Our first taste of rugby!

Daddy has been trying to take us to watch his old team play rugby but we have either been poorly, the team playing away or the weather unsuitable for Rory….but today we finally managed to get to our first rugby match and not just watching it on the telly. 
Our day started off with mummy dressing us in our rugby tops and daddy giving us a team talk with our rugby balls. Uncle Pete and Sue Sue came and we were having so much fun that we were tired out and fell to sleep and so we had our dinner late and so we just made it to the second half. 

When we got there it was very noisy with lots of proud parents and locals cheering on our team. Wath were already winning Chesterfield and we scored another three try’s at least hiker we were there. Daddy explained to us that this is when the ball is taken over the line and put down. I’m sure all will become clear as we get bigger. 
Lots of people came to say hello and we were distracting them from the game. The players didn’t mind though, some of them even came to say hi. Everyone wanted to know when we can play, especially the other coaches talking to Daddy. Mummy was talking to a really nice lady who kept entertaining us and made mummy feel really welcome. A little girl was talking to us too. We can’t wait to be bigger so that we can join in the fun.

When the game was over we went to the clubhouse. We were all squeezed in to a tiny room, we even had to sneak in at a different door so we could get in with our donkey (pram not animal) and it was really entertaining listening to the big boys bantering. 
One of the coaches made a speech thanking the players of both teams and congratulating them on a good game. They even applauded to welcome daddy back and us and mummy to the club, it was really really nice. We sat good as gold taking it all in. 
A lady did a raffle help raise funds for the club and then the man who made the speech announced the man (men there’re two) of the match, forwards and backs player. The players were each given a glass of coke (mummy said it might be mucky beer in grown up teams and that she used to witness it all the time with the sports teams at university) and they had to ‘down it’ and turn the glass on the top of their heads. Daddy says it’s a bit of a tradition. 
We really enjoyed our first taste of rugby, thank you to everyone at Wath for making us so welcome. We cannot wait to return!!


It’s been a week since our last blog, here are the highlights of our week;

~ our first Mother’s Day, spent at the Yorkshire wildlife park, in the sunshine, mummys fave gift was her new jumper, she always wanted one. Mummy even shed a tear at the wildlife park because it was the first time ever we just enjoyed time as a family without stress in the sunshine. 

~ Mummys goddaughter Ellie came to help with bath time. It was really fun. 

~ we went back to playgroup after avoiding chicken pox, we loved it and can’t wait to go next week (even though we slept through most of it).

~ daddy was poorly and had two days off work.

~ Rory had a traumatic hospital visit to see the respiratory consultant. His moraxella is still strong and so he has a month of antibiotics.

~ we went to Wentworth farm with our twin buddies #awesomefoursome 

~ we went to elsecar park with auntie Mandy, Scarlett and Happy Harry and went on a slide for the first time. 

~ we got our first birthday present, a Range Rover, thanks to auntie Mandy and auntie Chlo (& Joshy for building it) so cool!!!

~ we went to pot house hamlet with uncle craig and Calum. A baby goat escaped and a big goat nearly trapped Mummys fingers in the food box because it was so excited to be fed

~ we went to wig field farm for the afternoon and met some very funny animals, the pigs at feed time, well, they were just off their rocker. Video on our Facebook page. 

What a lovely week! 

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