My fave J.A.M day so far! 6.1.17

Me & Ash were in fits of giggles all morning because of the twins antics in the night. 

Yesterday’s blog ended with me saying how it’s Ashs shift tomorrow and if I walk in and find him sleeping on the sofa bed with both twins, I’ll kill him. 

Well at about 6am this morning, ash walked in to the nursery to find me asleep with the twins on the sofa bed. 🙃🙄🙈

Ash gloated….’twins 1: mum 0′ ‘you really won that battle duck’ I was very quick to remind him that in my most desperate state at 11:45pm last night I asked him to swap, so we grabbed our pillows, swapped on the landing and ash went on duty whilst I slept in our bed…except I woke up twice to ash snoring and Rory needing suctioning and had to get up to go in…..not really the point of ash being on duty…..the boys were wide awake at 5:18 when I went in so I sent ash back to bed and resumed position to continue the battle, except I picked Rory up for a cuddle and Austin looked at me and it’s so hard when. Can’t cuddle both so I lay them on the bed….just for a cuddle….but we all fell asleep….oops! Only for an hour though. Still laughing now!

Then whilst at the breakfast table feeding the boys, ash and I commented on how we had been Facebook friends for 9 year today….Facebook told us, we aren’t sad to save it as an anniversary….and the banter began….I joked how I wasn’t the size 6, hot pant wearing student I once was…..ash said ur not fat though just put on weight (I gave him the look) he then followed by ‘you’ve blossomed’ it’s a good job I know he loves the bones of me and I’m not self-conscious. We howled. Laughter was a great start to the day. 

Auntie Vic came which helped fill an hour….

Then the most exciting thing to happen this year……my friend Jonny came home from Australia and visited. Absolutely love this guy to bits, I’d walk hot coals for him and he’d eat broken glass to stop me, 3 hours felt like 5 minutes. The boys loved him, I chucked him in at the deep end, he got down and dirty and fed them, made a right old mess but he fitted right in like I saw him only yesterday… has been a good 5 year since our last face to face meeting. Was fab to see him. 

So after we said our goodbyes and take care……the boys were fast on in the car and I wanted to make the most of the peace…..I drove to the petrol station, nipped in for a ploughmans sandwich and a lucozade then drove to the car park by Milton ponds and sat and ate it, people watching and contemplating life. 

I headed home to battle the 2pm feed and then Lou & Katie visited, Lou helped me battle the 4:30 feed and ash arrived home….

Takeaway and random brothel programme….

Really looking forward to a good nights sleep whilst ash is on duty……watch this space!!!

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