, lay him over Ash’s thigh with his head tilted back, because he was crying his neck muscles tense and I couldn’t get the tube back in or even move it because it was so tight around his neck. I grabbed some scissors, cut off the tape and managed to get the tube back in safely. We can only imagine what would have happened had we not woke up! We didn’t slee that night and to be honest we seriously questioned whether we needed to go back to shifts. It gave substance to my inability to shower as well, I literally can’t just leave him! Because he doesn’t have a voice he can’t make me aware of a problem like a normal baby and the tiny cry he managed to make would not be loud enough for me to hear!

Anyway….we all survived! πŸ˜“

So Wednesday, we went to baby group! The boys have just started playing together and acknowledging each other, making each other laugh. I had just said how the boys rarely sleep together and bam….The boys slept…

We spent the afternoon shopping and then I had a telephone interview for one of the magazines. Luckily the boys slept in the car for the whole 110 minutes of it.

Thursday was the day I had been most anxious about. The BBC got in touch with me about doing a short film / podcast / video interview to be part of their family, health and education section about premature birth. Of course I was up for it but at the same time felt that it would be a great opportunity to do it together with the other mums who we met in hospital. So I asked them and we prepared for a day in front of the camera. We were asked to come up with 10 things NOT to say to a mother of a premature baby. These were used as discussion points. It took us a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately one of us was taken poorly and so only 3 of us actually made it. We prepared for chaos with 4 babies under 1 and to be honest, with feed times and filming equipment, there was stuff everywhere.

So here are a few pics of the babies playing together and us being filmed….

We dug out this picture of the boys with aviry in hospital and compared it with now…

We went to the park after for lunch and it was lovely! The boys were playing peek a boo with each other – it was adorable!

Filming was funny, the lady filming (Bryony – one of the mums – has literally just messaged saying she has just thought of everything she wanted to say today πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚) said we were hilarious and should be in gogglebox! We laughed and laughed! You usually can’t shut us up but we just froze in front of the camera and when I finally found myself, I spoke for ages then realised my microphone wasn’t switched on! The raw footage is going to be comedy gold I tell ya!

Watch this space!

In other news, please vote for us on baby of the month, last few days! Make sure you like the actual picture otherwise your vote doesn’t count, it had to be a like too and not a ❀️ etc! If the picture has 560 likes or more that’s the right one.


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