Our first birthday…

So, Austin couldn’t sleep last night because he knew something out of the ordinary was happening and so  it wasn’t the most restful of nights on our birthday eve. 

Mummy and daddy carried us downstairs for breakfast and there were big shiny balloons everywhere and our high chairs were all decorated. How exciting. 

Mummy and daddy kept singing to us and everyone was super smiley. 

We had our porridge as normal (whilst eating our decorations)….

And then we opened our cards and presents with mummy and daddy…

Thanks to everyone for their cards and gifts. Again so very overwhelming! 

Then daddy went to work and we played with balloons whilst watching Milkshake….our birthday card was shown….yippee!!!

Nannie and Grandad Hardy came and we fell asleep whilst mummy was in the shower. 

We got dressed in our birthday outfits that mummy got us and crowns that Nannie bought…

And we got in our washing basket….

And then the car, and made our way to Jessops. We arrived in the car park at roughly the same time that we arrived in the ambulance a year ago when we were well on our way! 

We made our way through the hospital to the neonatal intensive care unit. Mummy pressed the buzzer and took s deep breath, unfortunately daddy was at work so mummy took us on her own and she was feeling nervous. The nurses came to say hello and couldn’t believe how big we were. They showed us our old room because it has had a makeover. It is much bigger and lovely and blue. 

We could see the mums and dads sat aside the incubators and mummy knew exactly how they were feeling. She tried to project some hope as she explained that a year ago we were right here at just 26 weeks gestation. 

We entertained, Rory giggling away silently and Austin clapping his hands every time someone said happy birthday. 

We went home and mummy’s friend Lucy came, she fed us chocolate after our dinner. Lucy has a baby in her tummy and it is so exciting. 

She was playing hide and seek with Rory and it was cute! 

Austin had a big boy paddy (maybe the first official 1 year old tantrum) and then minutes later he pulls this face….

We had our afternoon milk and our Scottish baby whisperer helped us to get to sleep…

Then we had lots of visitors, vicky, Tina, Sandra, uncle craig….

And Rory started to get poorly. Mummy rang the consultant and he checked Rory’s secretions. He has pseudomonas growing. Mummy needs to go to a&e with Rory to do another test. Not the end to our first birthday that we imagined….

But here’s mummy and daddy….

They survived!!

Mummy has been doing some promo support work with Jessops in a bid to raise awareness of the superheroes walk and fundraising opportunities to support Jessops and as a result the Yorkshire Post, Sheffield Star and Barnsley Chronicle are doing stories on our Jessops journey. 

Other than that, we are hoping to have Easter fun with daddy and will blog all about it when he goes back to work! Unless of course Rory gets worse and we spend Easter in hospital!

Keep your fingers Crossed šŸ¤žšŸ¼!

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