Baptised Baby.

Since our last blog a lot has happened; we’ve started stealing eachothers toys, Austin has started to speak for Rory (in baby noise), Mummy lost her shizzle majorly (it only took us the best part of a turbulent year to crack her) and she put us up for sale, Austin has learned how to open kitchen cupboard, we had our first haircut and Mummy thought we had Chicken Pox (it was likely as all of our friends have it), we have helped out with Mummy & Daddy’s Saturday morning house chores, had lots of visitors, been to lots of different parks, found out that Rory only has one kidney, found a love for chocolate, learned how to cuddle mummy at the same time, ate our dinner on the decking for the first time this year, been on the swings, continued to tag team at nap time and drove mum to the point where she has daily car drives so that we sleep together, just to retain her sanity…..but in the grand scheme of things, twin life with us two in tow is getting easier…

Here are some pics….

So, Sunday 19th March 2017. Our Baptism at Wentworth Church. Mummy was nervous, she said she felt sick, worse than on her wedding day. She even cried to Daddy in the morning because she felt exactly like she did that time Daddy found her passed out on the kitchen floor with an IVF needle sticking out of her. (seriously low times) because she was so worried, yet so relieved, yet so overwhelmed that we had finally made it. Throughout all of the tough times when we were really poorly and the chaplains visited us in hospital, she longed for the big baptism at our church where mummy and daddy got married, where prayers and candles kept us going, with all of our family and friends around us. Those few hours up to the actual baptism were really trying for mummy because she so desperately wanted it to be just perfect, surely she deserved that?

The preparation to our big day;

Mummy purchased a notebook, those who know mummy know that she NEVER leaves the house without a notebook because she might need to write a list, pen a poem or  make blog notes. So, this one was a Mr Men notepad with Mr Strong and the words ‘IM VERY STRONG’  on the front. She labelled the front half ‘Christening plans’ and the back half ‘Birthday plans’ and the middle pages ‘trachy training’…..these were the focus for mummy over coming weeks/months.

She filled the front page with;

19th March 2017

Wentworth Church 12:30pm

Hillies Golf Club 1:30pm onwards

She had a page to keep tally of spending and store receipts, a to-do list page and then a page for brainstorming ideas about invites, outfits, decorations, food, music, photos…

Auntie Kerry made us some bunting when we were born and Mummy saved it for a special time and Mummy decided that our Baptism was it. So the entire christening colour theme was based around Auntie Kerry’s bunting. And so that is where the idea came from for the invites. Although Mummy wrote the poem inside…..

Mummy wrote a guest list. Originally there were 279 people on it. It was just impossible to accomodate that many people. Wentworth do multiple Baptisms on the same day and there arent any large venues close by to the church and so it made sense to revisit the list. It was unfortunate that not everyone was able to be part of our day but eventually there were 180 invites sent out and Mummy operated a red and green colour code for RSVPs.

Our outfits were made in alabama, USA. Mummy googled boys christening outfits and looked at google images (dangerous) and found a picture of a little boy wearing a gorgeous little romper, she knew it was the one. However, the link sent her to etsy and the seller didn’t ship outside the USA. Mummy messaged the company and asked nicely, explaining about us and how important this day was and how we blog and Mummy promised to include it in the blog where our outfits were made….and they agreed. Don’t we look cute (original outfit picture to the outfits made for us)…

The company are….bradleyjane etsy, Alabama USA, Google monogram bubble….

Mummy also wanted some traditional t-bar leather shoes for us. We had some white crochet blankets that Nannie had made for us when we were born and Mummy bought some new white babygrows for us to change into if needed.

Mummy also found a dress that she liked from lithuania. The lady made it for Mummy and shipped it over just in time although Mummy decided that she couldn’t possibly wear high heels and so needed the dress taking up with short notice so that she could wear lower heels. Mummy promised the lady that she would share on the blog where the dress was made too….desire vales, etsy, Lithuania X

Our godparents were chosen before we even came home from hospital, they were secret visitors when we were in NICU. Mummy gave each of them a job for our big day.

Auntie Nat & Big T were in charge of the buffet.

Auntie Vicky & Uncle Nath downloaded all of the music from the lyrics used on our blog.

Uncle Craig set up the speaker / music at Hillies.

Auntie Mandy baked brownies.

Auntie Chloe was in charge of getting guests to sign our rugby balls.

