Daddy day care 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

March arrived. We were always told that once we made it to march we could start and lead a normal life, mixing with other kids, going out and about and so we have been counting down the hours…..although we have done a few things where mummy and daddy have been able to control the risks already, this was the big date we were all looking forward to.

So….we went to our first proper baby group, the one mummy had wanted to go to because she knew some of the mums, all who read the blog and have been very supportive of mummy. Mummy pushed us all the way up the hill to the group, overwhelmed with emotion mummy thought she might burst into tears when she walked through the door. As we got close mummy saw Aunty Nats car in the car park so knew she was at work and secretly knew she might have been there to support us. We walked through the door to lots of smiling faces who just knew how mummy was feeling and welcomed us with open arms, we can’t wait for next week. 

Mummy took our own toys because we put everything in our mouths and she didn’t want to overkill us with germs on the first day of March. 🙈 she also fed us our dinner, although she cheated and gave us puréed beef casserole in our buggy because it was easier than finger food when we didn’t have a high chair or much time. 

After play group we went to see Great Aunty Lynn and uncle Clarry. Here is a picture of last time we all had a cuddle….

We had a lovely day, the best. Then at night mummy and daddy nipped to the photographer down the road to buy photos from our shoot. It’s the first time mummy and daddy gave been without us since Rorys Trachy and the first time Nannie and grandad have been alone with us. We were fast asleep in bed and mummy and daddy were a mile away. They came back an hour later with some fab pics from our shoot, here are a couple….

We spent a few days inside in the house because we didn’t want to overdo it straight away and then on Friday mummy cleaned the house before leaving us overnight for the first time. 

Beau went to the vets too for more blood and urine tests. 

Anyway……mummy was going on Auntie Kerry’s hen do to center parcs and so we were in daddy’s capable hands all weekend. Well from Friday at 7pm until Sunday (she arrived home early at 10am but that’s another story) and mummy was really looking forward to a break aside from the 45 minutes a week to do the food shop and the occasional shower. She said that she didn’t worry About leaving us because  she knows Daddy is more than capable and the first thing she learned as a mummy was to leave us because she left us for 99 days when we lived at Jessops. 

So here are some snaps of mummys weekend…..

Mummy slept from 2am until 6:30am with no interruptions, she was in such a deep sleep she woke to her room mate reading a book on the sofa…..mummy had been snoring. 😂🙈

And our weekend involved playing, visiting the park and the pub with daddy and uncle nath. Here are some pics….

Daddy was going to blog but instead he summarised ten things he learnt whilst flying solo….

1) How to chop a mango – he googled it.

2) Ready Brek is messy once we stick our hands in our gob and try and chew the high chair whilst our mouth is full.

3) putting Thomas on iPad gives him time for a speed shower.

4) That mummy  has it really really hard and he doesn’t want to swap roles.

5) Once a meltdown starts you’ve had it – especially when food is involved.

6) Doing night shifts with dog n two babies when bAbies are poorly is nigh on f-ing impossible on ur own. (Mummy tried her best not to say told u so)

7)Bath time is easier when mummy is about.

8) He learned to get as much done as possible when we are settled instead of having a minute. 

9) He learned that he is more than  capable  of leaving house on his own with us and Beau in tow. 

10) He learned that Austin can blow raspberries and Rory thinks it’s piss funny.

Daddy said his fave thing was waking to us smiling at him,  one under each arm in mummy and daddy’s bed.

His least favourite thing was Austin getting poorly and mummy coming home early and taking him to hospital. 

So, Austin had been struggling with his breathing, he was chugging, pulling in at his neck and bobbing his head. Just like Rory when his windpipe collapsed. 

He had some medicine and was monitored by the nurses and Drs. Meanwhile he was weighed, the scales said STOP because he was too heavy for them, he had to use the big boy scales….little piggy. 

Mummy remembered a trick from Rorys hour long trip from hull to Sheffield by ambulance…….

It kept him entertained whilst daddy packed an overnight bag and Nannie fetched food.

The few days to follow were tough, Rory got poorly too, the same respiratory virus, the same breathing distress. Our daddy stayed off work and he and mummy pulled all nighters. Mummy and daddy have cold too because they are running on empty. We will miss playgroup this week too. 😦

Just when we thought we had made it….hmmmph! 

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