J.A.M 4.1.17

A combined 3.5 hours of sleep last night (let’s not go into it but the boys have decided they don’t like to sleep in their own bed any more) and up we got to start our new routine. Everyone bathed, dressed, fed (inc dog who also got walked) for 7am……all seems to be going well, Ash leaves for work and Rory decides to vom…..all over himself and the rug. Full clean up operation. Great start to the day. 

As the day went on they were super grumpy because of their lack of sleep. So not like them. However, somehow in my sleep deprived state I managed to be all CBeebies and provide 9 hours of entertainment until ash came back. 

At one point I was bottle feeding Austin in my left arm with my chin and spoon feeding Rory with my right hand whilst singing made up songs to stop the whinging because I wasn’t spooning it in quick enough.  During this time I collected post from the postman through the window ( so the dog doesn’t nip his fingers ) and let said dog out and back in from the garden. 

I somehow managed to put a chicken casserole in the slow cooker before 8am which is a good job because by tea time I had no energy to even lift a fork, never mind cook tea. 

I made the boys a fire (iPad) in their tipi, and they lay watching and listening. I peeked in and they were holding hands. 

We played some more….

Nannie and Grandad visited and Nannie came with me to the hospital for Austins RSV injection, I normally go on my own but she came for the ride. We saw Louis and his mummy Jodie, we shared a room in scbu in Barnsley. It was so lovely to see them although my two chunks slept through it all. 

Boys fed, bathed, bed and me and ash sat down for tea by 6:30! Bed as soon as I’ve blogged. Fingers crossed for a better night! 😴

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