Auntie Kerry and Auntie Charlotte also baked brownies. Mummy assembled them into a Brownie tower and Tina, mummys friend made two babies just like us and a plaque that said ‘never give in’….she put so much detail on for our hair and Rory’s trachy. Mummy placed us on the brownie tower. She wanted to show that despite the mountains we have had to and still are…climbing, we will never give in and will eventually make it.

Mummy bought paper flowers in the same colours as Auntie Kerry’s bunting and Mummy, Daddy, Nannie and Uncle Nath sat and made them. It was funny watching them all concentrate. It wasn’t as easy as they thought.

Mummy also sorted out rafflet tickets and donation tins from Jessops, she says that every opportunity to raise funds for Jessops is worth taking up. Overwhelmingly Nannie Newbs sold all 100 tickets and she had only circulated a third of the room. 

So….on the morning of our big day, Mummy and Daddy showered and then Mummy left us with Daddy whilst she went Hillies to set up the room. We were allowed to eat breakfast in our PJs and watch TV with Daddy. We never go downstairs in our PJs, or watch TV. Daddy is sooo cooool!! Mummy got back just in time to help feed us at 11 and then we all had about 30 minutes to get dressed, ready and out of the house to church.

When we arrived at church it was very busy. We went through the back entrance (fitzwilliam) because it saved us being carried up the steps with our pram, but we still didn’t fit. Daddy and a very kind man from church carried us over the pews to the main aisle. In wentworth there are 3 aisles but the middle one is the biggest and we fit down their just fine. We went to take our place at the back of church by the font. Mummy and Daddy couldn’t believe it as our family and friends poured in, all of our side of church was full and some had to sit at the other side of the aisle where the other little boy being baptised was with his family and friends. It was overwhelming how much support we had, how many people wanted to share our welcome and congratulate us on being baptised.

Mummy had been in touch with Father Michael to discuss her anxieties about Rory’s machine and his need for suctioning in the middle of the service. He said not to worry at all and to do whatever she needed to do. Luckily it was only when we were called to  the font that Mummy had to sneak off and suction him before returning to the service.

The service went perfectly with not a murmour from either of us, we really enjoyed the holy water, Rory even tried to dive into the font. Everyone commented on how well behaved we were. The photographer took lots of photos (a selection below) and we headed off to Hillies….

At Hillies, it was full, there wasn’t enough seats for everyone, but it didn’t matter, everyone had a lovely day. Mummy and Daddy did their best to  speak to everyone and let us have cuddles and meet the new people we hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. Some people had travelled such a long way like London or Wales. We were at Hillies for 4 hours and there was not one tear from either of us in that time, we were absolutely loving socialising, Austin even danced with the bigger kids.
It was such a lovely day.

We were so lucky to get so many thoughtful cards and gifts too, and all of us want to say a big thank you (to the family and friends reading this) for your generosity and kinds words. We are really looking forward to our days out, lots of new experiences and fun now that we are allowed into the big world. We are looking forward to days out at;

  • Wigfield Farm
  • Cannon Hall
  • The Deep
  • The seaside
  • Butterfly House
  • Eureka
  • Tea & Cake @ the park
  • Scotland
  • Pizza Hut
  • Frankie & Bennys
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • Hesketh Farm
  • The Painted Teapot

Auntie Mandy and Auntie Chloe adopted us a polar bear and a giraffe and we cant wait to go and meet them. We got some lovely keepsakes too which Mummy is finding homes for. There aren’t any pictures of us at home and so its about time there were. Tina, Tracey & Emily bought a picnic rucksack so that we can have lots of lunching adventures too. Austin will be happy because he loves food. We have also put all of the money that you generous people gifted into our bank accounts….So a huge thank you to everyone. We feel very loved, supported, special!

***Daddys wallet is missing since the Baptism, if anyone has seen it please get in touch. Our Baptism certificates are also not accounted for, it is really unlike Mummy & Daddy to loose things. Daddy has had his wallet for 15 years at least and so it is strange for him to loose it, especially on a day like this. ***

Since the Baptism, we have had hospital appointments, health visitor visits, Nannie did another tube change, we visited Auntie Chloe at work, we went to our first birthday party at Louie’s house and it was red nose day.

We delivered invites to our birthday party and saw lots of friends and family on our travels.

Unfortunately Rory also got unwell and was diagnosed with Moraxella. Mummy and Daddy are running on empty as it as and so fighting another battle just isn’t kind on them. But….we will get through it together, we always do.

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