🎶It’s not always raining there will be days like this 🎶 ~ Van Morrison 

I started off grumpy this morning because although the boys slept in their own bed 6pm – 5:18am (mummy 1: twins 0) they came in for a cuddle before we got up and we dropped off, so Ash left us whilst he walked the dog and had his breakfast and got ready for work. 

Any other day I wouldn’t have minded but not today, no, today was important. If ever, routine was more important today than ever. Us getting up later meant I would be battling breakfast on my own, one feed we normally share and is enjoyable. But it would also mean that dinner would have to be later when I wanted to feed earlier so that I could make baby massage (our first ever group) on time…..oh the pressure! 😂😂😂😂

So I chewed Ash’s ear off and we managed to crack on and get the boys fed, I just had two milk feeds to do as ash shot off to work. The boys took their milk and sat down to watch their daily dose of milkshake whilst I ran around topping up nappies, suction catheters, baby wipes, sterilising bottles and organising everything for the day ahead. The boys had a nap and woke up just in time for a 10:30am lunch (30 minutes earlier than usual) with the help of Nannie H. My mum is training up to be able to care for Rory so that she can babysit like normal grandparents, but it’s not just the Trachy care it’s how to feed him etc as well. My mum is a busy bee and so we don’t see her everyday or for long, even though she lives around the corner. So….I asked mum to come and help feed so that she could have a go at feeding Rory. It can be quite stressful, especially when Rory is distressed. It started off well but then we had to swap and I finished Rory off whilst mum bottle fed Austin. Small steps….im sure we will get there. 

So just as we finished feeding, Pam came to do my hair. Mum entertained the boys, they had a little nap. Kerry & Jonah came just as Pam was washing my colour off.It was 1:30 by this point, I had 30 minutes to wash my hair, get ready, get the boys ready and get to baby massage. We arrived in the car park at 1:01. Luckily my friend Nat was waiting in the car park to help me in. Nat delivers groups but unfortunately not this one, but the supportive friend that she is, she wanted to help me with the boys and endless bags and equipment. She’s great. 

As someone usually really confident in front of new people, groups etc, I had been feeling really nervous about going to the group. My mum taught baby massage for a good number of years and advised I took a second Person to massage one twin, I (pigheaded independent me) didn’t want to as I like to prove the ‘haven’t you got your hands full’ comment makers…..that actually my hands are full but full of love and that despite having two poorly babies, I’m coping just fine. It was our first group, our first proper mum and baby moment…..it meant a lot, and to share it with Kerry & Jonah was lovely. Ashley’s boss who is on mat leave was also in the group too so it was great to have another familiar face. 

Both boys were immaculately behaved. Super contented. Could not have been more relaxed, me too. I loved every single minute. All 3 of us did. We didn’t learn anything new as we have done massage at home already but just being around other mums and babies, out in the real world, doing normal things, the things I always imagined I’d do as a mummy…..😪 meant the world. I cannot wait for next week. At the end, Rory fell to sleep and Austin had a bottle. Calm, controlled, contented. 

Jonah was a super star too, charming the ladies whilst enjoying his massage. In fact, Jonah was my star of the day today. Although he would have got a sticker of he had looked at the camera. 😂 Bless him. 

When we got home I fed Rory and then made a cuppa for me and Kerry whilst we had a catch Up and I tried my bridesmaid dress on. However my kettle wasn’t working, the light wasn’t coming on, I reckoned it must be a fuse……we improvised…..

however I like my tea a bit warmer than the average baby likes their bottle so I made the tea with the shot of boiling water, topped up with the warm water from the machine and then microwaved it to make it hot…..surprisingly was ok. 

As for the bridesmaid dress (for kerrys wedding) she brought me A size 10 & a 12 to try. I chose the 10. (Was a 12 until I got pregnant and lost weight through sickness, then prem stress and now two monkeys keeping me busy with no time to eat) However I thought I’d try again as I know I’d put weight on over Christmas, who doesn’t?! Except the first dress I tried on fitted fab so I didn’t bother trying the other, when I looked at the label it said size 8….I was about to throw a party, sling out a banner, phone a friend, get a tattoo….do a victory dance in my pants (haven’t been a size 8 since 2008) when I realised the actual label in the dress said 12 & the tag was obviously wrong! You are kidding me?!!!!

Me & Kerry laughed! Good job I saw the funny side!!

Nath dropped by to surprise me with a meal deal in case I hadn’t had lunch and then stayed for 4 hours to help with tea, bath time and bed routine. He was such an amazing help and saved my soul cos the Boys were super tired and feeding was a battle. 

However…..Austin would not go to bed, it can’t just be coincidence that the two nights that ash works late Austin has stayed awake until his daddy got home. 

Friday tomorrow…..can’t wait for the weekend to get my wingman back!!

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