Our 1st Birthhday Party

So this morning Tom was painting our front door and so we were rolling about the living room watching, and wondering what all the exciting things were stacked up waiting to go. 

Daddy took us to rugby and whilst we were there mummy was getting ready for our party. Daddy took us to the Rockingham Centre after rugby, we didn’t know but it was for our birthday party, although by the time we got there we were both zonked….

Mummy and all of our Godparents (plus Uncle Craig’s friends Calum & Cookson) were there helping mummy set up for the party. Everyone had a job, Nat & Tony did the buffet, Mandy & Chloe did the cupcakes and playdough, Craig did the music and Vicky & Nath helped with decorations. Cookson and Calum helped with PA system, Peppa Pig and then everyone pitched in with decorations! We are so lucky to have them all! 

So it was all set up ready…

This is the only picture of the buffet I got, when the actual buffet food landed on the table it was sniffles! Everyone knows Auntie Nat makes a good buffet! Our gorgeous rainbow cupcakes by Auntie Mandy to match our beautiful cake that Tina made….

Mummy made our party rainbow themed. It was a big deal for us to reach one. These were her inspiration…

Nannie H made rainbow seeds with her favourite sweets, you might be able to spot them in the pics! 

Mummy is going to put all of the photos and videos in our Facebook page, including the video Uncle Nath managed to get by accident of mummy falling out of the bouncy castle!😂🙈

Here are a few for the non-Facebook followers…

We had a go on the giant toddler zone before anyone else came! Austin loved the ball put but Rory preferred the castle!

Everyone had lots of fun…

Then everyone sang Happy Birthday to us…

And then we all had buffet and hot dogs…

Then Peppa Pig came…

3pm soon arrived and mummy looked around and everyone was still having such a fab time. She had to be brutal and turn off the music and the soft play electric. Lots of people ran round helping put chairs and tables away, sweep floors and take down decorations (little team of superstars you are) and then we got back in our wheels and off we went….

Absolutely exhausted, we soon got tucked up in bed ready to face life in the fast lane as an unofficial 1 year old! 

Thank you to everyone for all of your help but also your cards, gifts and pure generosity in support for Jessops. We also raised another £56. Xxx

One Reply to “Our 1st Birthhday Party”

  1. We all had a fab time at your party and I am sure there will be many more, you are both superstars hugs & kisses from all of us xx


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