J.A.M 9.1.17

So last nights blog was abandoned as I had an emotional meltdown…..even though I knew about the Corrie storyline with Kym Marsh, nothing really prepared me for watching it unfold on screen. Not only does she go into prem labour, she loses the baby, but last night revealed they want to call him Rory…..well, if that didn’t stamp on my heart with a size 9….


We had a lovely weekend. We had lots of visitors….including a second Christmas with the in-laws, I did a dinner and we did pressies etc….
Here are some pics of what we got up to…

Naked toga time became eat my brother time….

Tummy time on each other……

It’s so cute when their tummy sticks out of their pjs! 

Ash took the boys out for a walk both mornings so I could have a shower, clean the house….the first time without the boys for about 6 weeks, even if it was just an hour. 

But I still hadn’t finished when they got back…

Monday morning came and Ash kissed both boys goodbye. He said (and we both choked) ‘see you tomorrow boys, daddy works late on Mondays and you will be in bed when I get home, be good, love you’ 

I tried to cuddle both boys at once, this is an impossible task but as they are supporting themselves much better thought i would give it a go…..it started well….

Didn’t end up good though….πŸ˜‚

So we stuck to the norm and the boys were happy! Cannot wait to cuddle them both at once again!

I had a message from a blog reader, she was in Jessops fertility clinic awaiting her appointment and saw Austin & Rory on the wall of fame….she just wanted to say hi and that she has been reading the blog and it gives her hope…..I used to see the pics of babies on that wall all of the time. I used to dream about a baby face on there one day that belonged to me…..so not only did I get emosh that we finally did it, but it was lovely to get yet another message from someone experiencing IVF or prem birth and hearing that the blog is helping them. I never set out blogging for that reason but round it is growing to become that way. The lovely lady is going to get a picture at her next appointment and send it over. 😍

When I got emotional, Beau Jangles (aka tear monster) got out of her bed and came to find me, reminded me how  much of a rock that little fur ball has been these past 7 years. She was my fur baby when I couldn’t have a real one and always came to cuddle and lick my tears when I was sad. She kept me company all of those times I was bored on bed rest and she was the only one there when I was in labour. My girl! 

Nath came down to help out with the boys, well….he dropped his car off at garage and dropped in for a cuppa but I roped him in. He was fab actually, fulfilling his godparent duties….

In the afternoon we visited Victoria and April, 9 months old and she is only just meeting them, sad really, lots of friends and family haven’t met them yet but unfortunately that’s the way it’s had to be and I’m sure once the RSV season has gone we will make up for it. 

April loved the boys, she was very intrigued by Rory and his machine, she even managed to remove his Swedish nose. Austin found it hilarious when she was telling him off (Aprils thing) and all 3 of them had lots of cuddles. Victoria did too. She helped me do the 2pm feed….I timed the visit on purpose. Haha!! 

Ash text to say Ofsted had rang and were inspecting his school tomorrow, knowing all about this…..despite wanting daddy home as soon as possible on this long ass day….I know Ofsted success is a team effort and as daddy’s team are so supportive, I text back saying do what u need to do, don’t worry, we are fine. So ‘Go Team STC’ You are fab and will know doubt ace it’…..

Nannie called in after work and helped out with tea and bath time…..we had another disco bath with the floating light that Nannie Newbs & Grandad Malc bought the boys for Christmas and Rory went straight to sleep. Austin on the other hand was wide awake and was very obviously waiting for Daddy to come home. 

Ash walked in and when I told him Austin had waited up for him, and Austins smile beamed as he walked in the room, Ash had shiny eyes. ☺️

So…..Daddy hardly slept for work emails and overthinking Ofsted and Austin & Rory decided that of all the nights to have their first mega teething meltdown….this was it. 

Hello Tuesday! 

Let’s see if we can survive on 2 hours sleep. Luckily for me my lovely friend Pam is coming to do my hair, I’m not sure it will be all that pampering though as we are juggling both boys at the same time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

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