A year of Blogging..

A year! 136 blog posts! 156,824 visitors! 

Read across 63 different countries, appreciated by many! 

Started at the beginning of this rocky road, to communicate with family and friends and keep everyone up to date, yet quickly became a release, a comfort, a part of routine that became so important in a cathartic sense that a delay in blogging caused stress and upset! 

No sooner than it became a comfort to me, writing it, that it became helpful to some of those reading it! Fellow IVF warriors, preemie parents, tracheotomy families…..messages of thanks are frequent and I find strength in the purpose of helping others! 

Ironically, the most read blogs are those of bad times. Our top 5 are;

  1. Road trip disaster 
  2. Life sucks! Literally!
  3. Time Served!
  4. Surfs Up!
  5. Worst kind of pain is when you smile to stop the tears falling!

Read across 63 countries, the 5 most popular been;

  1. U.K. (126,542 visitors)
  2. USA (966 visitors)
  3. France (924 visitors)
  4. Australia (851 visitors)
  5. Spain (762 visitors) 

And the most popular time with most visitors is Monday at 9pm! 


So many tell of their addiction to the blogs, staying awake awaiting the next one, reading with tears in their eyes, following our progress…

Thank you to everyone who has read, followed, messaged us, showed an interest. You have helped make a difference because it has kept us going, and keeping up the blogging has helped us get through it, and it has supported others with similar paths inadvertently! 

I’m really proud that the attention the blog has acquired has enabled us to help not only other families but students and the charity in raising its profile too with recent press interest and coverage in a number of magazines and newspapers whom have subsequently offered significant donations to the charity for our story!

We will continue to fly the flag for the charity who gave us our boys and saved them! 

In fact my Dad, Grandad H as he is known is wandering around Tenerife like this as we speak…

Think big! Believe! Just keep swimming! I look forward to the next year! 

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